Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WDB or rather... WTF

The great non event...

Join now and keep waiting...
Or basically, what is truly wrong with our breed 
and its future...

We can summarise the entire 2013 and in fact, the last years simply by what is going on now with the future of the FCI Dobermann Breed standard change.

First, the great sell out of President Hans Wiblishauser, when he replaced the ideals and promises of the great DV and Dobermann breeding for his own material and egoistic ends. He was solely respobsible for the selling out of the German Dobermann from being the premier working breed with cropped ears and docked tails into what is now a pitiful breed with no certain future left in its own homeland.

In fact, last year there were much less than 1000 puppies born in the entire Germany and of which, 30% or more were bred from Orson Von Nemesis. There were hardly any German dogs which won any IPO competitions or trials, nor were any German bred dogs conformation champions outside Germany. Of course, we do not consider Orson as he was placed into position as a pathetic attempt to demonstrate Geerman breeding and the DV's surrendering of the breed standard.

Along the way, using his manipulative means and the greedy nature of trophy collectors, many flocked to the DV banner, abandoning the breed. Breed clubs in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Russia... everywhere, club 'leaders' came under and promoted the licking of the German boot. For those that resisted, or protested, the hounds were sent out. Like Becht to Hungary and Serbia.

Remember This?