Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Let us start with the selections of IDC Winners for 2011. We know from previous years, there have been many political selections... and unworthy winners such as Hangar, Hilo, and so on... but 2011 is indeed special on how  terrible the selections were, how arrogant and foolish the judges are, and how the good name of the IDC is destroyed.


A dog with NO working qualification... passed his ZTP after 2 attempts... is scared of his own leash and collar... and has pink gums... And years ago, Wiblihauser and Pezzano were throwing out dogs with pink lips... So how did this male dog win the title of  Dobermann IDC Sieger??? Remember that the Dobermann is still considered   [ at least to most people] as a working dog breed...

I bet she can beat up Wibli anytime... and maybe she does...

In July 2011, Wiblihauser had already ordered the Siegers will be with natural ears and undocked tails.
So.. which dog can qualify for Sieger title? Think about it... there is no undocked/uncropped dog from Germany, Italy which has any quality for winning in international shows.. The only one from Germany is Orson Nemesis.. and he is too young [ they will make him Jugendsieger of course]

So, look at the next few countries which are the humble and obedient friends of Germany - Scandinavia...
And there was only ever one dog - Athos.. He was shown mostly in Germany, he was placed and won under German judges and even got one German title...  [ that is when he did not compete with Orson in same show..]

Never mind he has no IPO.. never mind he is weak character.. they will make sure he passes ZTP under a judge they will arrange... and never mind he has pink gums or weaknesses.. after all.. which dog can ever be more ugly or worse than the great German Sieger - Hilo Nemesis?

And so he wins...  There was no other dog they would use...

But anyone who knows the breed can see clearly he is NOT deserving to win. In the finals for males.. even Zeus, Dante were far superior.. in fact, even Maxim would be better dog.. even though we have much to say of his owner..


Anyone who was at IDC will agree the judges, especially the Italian Mafia - Pezzano, are blind. Indeed, they were judging using special glasses, made in Germany by Wiblihauser's factory, the DV..

There were already present many youth class dogs of superior quality.. such as Urano, Quickstep, Don, Max, F'Willow, and many others. Look carefully at Orson.. see his curved skull, average body and poor expression...

Yet... this is the dog selected by Pezzano to be the IDC Jugendsieger... why?

Because Nemesis and Pezzano and Wiblihauser all have special relationships. Just go to their kennel websites, and see how they breed each others dogs. And we know Nemesis is the only kennel which wins in Germany [ that is how bad German breeding is now] and Orson and his litter mateds have picked up every show and title they can in Germany. Orson even placed in the Group for the FCI Dortmund show.

And he is German

And he is uncropped, undocked.

And he is German.

Thomas Becht said at IDC - "the Dobermann is German breed. We are taking it back to Germany.."

Yes indeed they have tried this. One German dog must always win in IDC... 2011 there were 2 winners.. both in Junior class..

And so we are very sure now Orson will be IDC Sieger in 2012, or 2013.

notice the one big Mafia gang there.. and the Hungarians stand away... 

He will also surely win World Winner at the 2012 World Dog Show.. why?

1. It is held in Austria... where Mr Karl Reisenger comes from. [another servant of IDC]
2. Cropped and docked dogs not allowed to participate
3. Judge is Hans Wiblihauser
4. Orson is German.

Did we also mention who is his mother? Of course, it was the last German IDC Siegerin.. and another winner with no IPO, and only a few shows. Of course, each show she went to, she won..

and now we come to our favourite winner....

the one, the only...


Truly the best example of political and biased judging ever in history of IDC...

Proud Breeder/Real Owner and false owner together

Let us simply state some facts...

The breeder and owner of this female is... IDC President Hans Wiblihauser...

The Judge was - Thomas Becht.. do we have to say anymore??

She is uncropped and undocked....

She is German.

Kyrana is the world record holder of show success.... imagine this- she has ONLY EVER BEEN IN 2 SHOWS in her life-

1. CAC show in Germany, 26 09 2010. - BABY class, V1 - Judge = Armin Hoppe  [ German of course]

2. IDC 2011 - Youth Class - WINNER...

WOW!!! She must be the most amazing female show dog on this planet. 2 shows only, and both times the winner and now world junior champion of the breed. Amazing. Mr Wiblihauser is indeed the greatest breeder and very proud owner of such an amzing female..

Speaking of breeder... now we also see this-

Pezzano's last Sieger dog, Ale Alamos Citone has been bred with Wiblihauser's other ugly female, Irinland Olympia - see here http://www.von-bavaria.de/

The last time Olympia was mated.. to another Seiger of course, Hilo Nemesis.. she only produced one puppy.. And guess who is the owner of this puppy? See here- http://www.von-bavaria.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=29&Itemid=27

Thats right.. that is Gaia, owner of Ale Alamos, and fiance of Pezzano's nephew..

So many interesting connections...!  perhaps the words 'fairness' and 'equality' and even 'nobility' are missign from their vocabulary.

Finally...Yes, also do look at Olympia closely and that terrible croup of hers and her many faults.. yet this bitch went on to be World Winner, and every German title too. Of course, no IPO or any working qualifications. it was too obvious to make her IDC Siegerin, so let her children go for it...


who is she????

I will say she is the best among the rest of the winners this year.. but really.. when i heard she was selected as Siegerin.. my first question was ' WHO THE IS SHE?'
I am sure most of you too said the same...

Can you truly say she is better than Vivien Zoosferry, Eureka, etc? Since she has no IPO or working title, we assume she is selected for beauty alone. Sorry, I think there are nicer looking females out there for sure.. And her show record is also poor - only maybe 1 show outside Sweden or Finland.. Is this considered a World Champion for beauty?

But the question, in light of so many renowned and successful females... why her?

1. Judge for her class was the Redtenbacher.. the man who bought his judging licence and is extremely close to Wiblihauser and who has zero eye for Dobermann. He was instructed which dogs to place.

2. She is now to be mated to Hilo Von Nemesis [ that is the agreement if she wins ] http://www.blazingexpressions.dinstudio.se/text1_13.html

3. Her father is Zylain Zais Citone, the handler in ring is Davide [ Italian Dobermann Mafia]

4. She has uncropped ears, undocked tail and lives in Sweden  [ IDC colony of Germany]

By the way... have a close look at her pink lips too.... maybe it is to balance with the Sieger Athos?


We do not need to say anything. This must be the ugliest Sieger ever, more than Hilo maybe...!
The breeder, owner is well known as the best friend of Mr Pezzano... The judge for the class was Hans Wiblihauser..  And we know very well too the antics and corruption of Mr Aldo...


Daughter of ?  Ale Alamos Del Citone
Judge ?  Redtenbacher....

Just compare her to the World Winner, Blaze of Glory Del Fiorsilva.... or maybe 10 other better ones..

And please notice the placings and winning by other breeders and owners...

PERLANERA - Amazing to win so many classes and placings... WOW! Since they were in Hungary, might as well reward them for being so obedient to IDC, and give Mr Istvan [ who is going to be a judge now] some nice trophies.. even when majority of his dogs are badly cow-hocked and lack size and bone.. But if you notice.. he wins every year, ever since 2007 when he uses  much CITONE in his breeding...

MONTE ASPRO - Almost out of the blue, the breakthrough kennel of the last years, especially 2011! Many placings and nice trophies... owner/breeder is.. Attilio Prolifrone..
He is the student and successor for Pezzano in judging and taking over AIAD [ which is the also private club of Mr Pezzano]






Notice how this female always wins under these judges? .. Behct even judged her himself to first place in a big show...

The final summary of IDC 2011 can be seen by the results of the Breeders' Group-

1. Pernalera
2. Kriegerhof
3. Nobili Nati

Has ever in recent memory any of these breeders never won or placed in any class?

So, my friends, there you can see now the reality of IDC show winners....

Perhaps the World Dog Show in Paris, or some club shows was a much better competition and results for the International display of the best Dobermanns for 2011. Thankfully it was not hijacked by the IDC mafiaso.


  1. Very true things said, i hope others know of this site!!!!

  2. Okay idc 2011 was maybe the worst ever...
    If you talk about working qualities and charcater and that idc siegers /jugendsiegers have to have a good one then why do you point out Max, Urano? Did you even see them behaving in jugend class black males? Max was for sure thrown out because of his terrible nervious agressive behaviour, he tried to attack other dogs again and again and again and the handler could not keep him quiet, he barked and barked. Another example of bad charcater in showring is for sure Urano- did not run because he had to bark on the handler, on other dogs, be agressive and he was not thrown out quickly but he was in first 6 in jugend class for sure!! With such behaviour!!A dobermann who does not show its movement can´t be in first 4, usually they do not get even exc on normal shows with such presentation. So in character and presentaton for sure Orson was better although yes he maybe isn´t with enough quality and did not stand out but those 2 dogs did stand out and they stood out for their bad charcater!! Unstable charcater!

    What comes to Blazing Expressions then she has been for sure to more shows than these 5 you pointed out, she is a fairly nice female and Davide presented her the best ever I have seen her. Maybe not IDC sieger but can be easily placed. We have seen worse black female siegers.

    Hasn´t Monte Aspro got titles already a long ago ? It is not some new kennel.

    What comes to Hilo then I must agree, I did not understand then and also not now why he won, I was like okay he is a strong dog, good angulations but with croup and head like this??
    But here comes one question- WHY do breeders use him? If he is that ugly like you say then why should people want ugly puppies? And he was not used for 2 years out of Germany but now you can see Hilo puppies in every country. So why now? Because IDC siegers have gone worse and worse? so they started to use the older siegers?

    1. Why some breeders use Hilo ? Why some breeders use Citone ?! For the hope in winning at IDC.

    2. they are thinking if they use some political elected studs they will win. Last 9 years of IDC shows demonstrates this

  3. the real problem is the incompetence of Wiblishauser, he has always done sieger, not important for evolution of the race..
    Pezzano is a very competent person of the Doberman, but his problem is Wiblishauser and its policy.
    I hope that the world of the Doberman, strives to make return to judge the Doberman, judges as Kollemberg Vogel Menke, because it's really depressing to see judging Redtenbachers Behct etc

    1. Pezzano very competent ?!! See G litter what a disaster added for the breed. Is thery competent for political made arrangements for himself and for his pocket. It is not enough to know pedigrees , the way a breeder behaves , had added something positive for the breed are also very important. Dobermanns are not just some statistical figures of how much winning title they have. I have a question for everybody : what added good for the dobermann breed the Citone dogs ? Temperament, look, health , or what ?!

    2. This is bullshit! Gino Gomez was hell of a dog...and this is NOT Pezzano fan talking!
      Please, stop with this DCMadness.

    3. Hope that you also have son or daughter of Gino which died very early , otherwise keep your comments from photos for yourself ! How many G , A puppies died at early age ? If spreading DCM is "hell of the dog" , my opinion is much, much more different !

    4. Actually, you don't have opinion. Your thoughts are following the trends. And current trend is "let's destroy every single beautiful dog because we have a hard on doing that remotely"!
      I shall comment whatever I want and wherever I want and there is nothing you can do to stop me. It's still a free world...or you perhaps live in some totalitarian system, but then again that's your problem. I bet you even don't have medical education and you still talk about DCM as if you are some kind of fucking geneticist...bashing around with the rest of DCM maniacs about something that is NOT even confirmed by real scientist as a threat.
      What's the matter with you people?! Can't you stop and behave. You act like a bitch in heat with this DCM shit!
      It is so easy to bullshit and talk about the dogs you probably haven't even chance to see let alone to know.
      You and people like you act like organized crime or even better - terrorists. I am not supporter of Pezzano but talking about Gino Gomez and other dogs too as of menace is way too much over the line!!!

      How can you be such an IDIOT hoping for someone's dog to die???????

    5. Wow ! You do not know who am I , so you also cannot know if I am a vet or not. I didn't hope such things to anybody to loose their dogs at early age, in my comment I was reffering to the fact that if you had a Gino puppy which died at early age I can accept your thinking , or maybe if you had any other dobermann lost because DCM at early age. But talking about any dobermann like " a hell of the l dog" or about anybody that he is competent even he knew what he was doing by mating sister with brother, what big risks he assumed and after that promoting him by his type of politics like we see, is too much to my way of thinking. Dobermanns are not rabbits nore laboratory animals. A dobermann or any dog is not breeded only for shows, but for many many other things and one of them beeing to be a fammily member, a friend. Your way of thinking shows even more how much dammage was done to breeds with this show business.

    6. Don't be stupid. I don't know who you are, as you don't know who I am. We are just exchanging thoughts and opinions but you did not declare yourself as an expert in genetics anyway.
      "Hell of a dog" is a sort of expression and not in negative way, as you tried to put it. The probable vet education that are mentioning means nothing in terms of genetics, because some other sciences apply there.
      What I find gross about DCM legend is the fact that people like you have death in their mind, death and death only, instead of having joyful life and thoughts and spend some quality time with the dogs. So, this issue is way to dark and is altering the minds of its consumers to the point of grave digging and that my friend makes no sense.

    7. Pezzano is not so competent. Not unless some one shows him the way first. The rest is politics and these people win because of their politics not because they have particularly good dogs. Soon they will all be dead and the breed might have a chance to renew itself with some honest and competent judging that is not controlled by this Mafia. I do not understand why people continue to support these shows with this Mafia running things. If you are a good breeder you will not win with your dogs on their merit, you will only win if you suck up to the Mafia boss and where is the glory in that? Because even if your dog was a good one people will still say it only won because you have a brown nose. Which is what is happening. There is no credit given to the animals that win in this system where political preferences are calling all the shots. It's disgusting what is happening and so are all the people that know this is wrong and yet continue to debase themselves and to grovel in front of these talentless, pathetic assholes. You get the leaders you deserve.

  4. @December 29, 2011 4:46 AM
    Look, we all know why Hilo is being used so much recently and it is not because of his eventual virtues. It's not even because of his numerous titles, IDC included, although some instant breeders are counting on that particular sales proposal too.

    Wibli has used him, Becht has used him and God knows who else would used him for that reason as well, spoiling the already weak German gene pool with that terrible croup and roundish head. I think it is safe to say that Hilo is now official DV stud.

    And then all the opportunists will be using him in the future, especially breeders from the North, as they already do, because they know that they stand no chance in true arena with their head out of German ass and their dogs looking like they do.

    They simply chose to ride along but, they keep forgetting one important thing:
    The thing is, Becht, for example, would not have any problem using Hilo because he has not so smart breeding plan which is solely based on tryouts and force while being DV/IDC judge both looks & character don't really matter because he will always be there provide wins and titles for Klingbach dogs. He had done it before, and will continue to do so in the future. So far not always as obviously as Wibli has shamelessly done on 2011 IDC, but his time is yet to come after Wibli retires and he will one day and then you will learn how it feels under senseless but rather effective German boot.

    Of course he (Becht) used Hilo because Wibli used Hilo at the first place, and why Wibli used Hilo we can only guess but I think it is simply matter of common German pride. Otherwise, it makes no sense and not that Mr. Wiblishauser has some important females in his possession to mourn about after mating them to such male.

    Sometimes I really think that Germans lost their sight of the breed and it all had become the game of power. It has nothing to do with dogs and never had.

    1. What important females has Wiblishauser got? Neither Jamaica or Olympia are hardly more than SG in quality and if anyone can think otherwise, then it just goes to show how bad things have become. Neither dog has any style or nobility. Both have a stink normal conformation with all the common problems of the breed, a short, straight upper arms, slack hanging lips, rotten croup (horrible), short neck etc etc - I mean, what IS to like about them??? Many have sold better dogs as pets and yet these dogs are German and Euro Siegerin! The best the country has to offer! WHO FAULT IS THAT?? The same judges that either own them or have a personal interest in seeing them winning. As for the character - who would know. Certainly not Wiblishauser and his boys because he doesn't have a clue and neither do they and none of them could care less either. All these people are good for is staying one jump ahead of the competition by changing the goal posts all the time, new rules to deliver them special advantages and by controlling the shows. They can't beat other much better breeders any other way other than by "fixing" things so they win all the time. The German dogs have gone to shit. Today Germany breeds very few puppies compared to 20 years ago. Why? People are not interested in breeding in country with no level playing field. German shows are small and parochial and so are the German minds. The only way their plain dogs can win FAIRLY AND OBJECTIVELY is if they make themselves special classes and rules just for German dogs and then judge these shows themselves.

  5. I agree the use of such dogs is purely because of political reasons. Good example is surely this year Sieger, Athos. How many matings has he had, compared to other Siegers and proven studs?

    There is obviously a problem when the Sieger selected by the IDC is not being used by majority of breeders or those who understand the breed, and want to improve the race.

    How can the IDC Show be considered to be a breed selection show anymore? It has become the playground for the private club of the Germans and some Italians.

    I speaks only as an observer and it is so plain to see.

    Orson does not deserve to be Jugendsieger, that was obvious to everyone in Hungary. Nobody clapped or cheered for his selection!
    And i worry for anyone who will consider him for stud.

    1. The selection of 2011 Siegers clearly shows for the world the IDC as we used to know it, is gone. Nobody in their right mind would use Athos or Orson for stud.
      I don`t know what game they are playing, the judges/owners and breeders of those dogs, but the rest of the world will go on and breed DOBERMANN. How anyone can select a dog for Siger (without blushing!) that has failed several small and obviously local workingtrials, and bearly succeded his clearly payed for one,is beyond me.

  6. Finally someone who opens up his mouth and says things the way they are - corruption everywhere we look. simply disgusting. long live the dobermann !

  7. NO surprise, Wibbis has ruined dobes for many yrs, so now they have to place all the shit in front, if they had been serious, front dogs would have been looking nice, the moral winners is number 2 and 3 and so on. greetings from scandinavia, keep up the good work:-)

  8. Perhaps not all the damage is done by Wibli but by his some of his court dames making their "cunning plans" and telling lies to Wibli aiming him against others.

    1. Wibli is the spider in the centre of the web. His minions can only operate because he put them there and he is responsible for hand picking people that know nothing because such people are not a threat to him personally and that is the bottom line for him. Wibli is also responsible for misusing DV money to exclude and isolate the German breeders and judges who DID know something about the breed. He used his power to remove the country's best breeders and replaced them with his rat pack. Wibli has a big problem where he seems to believe HIS best interests are the same as the best interests of the Dobermann. Phillip Gruenig warned future generations in his book about people like Wibli. How slimy politicans get into positions of authority and then every decision becomes all about THEM and not about the reason they are really there, which is the breed. To see how far the German Dobermann has fallen in only a few short generations thanks to these parasites, is to vomit over.

  9. I think more people will continue to read this blog if you attempt to stay more professional. I don't think the attacks are necessary. I want to be more educated on the truth as anyone else but once you start bashing people personally that you don't know you lose me. I think it's just being nasty.

    1. Perhaps you are on the wrong blog? There are other blogs where people can put their head in the sand and continue to feel good about everything and only say things that are all sweetness and light. Try facebook.

    2. Absolutely! Facebook is nothing more than candy shop, loaded with idiotic: wow, beautifull (miss typed this one on purpose), shoulder tapping bt housewives and catalogue based experts...but then again, many don't dare commenting realistically because Facebook is such a spy tool.
      It is by far the worst deceit recently. Every single dog is "fantastic" and it all depends on likers' spare time to click. Owners of dogs go as far as liking their own photos and infinite re-sharing of their own posts/photos because each time they do it it shows within home page threads as news! And on the top of it all they make their dogs ultimate toys by dressing them for Christmas, New Years, Birthdays and other occasions, identifying them with imaginary human characters.
      Such is the way of vanity!

  10. I think many interesting facts regarding IDC and not only that are being stated here on this blog. The truth is harsh and it makes no sense displaying it through pink glasses.

  11. Thank you for the great words! That is nearly the truth! Another bad joke for me was the winner of the Open Class Brown Males: AuronAquila vom Residenzschloss! I saw the class (judged by Becht) and after the Class Final I searched the next toilet to chuck up... A dog with a round head, bad expression, very bad angulations, a backline like a mogul piste and a character of a sleeping pill. Here is the evidence:


    This is exactly the dog which is always in advertisement on "The-Dobermann.com" :-D and Everybody is bugged :-D

    To Max and Urano I can say that both are top dogs and for me they have no bad character...

    1. Max is known for beeing very nervous and agressive at different show - this is clearly happening again and again. No smoke without fire..

    2. Thats funny... everytime i meet Max at the shows, he is friendly, stable and very disciplined. Obviously you are trying to make trouble for the dog, which everyone knows is excellent character and a true Dobermann. And yes, Im not Serb, I am from Germany. I will use him for breeding anytime. Much better than Orson shit

    3. "Did you even see them behaving in jugend class black males? Max was for sure thrown out because of his terrible nervious agressive behaviour, he tried to attack other dogs again and again and again and the handler could not keep him quiet, he barked and barked. Another example of bad charcater in showring is for sure Urano- did not run because he had to bark on the handler, on other dogs, be agressive and he was not thrown out quickly but he was in first 6 in jugend class for sure!! With such behaviour!!"
      -This is a copy from someone else further up with regards to Max. Do not tell me I am trying to make trouble for anyone!!!! I am interested in Max as a future father for a puppy for me, but this is NOT the first time I hear about his temper in bad way. And ofcourse he is better than Orson - everybody is better then Orson..

    4. Well I woulnd't know about other shows but this does not look like nervous behavior to me.

      IDC 2011 Youth Class Black Male

      The only nervous thing on this video is this guy in red T-shirt and his jumpy hound. I mean c'mon guys this handler kept throwing the ball and spinning the dog all the time like there's no tomorrow. What the hell was that all about??????

    5. Max is a real Dobermann with big D. I saw him on a few shows IN Serbia and Hungary, never been nervious, just dominant,when it is needed. That is difference. And I am not from Serbia!

  12. I agree but I think you can state the truth without getting nasty about it. I like many other people are very interested in hearing the truth but I think you can be mature about how you state it.

  13. Do you have an RSS feed on this blog?

  14. Everbody has the chance to take the best stud male for his own bitch.
    noone must take orson or hilo or ......
    Please do something for the future-dobermann.

    btw: I was surprised in a negative way which dogs won oder made a ranking.

  15. Finally there is someone with eggs and tell the world the truth. And that someone appears and tell exactly this words is more than overdue. But what we can do? The officals from the DV make the impossible things possible. One example:

    DV-Puppy-Winner 2011 black females

    Dobergaarden Forever Grand Paris
    Date of birth: 30.03.2011

    Date of DV-Siegerhauptzuchtschau 25.06.2011

    So I think she was 5 days to young for entring a show.

    How could this dog win this class? Because normally she was not able to start in this show???

  16. By the way, I think Baby-Class is not an important class but it seems that Dobergarden forever has a special relation to the DV especially to the officials in the southwest of Germany...

  17. There has been accepted few days younger dogs before also, especially at idc baby class and also to speciality shows to baby class. There is nothing new about that. I believe baby/puppy classes are not of big importance, so there should be no arguements on this. There is no official titles granted such as JCAC or CAC.

  18. You are absolutly right, this classes have not that importance, but is there a body of rules and regulations or not? If yes, I think there should be no exception. Otherwise the body of rules and regulations is dispensable.

    1. I fully agree to this. Rules are rules, and if it is accepted some places enterring too young, then the rules should either be changed or the shows allowing it be punished! There should not be exeptions.Rules are there for a reason.Simple as that.

  19. There is no rules for IDC. Do you see any in the catalogue? open your eyes! It is even an official show?? It does not obey any rules because no cac´s are given,it is just an organized event, no costs for nothing else than judges and few prices. Last official show (with cac) as I remember where cacś were given to working class was iDC 2004 in Italy. Did this show obey to Italian rules?
    The show is just DONE without rules for the bosses dogs or their friends dogs to get matings , puppy buyers etc...
    At least on idc 2007 catalogue there isn´t FCI logo on it and also not Italian kennel club logo- just 2 logos- idc and aiad. On 2010 in slovakia there are fci, ski and slovenian dobermann club logos- so they should obey the rules of these organisations?
    So why to go there if there is no cac given, it is not a totally official show!

    1. The IDC is not a breed club (no Registry) and it has no Constitution. Also it has non FCI clubs as members so FCI cannot recognize it as having any authority. Wiblishauser gets away with misrepresenting IDC because he sits on the VDH Board. But at the end of the day IDC is just an non official grouping of breed clubs run by a few "friends" for the benefit of a few friends. It puts on its once a year circus for the masses to attract your money, but does nothing useful for the breed or its members. The meetings are just a lot of bullshit talk dominated by the Germans and the rest of the year you don't hear anything from them. Half the clubs have left IDC but Hans doesn't tell anyone. IDC is a private club owned body and soul by Hans Wibishauser who then tries to pretend it is an official FCI club. It's not. Hans can make up any rules he likes on the spot. His club(IDC)operates outside the laws of the land for such organizations but because it holds shows in different countries this also makes it hard for individual people to take IDC and its leaders to court for the breaches to the laws concerning such organizations. Would be a lot of fun if a member club decided to take IDC to court. Or that members demand that the finally club have a Constitution and hold a REAL election for a change. Throw the Germans out once and for all. They are the problem and not the solution. But probably it would be much easier just to make another IDC and ignore Wiblishauser's private one-man-show. After all, one "IDC" title and trophy is as good as any another of the same name, and at least people would get new faces judging their dogs every year and that would make the event more interesting and inject a shot of life into these phony breed shows.

  20. Okay so there are rules afterall (any of those rules are not brought out in show catalouge): http://www.intdobermann.com/2a%20-%20IDC%20SHOW%20REGULATIONS.pdf . "Unless the directives have already been established in this set of
    regulations, the Show will be held in accordance with FCI rules."
    So they should obey FCI rules. But who would controll it?

    1. They want YOU to obey FCI rules - when the rules suit them. Otherwise, they just ignore FCI rules and why not? IDC is not an FCI member anyway!

  21. 1. Judge for her class was the Redtenbacher.. the man who bought his judging licence and is extremely close to Wiblihauser and who has zero eye for Dobermann. He was instructed which dogs to place.

    2. She is now to be mated to Hilo Von Nemesis [ that is the agreement if she wins ] http://www.blazingexpressions.dinstudio.se/text1_13.html

    3. Her father is Zylain Zais Citone, the handler in ring is Davide [ Italian Dobermann Mafia]

    4. She has uncropped ears, undocked tail and lives in Sweden [ IDC colony of Germany]

    Do you really think these are the motivations of that election?
    I think you don't know what you say!!! :-))

  22. i read the post and I agree with the writer. Those are very good motivations for her selection as the Siegerin. Maybe you want to tell us why not? Since you seem to know what to say? Thank you

  23. I don't know why, but many breeder wants to use Hilo v. Nemesis...
    Do you think that Zylan Zais del Citone is a politic dog? You can see his matings...
    Davide is a very good handler but sure not other!
    So I simply don't believe in what you wrote, because this is not true!

  24. I agree with the writer. Who can seriously take any judging by Redtenbacher as correct? Davide always wins or places [and he trains dogs for Pezzano and gang], even if there are much better dogs and handler in the ring. Zylan is CITONE dog. People who can use Hilo do for special reason and favours. There is no good progeny from that dog, respectable breeders avoid him. Wiblihauser had already ordered only for uncropped and undocked winners. Redtenbacher carry out the duty as agreed. Fact. It is all very plain to see and observe with open eyes.

  25. Regarding Redtenbacher's judging: it takes to live and mingle close the show dogs to have the eye for them, among other things. It is impossible for someone who sees the dogs on the internet only during the year (since no one in their right mind would invite this "judge" for the show)to make justified decisions in the ring. Also, one can not become a proper judge at the age of 60 or more.
    It takes a years if not decades of polishing for a person to become good judge and ideally - a political idiot, no matter how unpopular that may become among show organizers and club-like lobbyists.

  26. The facts are not that! Excuse me but if you don't know, please don't write!! Was not Zordan Zewi the best in IDC 2007 and in World Dog Show?? Davide trains dogs for Pezzano... You are not well informed!! Facts!!
    You can see what you want in the ring, but you have to be onest...

  27. Exactly! Everyone knows Zordan had terrible movement and cow hocks. Yet winner. Even Italians booed him at the show finals. FACT.

  28. Zordan Zewi del Citone was
    IDC Sieger back in 2007.
    and World Winner in 2008
    ...and AIAD winner in 2008
    and Caliandro Winner in 2009.

    As per his trainer and handler here is a video:


  29. I don't consider her a bad female but think of one of the reasons WAY OUT WEST BLAZING EXPRESSIONS won 2011. IDC and that could be DrP's humble expression of gratitude to the "owner" of her father Zylan Zais del Citone (you know, he should mate more now after this IDC) for investing a lot of effort into that dog and also for keeping his other dog - a female and 2008. IDC siegerin - Teraline Ingrid. Unsuprisingly, she is also 2008. AIAD winner...and she's yet another dog with cow hocks. FACT.

  30. Are you angry??? Is not a problem for me how you consider the siegerin, but if you write lies!!! And you write many lies Mr. Poirot :-) You don't know what you say... owever Davide is a professional handler and you can engage him for your dog (he is not too expensive) so you can win next edition of IDC and after all will seems to you in pink color!! Take care... and think!

  31. One doesn't have to win in order to see pink color in the ring. It is already there and with the camera too!

  32. Hey truth teller are you trying to tell us that IDC is not a set up - year after year?!
    Who cares about Davide, he is just a hired hand as you already pointed out! Do you really think they don't know which dog is which?! With or without Davide!
    Even the collateral winners know what is it all about. It is either that or they are too damn stupid!

  33. Hey ... kind person, rewind your mind and read slow what I wrote, you can uderstand better!
    Is this a blog or what else?

  34. Sorry, which comment? There are so many by you Anonymous.

  35. And whom you see at a wheel world a Dobermann of community?

  36. "And whom you see at a wheel world a Dobermann of community?"
    That's a good question. I have another to add: does that person necessary have to be German? ...and what's that Nazi bullshit about Dobermann belonging to Germany? What's next? Setting Reichtag on fire?

  37. If you see the map of dominance on the blog... it is just almost like Third Reich and Fascist, taking over Dobermann in all Europe... reality is scary

  38. It's becoming more and more difficult to take this site seriously. A shame but it happens all the time. Why not be better than the people you criticise? There are some really valid points brought to attention here but why not refrain from bad language and personal dislikes amongst the commentators. Serious accusations are brought forward here but I think you are really scared to be caught with your real name. Don't participate at IDC, don' t enter your dogs. That is the only way to really show that you don't support the things that are going on.

  39. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

  40. Anonymous said...
    It's becoming more and more difficult to take this site seriously. A shame but it happens all the time. Why not be better than the people you criticise? There are some really valid points brought to attention here but why not refrain from bad language and personal dislikes amongst the commentators. Serious accusations are brought forward here but I think you are really scared to be caught with your real name. Don't participate at IDC, don' t enter your dogs. That is the only way to really show that you don't support the things that are going on.

    January 4, 2012 2:19 PM

    Well, if you havent read the entire blog and all the comments, you would notice a small detail. Everyone, who opposed this organization, was kicked out immediately. All famous judges and breeders. This is a mafia. If you think they are fair and objective, wake up.

  41. Let's make something clear. People are coming to IDC show to:
    a) show the dogs
    b) see the dogs
    c) meet other doberman friends
    d) have a good time
    And these fuckers are imposing themselves, trying to look and act significant as if all the visitors and attendees came to see just them. What kind of travesty is that? They are not and should not be the reason of any attention and yet they are forcing their selves as the main attraction of the show and not only that, they are shamelessly giving wins to their own dogs!

    C'mon Herr President, don't you hear people booing and whistling at your decisions!? Isn't that not enough for you to understand that you are not appreciated by a general doberman population anymore?! Let alone your brainchild - Mr Becht!

  42. from dobermann-review chatboard :
    2012-01-05 00:05 • IP: • from Germany 28 positive reactions         1 negative

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Times are changing, and it is right that the world of Dobermann, finally enter the Democracy.
    It is not correct, that all the most important decisions that govern all states associated to IDC, are taken from the dominant group of the DV.
    I want to know, because the President of IDC always has for many years Mr. Wiblishauser.
    Who decided this? and why?
    This is not Democracy.
    Who decided that the test ZTP, and property only DV? and why?
    Who decided that the Dobermann enthusiasts who go to the most important show of the year, making often thousands of kilometers, can not know in advance which judge will judge his dog? and why?
    I can go on for hours, to ask questions that should be given an answer.
    I think that in the near future, the CLUB IDC, should take the importance for all the dobermann world, with democratic elections, in which all members joining (via their Club membership) we have the opportunity to participate,
    I also think, that it would be important to STOP SHOW IDC in this year 2012"

    Yes , I also think that one of the ways to show them that we do not agree anymore with their visions is to not enter dogs to IDC in Italy. But also must be done something through the member clubs of the IDC. Take your presidents to a General Club meeting and tell them that at IDC Congress to say what their members do not agree anymore to what is happening and must be changed the rules in the IDC, starting with the electrion of the president. Member countries have same rights like Germany, it is not normal that the president of IDC to be without any election the DV president and memberr countrie beeing seen just like some puppets

  43. Re: IDC Brown Female Jugendsieger Aurora von Ambassador.
    Unfortunately, I must inform you that the win by this young female is also not without considerable 'influence', although I find her not bad. The new German kennel 'von Ambassador' is from Oliver Wollney, a well known ass-kisser of Thomas Becht (creator and publisher of the 'Official Dobermann Calendar; Herr Wollney has his sights set on a show and ZTP judges license although he has never trained or titled a dog in his life...) The mother of Aurora is Zemic's Arwen, whose horrible head, front assembly, and weak character has prevented her from finishing a VDH or DV Championship in Germany, but did not stop her from becoming DV Siegerin 2010 (judge: Thomas Becht ;) Of course, Arwen is owned by O. Wollney, as is her father, Gero von Klingbach, another DV Sieger with weak character who could barely bite at his ZTP in Essen, but was nonetheless awarded a '1A' by Wiblieshauser. So much for 'business as usual at DV/IDC :-(

    By the way, I'm sure we will all be hearing more from the 'A' litter von Ambassador - O. Wollney kept 2 of the 4 puppies himself,and exhibits them when T. Becht is judging. Both have weak nerves and poor character - a brown male 'Armageddon', and a black female 'Ancksunamun'. The female is so over anglulated in the rear she looks like a Deutsche Schaferhund - half frog/half dog. Our future????

    1. Arwen also won her class in IDC 07 under Pezzano. The most amazing thing with that,is she beat Helena,who came as nr 2 in the class..

  44. "Take your presidents to a General Club meeting and tell them that at IDC Congress to say what their members do not agree anymore to what is happening and must be changed the rules in the IDC, starting with the electrion of the president."
    -THAT would be the day! Unfortunately for many countries, their club presidents think more of kissing ass then to speak their clubmembers voices. The honour of beeing in the main ring at IDC counts more to them.

  45. When, change them ! They became presidents because they were elected by club members and they have to make the politics of their members. It is a luck, , at IDC aren't elections, YET! And if club members will not go to IDC , whom will these presidents represent ? To change something in IDC people should not go to IDC show. And if most will go that means that everything written here on the blog is not the opinion and thinking of the MOST of dobermann people , and they agree with the actual situation or do not care, only important thing for them beeing the crumbs thrown from the kings which are staying at the table and which are deciding the winners

  46. Who needs Wibli and Dotore? no onoe realy. IDC its a creation that takes its political power from the members that participating.

    Wibli is ready to make the ultimate harm for the breed. the rumor has that they are about to change the standard regarding ears.

  47. I sit here and becoming more and more irritated. I had plans to go to IDC this year with two of my dogs, for the very first time and I have gone and looking forward to this so much, but I can see now that I as a small breeder does not have an earthly chance of getting a fairly judgement.
    I does not expect my dogs to be IDC siegers, but when non of my dogs has any of the above names in there pedigree, then they haven´t got a chance.
    So Can you tell me why I should go to IDC and spend money on travel, hotel to be thrown out of the ring as the first??

  48. The IDC should change name and still just hold a show. Its not an INTERNATIONAL show - no CACIBs no NOTHING other than a title made up of the people in power. For the Dobermann - this is a tragedy. The only good thing is that its the biggest gathering of Dobermann fans - so you meet and greet and see the dogs in real life. Maybe it must still happen - just no bogus SHOW

  49. I most laugh when i think of WDS 2010, what just happend there?
    30 seconds for each dog, no written opinion, and very political again.
    No cropped or docked dobermann, so how can the WDS 2010 winner get this title, when not all was allowed to compete?

  50. Same thing will happen this year in Austria.. with Orson and Orphelia the winners, or maybe also Kyrana? After all, the judge is Hans. Really, why even bother to go compete? You all know the results are decided already. Stay home, spend time with your dogs.

  51. Beside all those stated above, I think most of you forgot what also happened at IDC 2011 : the ban of serbian dobermanns, one of the biggest bulshit I've seen at dog shows I've been.
    Just see what happened : a day before at IDC Congress were a lot of references about cheating with pedigrees or false microchips. Good, till now it was OK. Everybody must fight against cheating and false epedigrees or microchips.
    But next day at the show what coud we see : every judge had a list with start numbers of some dogs (lately was obvious that were serbia originated dogs)and these dogs were verified by microchip reading. Those lists announced some abuse which would be done. FCI rule permits identification by microchip reading, but doesn´t permit any comparison in ring with microchip from pedigree.
    But what could we see : judges were asking the handlers or owners to present the pedigree of dog at the ring to the judge , fact which is strictly prohibited by FCI rules art 11 "Regulation for show judges" and MEOE art 3 point 23 "Show regulations".
    And after what happened : most serbian dogs were excluded from rings and were not judged, even if they are in other country citizen ownership then Serbia.
    Some rumours were known before IDC that Altobello and Del Nasi were hunted. Also that Dejan and Simon were accused with cheating with microchips and pedigrees. But wwere any evidences presented ? No, to nobody were presented even at Congress of IDC. Question : do Altobello need to cheat in pedigrees in which mostly we can find at mother and father side Altobello dogs ? They are not IDC Siegers, so why to cheat with his own bred dogs ? Or Simon : how many litters he had with question ? Fedor was his own dog in his courtyard, so he could make mating any time. What other matings he made with question ? None, otherwise the false stud owner would denounce him. So can somebody explain what was hunted ? That microchips were stickered on pedigrees ? All Hungarian dogs had microchip numbers stickered on their pedigrees and also other country´s dogs. They had to be punished for some reasons ? For what ? This is my question to all of you. Beside all abuses and false IDC siegers politically elected without deserving their titles, these abuses which I mentioned were against FCI rules.

    1. IDC is private and therefore non-democratic venture, recognized by national breed clubs, including DV club of Germany.
      Hardly any of those clubs is based on democratic principles and most of their presidents seized the power by fraud, lack of general will, nepotism (members are mostly their cousins and granmas) and they plan to hold the barricades for a long time...and as far as they keep nodding in approval they are desirable member of IDC flock. However Serbia is obviously NOT and therefore instruments of power are brought back then to crush the still freewill of Serbian Dobermann people and that's about it! Mr Baranja was once member of Serbian breeding and that's the connection.

      Back at IDC. Take a good look at the average age of the people there at the IDC throne: Wibli, Pezzano, Redtenbacher, Roland...they are all close to or above 70 years of age!!! And since them vampires feed on our energies they are going to rule long after you or me are out of this thing. They simply grow older at slower pace than the rest of us humans. Striby was the exception to the rule but he sure ruled his club for long 42 years!!!

      Now, IDC is probably made for moral midgets and slaves, otherwise they would not be able to pull that shit in Hungary. We are talking mostly about people with minor potentials and major ambitions and that's exactly the clue for them dinosaurs upon which they keep the wheel spinning.

      Once the overall level among Dobermann people goes up from pig-stye to with-style (surely our breed deserves that) things will get better. Until then - we are captured by mediocre crumb pickers. A nasty flock.

  52. Well, I heard that Pezzano marked Baranja when he disagreed with the decision of Bulo at Triveneto show. Don del Nasi was chosen as best black male over ObiWan Kenobi DGV. Simon, even though Don is his dog, didnt want the trophy and gave to his best friend, Maksa. That is when Pezzano started his terror on Simon. Yet, I dont believe there was any microchip cheating on him. Just an excuse to hunt him.

    1. Nah, blown out of proportions - they made a deal meanwhile. Business as usual.

  53. what's new striptease club?

  54. Hi just came across his blog and must say that appreciate that someone is finally getting out all the dirt in these shows
    I have been breeding dobermanns since 1991 and my last show was the idc in graz, 2009 and after that i'm still having dobermanns in my house but was so nauseated by all the political moves that stopped tout court to participate
    Long life to dobermanns far away from all this sh... people!!!