Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WDB or rather... WTF

The great non event...

Join now and keep waiting...
Or basically, what is truly wrong with our breed 
and its future...

We can summarise the entire 2013 and in fact, the last years simply by what is going on now with the future of the FCI Dobermann Breed standard change.

First, the great sell out of President Hans Wiblishauser, when he replaced the ideals and promises of the great DV and Dobermann breeding for his own material and egoistic ends. He was solely respobsible for the selling out of the German Dobermann from being the premier working breed with cropped ears and docked tails into what is now a pitiful breed with no certain future left in its own homeland.

In fact, last year there were much less than 1000 puppies born in the entire Germany and of which, 30% or more were bred from Orson Von Nemesis. There were hardly any German dogs which won any IPO competitions or trials, nor were any German bred dogs conformation champions outside Germany. Of course, we do not consider Orson as he was placed into position as a pathetic attempt to demonstrate Geerman breeding and the DV's surrendering of the breed standard.

Along the way, using his manipulative means and the greedy nature of trophy collectors, many flocked to the DV banner, abandoning the breed. Breed clubs in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Russia... everywhere, club 'leaders' came under and promoted the licking of the German boot. For those that resisted, or protested, the hounds were sent out. Like Becht to Hungary and Serbia.

Remember This?

The IDC leadership itself, is a gang of self serving sycophants who would do anything to preserve their positions in this black private club. Roland Beunekens [ our Albert Speer ] has never disclosed any kind of financial records or made any statement on where all the monies have gone to. Pezzano [ our Goering ] often used his position of power and influence in the breed for his own ends, and for his breeding. Daube [ our Hess ] is a pawn with knowledge as much as a typical village breeder, and in position only because he is a sheep. Redtenbacher is completely ignorant of the breed but is an excellent secretary, much like Martin Bormann. And of course, we all know of the DV's Himmler, Herr Becht. The late F. Striby was himself an ex-SS and commited neo-Nazi, as is the president himself.

What could have been expected of this group? 

And now we face the possibility of the beginning of the end, for the Dobermann as we know it.

The DV, IDC and AIAD have already embraced the new standard, and are in fact, forcing it forward and pushing for it. They assume, this will level the competition and force certain 'unwanted' clubs and breeders out of the breed altogether. Orson being Seiger is an example of their attempts to equalise German breeding with the rest of Europe, and the world.  The DV hopes to diminish the breed in countries like those from the Eastern Bloc. [ surely there exists some racism here ] They tried it before with the ZTP, and blatant show judgements. Now the best weapon they have is the surrender of the breed standard fully to the FCI. By the way, we all know of the President's very close connections to the FCI and his total inaction and refulsal to do anything.

Hans and Hans

Consider this - Its is well known that Hans Wibli is close friends and associate of Hans Muller, former President of the FCI. The breed change came under while Hans Muller was President.. The new FCI President is Rafael Santiago, from Puerto Rico. And we know for a fact, the Doberman in the Americas is an extremely popular dog for home and show and always cropped and docked. Would Mr Santiago have changed the standard, following the DV.. or can we correctly assume its is part of the personal connections of the two Hans? Think about this... The Hans did nothing to protect this breed.

The request for the change was submitted by Dobermann-Verein (German Dobermann club) 

From 1st of January 2015 no cropped or/and docked dog will be permitted to compete at shows organized under FCI regulations..

Only dogs cropped/docked before that date will be allowed to breed and register litters with FCI member kennels..

Seriously, we really think Mr President wants to leave a legacy of a new breed called the Wiblimann...

So, what now? 

For the brief moment, there was a glimmer of some hope. It was called the "World Dobermann Breeders". We, at Dobermann Insider, actually decided to sit back and let this movement gain momentum and allow it to be heard, and do something positive. We did not interfere at all, not even with the events which occured in Italy and Serbia. Yes, even we had some hopes for this WDB.

But now we can sit and say, it is basically turned into WTF.

The WDB is truly a mirror of all that is wrong in the breed today. All talk, and zero action. Yes, there was backing of certain judges to this group. But the incentive of  IDC titles and promise of judging assigment proved too great. Likewise, certain breeders who were initiators and vocal of this group.. becomes quiet silent as a mouse. Certainly having dogs win nice titles and cups at IDC, and more shows and the promises of popular breedings and payments is also a great way to kill any dissent and thoughts for the breed future.
These events are no coincidence, just consider the timings and the eventual silences that follow now.

And notice now too... the big rush to breed as much as possible this year... from the same bunch of dogs, not that anyone cares for future genetic health.

Let us see something interesting from its original Manifesto -

 " Our intention is for the well-being and the growth of the Dobermann Breed "
 so we ask -

 Is this possible with the focus of one type of breeding?
 Is this possible when judges themselves are not concerned? Or refuse to take a real moral stand?
 Is this possible with mere words and big silences after?

And also, from their website :

" We are very close to a historic achievement for the breed Dobermann.
For the first time 500 breeders around the world, join together to the future of the Dobermann... this is a really important fact...."

Mmmm......Important for who? Or better yet, to what? To business?

Because, in the end... 

You Lost. 

Your breed as you knew it Lost.

Your dear friends who thought of making a change, Lost

Your club Lost.

You were all sold out. 

Well played Mr President and gang... well played.... With your shining cups and empty promises and your yard dog Becht... You have continued the downfall of the breed. Perhaps finally at your future [ soon ] retirement or death, the breed itself will cease to exist except maybe in a new FCI Group 11 - Rare Breeds of Europe.

Congratulations Herr Pezzano

But let us also state.. we at Dobermann Insider, will NEVER SELL OUT like another WTF organization. As long as there is a need to expose, a need for transparency, justice, freedom and the Truth.
As long as there is a need to speak up, and offer true democracy...
As long as those who love this breed need us...

By the way, this year we have also gotten more volunteers to our cause, those who are now truly fed up with the state of the breed and its corruption in the hands of the few. We are going in deeper, with our comrades in Germany, and we shall continue our work for the Dobermann.

Let us also propose this - since you cannot even rely on the WDB and your breed club... COME TO US. We strive for the truth, and for the breed's future. We protect those who are truly lovers of the breed and come forward. We will always remain watchful and critical of those who manipulate and corrupt the breed for their own ends.

2014.... is the time now to truly MAKE A CHOICE. 


Monday, October 7, 2013

When Spanish sleep with Germans



OR -

"Anything Goes When You Are Germany's Hoes [ Whores]"

It has come to our attention, that some very unethical and dangerous breeding has been going on in Spain.

Mothers mated to Sons. Brothers and sisters mated together. 

And what is more worrying, is the kennel which does this.. is owned by theVice President of the Spanish Dobermann Club. A best friend of the DV gang too...

This is a prime exampe, of where, if your club fully support the DV and kisses their ass with full lips.. you are given licence to do anything you wish, even if it is dangerous and wrong for the breed.

Consider, what is going on now in Serbia and other clubs where there is some dissent and opposition to the DV's fists and boots.. When any breeder or exhibitor does something 'wrong or 'different' to the DV desires - the Club comes under attack, members are harassed and the IDC starts investigations and complaints.

But when the club does no trouble for DV, and is extremely obedient, the leadershp can do as they please, with no sanctions...

It seems that changing the breed standard and Becht's vanity is more important than giving a care of the breed's genetics, health and breeding practices.

Now, let us see the evidence here -

Saturday, September 14, 2013

IDC [ International Deutsche Club ] Show 2013, Romania

We wish to thank our Romanian brothers who did an excellent work for the show, the organization, venue, and it was probably one of the best shows in recent years.

We also wish to say we are sorry for our Romanian brothers on how the show was manipulated and shamed and let down by certain judges, people and announcements... 
As usual....

Let us get to the biggest obvious point in this year's IDC Romania - The German 'Anchluss' or Attempts of Dobermann World Domination..

First, we all knew when Orson was in the catalog, he is already going to be the Sieger. Only an idiot or totally naive person would have thought otherwise. The competition for the males was already over. In fact, even for most other classes, if there was something from Germany, or born from Mafia bred dogs, and especially with the ears and tails.

We saw how many times, uncropped and undocked dogs were forced into the finals, often over the other better specimens and top winning dogs. Consider also the DV Loyalty Liste... and the 'family gifts' given at this show..

Not only did the IDC make a joke of this show, they insult the intelligence of everyone attending.. again.. as usual. And this is despite having the show in a new location, with modern organization and so much promise and hope by almost everyone.. that once, just once... this would be a proper show which would reflect what the IDC motto is  - " Understanding, Goodwill and Friendship".... yes, only if you wish to be DOMINATED and march the goosestep together back to Germany.

Its ALL mein! Hands off!

So, think it over, the 'democracy' of the IDC is once again a big joke. The IDC is basically there to announce and follow the decisions and judging of the DV Germany and what has been decided. Have a look at the IDC website, see the irony of this? -

The IDC Secretary herewith confirms that the requirements for the award of the 2013 IDC Sieger Titles will be no different from that of 2012.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Buzinezz az uzual" [ Jahwohl! ]

Licking ass for results.. 
"Business as usual"

First the Korung gets corrupted and meaningless... and now even more so than before, the ZTP has again proven to be full of nonsense and dependent on who you know, how much you pay and what you can offer...

Do you remember this dog here, who made attack on judge at IDC, and then was disqualified?
Yes, the same dog who FAILED his first ZTP in Moscow 2012, and is known for such character issues..

"Oh so sorry.. he only does that if you attack him... really... i dont lie..."

Do you also remember this dog, who bit and sent to hospital his handler, owner and others.. and has a history of over aggression and biting people for no reason? 

Junior when not attacking someone
One of his masterpiece, attacking a woman all over

Now, let  us ask.. what do both of these dogs have in common??


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Der Zentralkörung 2013


As much as we wanted to have faith and optimism for the breed this year.... we must report on a truly strange and puzzling event which recently occurred in Germany. We speak of the Korung 2013, as organized by the DV [ Franken ] on June 29, 2013.

Basically.. one dog actually ran off during the gunshot test... BUT - WAS ALLOWED TO REPEAT THE TEST.....and in the end, secured the rating of 1B ! We just do not understand this.... 

The Flag that raises Questions...
Who is the dog in question and its handler, owner?


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New King Bechti.... ?

A letter to our dearest friend Thomas, who expects to be IDC leader soon....

Herr Thomas Becht

DV Vice President
DV Richter
P.O.R. Cheerleader

Adresse: Schulzenstr. 2 PLZ, 
Ort: 76771 Hördt
Telefon: +49 (0) 7272 5779
Fax: +49 (0) 7272 760036
E-Mail: thomas.becht@dobermann.de
My dear Thomas, 

Wishing you a most interesting 2013, our Teutonic friend
How is the weather in Moscow, your second home? We hope you are keeping warm in some new shoes, and your lessons in Russian are coming along well.

Bechti, Please help us to understand some very disturbing news we got, regarding a ZTP which was done in Germany on 1 May 2010. Yes, we understand that it was couple years ago,and you cannot remember anything much beyond yesterday, but do please try.

You were the Chairman of this ZTP and the judge was your dear Knuddelmuddel, Uncle Wibli. The results are also here - 2010-05-01_ZTP_Germany
A few dogs from your own kennel breeding were also present, but of course it did not matter that the breeder was also the ZTP Test Chairman. After all, which ordinary German would question this? You have a great style of judging your own breeding, which we must admire as being so unique.

Bechti my boy, we see one dog - Norbert Vom Klingbach as having obtain the result of ZTP V1A. Praise the memory of the Fuhrer! Congratulations on this awarded result for your breeding!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Still around, still watching..

First, some explanations for this late posting....

We had wanted release some more insider information and news much earlier. 
But, again there was attempted hacking and some blockage for our blog.We suspect, and are investigating it has again been originated from Germany. 

Also, we can observe certain people are now trying to behave themselves too, so this is good.

But, there are just a few additional points we need to make regarding this year's IDC and what has been spoken about there..


First, are you all aware that our most intelligent and wonderful leaders of IDC have now stated that -

" A dog must have had a DNA test, before it can be selected to be in the finals, and to be Sieger or other title winner "

They state -

"  It was decided at the congress that each IDC Siegers/Winners must have done a complete Cardiac evaluation (Ultrasound + color Doppler + 24h Holter ECG), maximum 12 months old results, in order to obtain their winning title (IDC Siegers). Valid from 2013 onwards.
IDC stated [recommendations from Cardiac specialists] that the only complete cardiac examination is made with US + color Doppler + 24h Holter ECG, and that all these examinations are performed at the same test occasion. "

We seriously question the IDC leadership on this matter.

What purpose does it truly serve? What are the factual and correct reasons?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Its... PEZZ Time!


And the winner is........

Bravo Pezzano! You stepped in when the Germans were weak and confused, and you got your Ale Alamos progeny the big Cup!

Surely, after the fiasco judging of the Champion Class Males.. The German team were afraid of the crowd and losing face....

Never in the history of the IDC were there as much Boos and Whistles for a dog, as there was for the DV hope, Orson. Just look at the video below -

Of course, the judge was Mr President himself, not that he was seeing anything correctly. It was all arranged already.. Can anyone ever doubt that?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IDC 2012...A New Hope?

IDC 2012,  ITALY

Maybe there is still hope.....
First, a big congratulations to the Dottore and his loyals  [ Gaia - thats for you ] for getting around 600 dogs registered for the catalog. It would have been embarassing if the numbers were down, and of course,everyone hopes there will actually be that many dogs in the ring... But we do wonder how they got the extra 200 dogs after the first deadline... we think Pezzano's telephone bill will be quite high this month..

Second, we sincerely hope this year's show will be Different.
Maybe even fair? If that is ever possible..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Genome Project or Projected Greed?

Alas the 'Loyalitaetsliste' of the DV has utterly and embarrassingly failed...

So whats next? Thats right, another scheme to distract everyone from the real problems of the breed - the dictators in power...

 Now we are presented with.....Dottore's Ideas for a Dobermann Genome Project...

See here-  Dobermann Genome

 And read the IntroDobermannGenome/intro.pdf

Sure, sounds all very noble and good.. but we do wonder.....

On the timing -  why now?  Why after years of having contributed to the  destruction to the breed by creating such a small genepool.. and now they are seeing the need to 'diversify' the genetics of the breed