Saturday, December 15, 2012

Still around, still watching..

First, some explanations for this late posting....

We had wanted release some more insider information and news much earlier. 
But, again there was attempted hacking and some blockage for our blog.We suspect, and are investigating it has again been originated from Germany. 

Also, we can observe certain people are now trying to behave themselves too, so this is good.

But, there are just a few additional points we need to make regarding this year's IDC and what has been spoken about there..


First, are you all aware that our most intelligent and wonderful leaders of IDC have now stated that -

" A dog must have had a DNA test, before it can be selected to be in the finals, and to be Sieger or other title winner "

They state -

"  It was decided at the congress that each IDC Siegers/Winners must have done a complete Cardiac evaluation (Ultrasound + color Doppler + 24h Holter ECG), maximum 12 months old results, in order to obtain their winning title (IDC Siegers). Valid from 2013 onwards.
IDC stated [recommendations from Cardiac specialists] that the only complete cardiac examination is made with US + color Doppler + 24h Holter ECG, and that all these examinations are performed at the same test occasion. "

We seriously question the IDC leadership on this matter.

What purpose does it truly serve? What are the factual and correct reasons?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Its... PEZZ Time!


And the winner is........

Bravo Pezzano! You stepped in when the Germans were weak and confused, and you got your Ale Alamos progeny the big Cup!

Surely, after the fiasco judging of the Champion Class Males.. The German team were afraid of the crowd and losing face....

Never in the history of the IDC were there as much Boos and Whistles for a dog, as there was for the DV hope, Orson. Just look at the video below -

Of course, the judge was Mr President himself, not that he was seeing anything correctly. It was all arranged already.. Can anyone ever doubt that?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IDC 2012...A New Hope?

IDC 2012,  ITALY

Maybe there is still hope.....
First, a big congratulations to the Dottore and his loyals  [ Gaia - thats for you ] for getting around 600 dogs registered for the catalog. It would have been embarassing if the numbers were down, and of course,everyone hopes there will actually be that many dogs in the ring... But we do wonder how they got the extra 200 dogs after the first deadline... we think Pezzano's telephone bill will be quite high this month..

Second, we sincerely hope this year's show will be Different.
Maybe even fair? If that is ever possible..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Genome Project or Projected Greed?

Alas the 'Loyalitaetsliste' of the DV has utterly and embarrassingly failed...

So whats next? Thats right, another scheme to distract everyone from the real problems of the breed - the dictators in power...

 Now we are presented with.....Dottore's Ideas for a Dobermann Genome Project...

See here-  Dobermann Genome

 And read the IntroDobermannGenome/intro.pdf

Sure, sounds all very noble and good.. but we do wonder.....

On the timing -  why now?  Why after years of having contributed to the  destruction to the breed by creating such a small genepool.. and now they are seeing the need to 'diversify' the genetics of the breed

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Das Ende der Liste und DV?

We feel this comment by a reader is quite important to share:


Does that effectively mean that all those people are actually loyal to HIM (so it would look kinda stupid for him to be loyal to himself), or to DV club. this the proper way to put it: DV = WIBLISHAUSER?
Either way, non-Germans have NO business there!

mmm mmm .....What we want to add is - 

Think about this carefully.... An Oath and Commitment of Loyalty to a man... an individual..., not the club..not even towards the breed....

Can you remember the last time a group of Germans made an oath of loyalty to a single man?.....

Friday, July 20, 2012

Loyalty.. to who?

We wish to thank all our supporters and fellow Dobermann lovers

Your various comments and remarks of support and solidarity with us is very encouraging. We have to make some small comments on this shameful action of the DV President's soldiers.

It is very unprofessional and immature to have the names of people who did not sign the list themselves. Indeed, there are even fake names there [ a cartoon character for example ] and also entire families are inside, even if they are unaware. We know certain honorable people wont be placing their names there, such as a respected young Italian judge and also some German DV members. This is truly shameful and we believe - even illegal. This is how low the DV has become.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Komedy Hour 3 - DV's Guilty Anguish...

It seems that the truth does not sit well with the DC Presidium and their cronies. They have to resort now to actually asking people to sign their loyalty and 'solidarity' to the DV, against our blog and the truths we publish.

And we just learn now, with evidence, there are signatures of people who NEVER  signed anything! Quite a few names in the list are just entered by the DV office, without the knowledge of the real persons! SHAME ON DV...

Its simple really.. if you are not guilty, you wont feel so insecure and worried. If you are so confident we have not told the reality situation and truth.. then why even request, beg to know who is loyal? This is so childish and immature.. and truly unprofessional...sadly

Poor Wibli...

This is what they have written on their website - loyalitaetsliste

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Comedy Hour 2

Just in case the Italians feel left out...

We have another big joke here......

No,  dont mistake him for an ordinary dog....

We just ask one question of the Dottore..... " SERIOUSLY??"

Obviously there is so much more than meets the eye [ or his ]..
When major results are politics driven and given away for connections [ like a Don].. what more can we say for the breed standard?.... And really, what more can be said for other show results under these judges?

And the fault dear readers, lie with the majority of the breeders and show organizers and attendees.. because at the end of the day,most are simply sheep following what everyone else does.. for FEAR of upsetting the chance to bring home a shiny cup and increase your breeding price...

This dog's results is the proof of everything we have said.  

You be the Judge...of yourself too!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Der Thomas Komedy Show

Ok, now for something light hearted......

GERMANY - Disgraced.. yet again.....

Here we provide some comic relief... dear readers, watch the 'Helper' here in action and enjoy a good laugh!

This is supposed to be an experienced German specialist and ZTP judge.. who boasts he has trained and trialled dogs.. and watch him do figurant for dog like a pure amateur... HE GIVES THE SLEEVE LIKE A GIFT TO THE DOG!

Same occasion, different dog. Here Mr. Becht actually helps (hence "the helper" expression) his own breeding (one Vivan v. Klingbach) to pass the ZTP. Slight case of nepotism?

Do you want this man to succeed Hans?........

You be the Judge!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life and Lies of Wibli Part 3...


Early morning scene somewhere in a toilet in Bavaria..

[ Thank you Brothers Grimm.... ]

Hans: Mirror mirror on the wall..who's the fairest of them all?
Mirror: You are.. Hans. 
Hans: Mirror mirror on the wall.. who is the greatest judge of all?
Mirror: You are.. Hans
Hans: Mirror mirror on the wall.. who's the greatest President of All?
Mirror: You are.. Hans... 

He keeps fooling himself.....

The Lies of Wibli Part 3:


Friday, May 11, 2012

The Life [ Lies ] of Wibli

Note: We gave Hans and Gang one month after our manifesto to come forward. Now its time to expose him, since the World Show is coming up soon...


Do you respect a man who is a narcissistic power maniac and destroys lives?

Do you respect a man who uses and spends the funds he is meant to protect, for his own lavish lifestyle?

Do you respect a man who will do anything, drive out anyone, and kill the breed, just to remain in power?

Do you respect a man who is so arrogant to believe he is perfect? Yet is a disgrace to decent society..

Do you respect a man who rules by fear and divides everyone, and uses people for his self?

Do you respect a man who surrounds himself with evil and mediocre puppets, so he looks good?

We think not. Neither do we. In fact, we only have revulsion, disgust and shame for such a man...

Friday, May 4, 2012

It is 1956 again in Hungary!

Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete
 1899 - 2012?

Can you imagine a government banning and closing down national kennel club?
Can you imagine the government sending special operation forces, with weapons, to raid your kennel club, to obtain the breeding database?
Can you imagine a government punishing all breed clubs with big fines?
Can you imagine a government taking away all dog shows and purebreed activities?

It is not imagination. It is real. It is happening. It is one of the worst acts against the dog world

There is currently a major crisis faced by our Hungarian brothers and sisters. For many years now, the Hungarian Government has been making much trouble and arguments with the MEOE, Hungarian Kennel Club. This is one of the oldest and most established kennels clubs in the world, and the success of Hungarian breeding and their own native dogs is due in no small part to them.

1899 - 2012?

Friday, April 27, 2012

I am Helmut, hear me whine

South Africa [ German Clone ] Update

 German Copy Club

So, seems like the continual decline of the South African Dobermann is once more the result and fault of its IDC representative. The man whose ego and arrogance is second only to his masters  Hans and Thomas. The man who would be King of the Safari, but whose supporters and clients are dwindling in numbers...

Helmut Redtenbacher and his whelp Nikki, have again clearly shown how really little support they have and why people do not care for their club and shows anymore, even their poor ZTP.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

World Wide Coverage Chart

Just in case some of you [ presumably the ones that are less happy about this blog ] were wondering about its reach, here is the World Wide Coverage Chart [ so far ] - based on Dobermann Insider web stats.

Click for larger image
We are being read all over the Dobermann world....

Just a small message to all the corrupted and incompetent...

You are being watched...

Over 70,000 Site views and counting...

Hey Wibs! we got more hits than your Birthday website..

Saturday, March 31, 2012




Now it is time to state our aims and our purposes with this blog.

Our breed is in crisis.

For a long time we have been observing the abuse of power by some people , and how it has affected the good name of the Dobermann breed. We have seen the decline of the breed over the years, from being the best working dog in the world into a shadow of what it was meant to be. It is now a medium grade working dog, and even for shows it has been left with many faults and problems. All this decline, especially in Germany, is not simply because of the drop of numbers after the ban on cropping and docking in the traditional Dobermann countires. No, this decline coincided with the administraiton and abuses of one man's leadership of the breed. Mr Hans Wiblishauser, and his gang of cronies. In fact, it is not a coincidence but a fact. The breed has suffered tremendously, and it is all the direct fault of these people. And the breed is in crisis for its future and survival. 

The IDC is meant to protect and promote our breed. But ?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Bombs

Just some interesting updates, observations and questions....


So, after all the kicking and bullying they got from the Germans last year.... the HDK president himself.. Mr .Tamás Dohóczki. goes to judge the CACIB show on March.. in the DV home of Munich...

Is he so desperate for judging assignments over his own and national pride? Or did he leave his balls at home somewhere in Hungary, or kept in Becht's pocket?

Or perhaps more likely.. was he given an offer he cannot refuse? Consider too who was Best of Breed...

Tamas.. Really??

Not that the show was of any importance.. the most the Germans could get was around 26 entries...In a show held in the DV hometown of Munich, in Germany itself...more like a small village show

Monday, March 12, 2012

A small letter from us

Dear Dobermann friends and dog lovers..

We have been on this blog for 3 months now, and we appreciate the support of the common peoples and breeders and those who are concerned for our breed. We thank you all very much.

Please help us to help you. This blog is for the truth and exposing what is going on in the corrupted world of the IDC, DV and the people who ruin the breed, in various different clubs and positions. 

You can play your part. We can be contacted here, and we will investigate and bring forth the facts and reality of the Dobermann world. We have much to speak of and expose, and we hope this is one step towards a better future for our noble breed. We also strictly protect the privacy and anonymity of our sources, friends and insiders out there. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Honourable Dobermann Klub?


Famous conversation from history:

Attila the Hun: Trickery and deceit. That is the way of the Romans, not of us.
Flavius Aetius: Yes, but which way rules the world?  

This could have been easily the factual exchange between Tamas (HDK) and Thomas (DV) one Saturday morning on the day of the World's biggest Dobermann event in 2011..  When the Hungarian descendants of the "Whip of God" met his Teutonic "Lord Nibelung’s" desire to chase and remove his barbaric rivals from the southern lands. Szerr..b...vusz... Serbian and other Balkan folks. For sure it must have been something like that...but not: az elnök chose wisely to kneel aside just like any other bad shepherd facing the ever starving northern wolves.. Instead, it was to step aside from something more like a bunch of monkeys in this case.

After the initial Teutonic howling by Be(ch)ta-male the list of prey was distributed among the judges and no matter how daunting that task might have seemed.. they went on the hunt with greatest diligence and enthusiasm. Mr. Friedrich and Mr. Daube were constantly circling around the rings like Wolves and inbetween the fences for a thorough check up of the JR (Jüdischen Rasse could it be?) tell-tale signs of unwanted Szerbian dogs while one Thomas Becht, Herr Wiblishauser, Dottie Pezzano, Something Afrikaan and others started eliminating ghetto style...and with great joy!

We are not claiming all Serbian breeders are 100%  true but it really makes no sense to accept their entries, payments and then to decline them on the spot. This is just pure Hypocrisy! Much like what happened in these lands 70 years ago... by another German /Italian alliance..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



> The Rules are subject to change without prior notice.

> No Member can possibly know all The Rules.

> If The President suspects a Member knows all The Rules, he must immediately change some or all of them.


> If the President is wrong, it is due to a misunderstanding which was a direct result of something the Member said or did which was wrong.

> The Member must apologize immediatly for causing the said misunderstanding.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I.D.ioC.y Shows?



2011? can you tell? 

   What kind of International Club organizes it premier show each year, with just about the SAME judges every year? Especially for the males, always the same old man...who needs help to remember..

Sunday, January 29, 2012



    The Union of The Wiblishauser National Socialist  Republics   
So the Berlin wall came down in 1989, and today democracy and representative rule is the majority in Europe. But somehow, some tyranny and dictatorship still exists, not just in the Arab or African world, but right in the heart of our own premier breed club. This is the club which was founded in 1899 to give direction and leadership and proper organization for the breed. The primary function of this club was the protection, promotion and preservation of the Dobermann breed. This club is the Dobermann Verein Germany.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday Mr. President!!!

Dearest President Hans Wiblishauser

A warm and Happy Birthday from all of us here at the Dobermann Insider, on this 75th year of your illustrious life.

We wish to thank you for being the inspiration of our blog
We also truly enjoyed watching all your moves like Jagger and wish you many more years ahead
We have you personally to thank, for this blog
Without you and your leadership, this wont have been possible
Thank you

Happy Birthday Mr President
Happy Birthday to You

P.S. Dear Readers.. feel free to send your own Birthday wishes here.. 
p.p.s. good work Mr Werner Kaltofen, im sure he deserved his own website...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Man Who Would Be King..


Once upon a time, in a land far away, there were Dobermanns who jumped out of the sky... They were known as the Daring Dobes. They parachuted down to Earth, and on landing, would immobilise 'criminals' and thrill the crowds. One famous Dobermann who regularly demonstrated this was called Rocco, owned and trained by Mr D.A. Kloeck. Whenever Rocco was demonstrating his para skills, large crowds were gathered, and he always loved going back up the plane!

These Daring Dobes were highly trained and intelligent, and very brave dogs. They were a true representative of our breed. In fact, they were members of one of the greatest breed clubs in our history.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Und Der Zuchtobmann ist?


Let us look at an important office of the IDC and even DV - the role of the
BREED WARDEN [ Hauptzuchtwart or Zuchtobmann ]

What is this position actually? Why is there no written description of this for the Dobermann? How come there is nothing on their website or on any literature on the roles and functions of this office... held by Mr Norbert Daube? 

no.. not this kind of warden...

For all readers, since IDC does not share anything, as usual, we give give a simple description and explanation...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Alles über DNA : Die Natürlich Arglist


Quote: "I would also give here the communication about the fact that the leaders of DV and IDC will take seriously the complaints and notices that will be made about this argument, we will do researches in this direction and we will move as is right to protect the correctness, the seriousness and the sportive honor."


Sunday, January 15, 2012


  Mask of Zor...zi  
So it seems not only our friends in Europe have to suffer from DV domination, but at least one other club in USA too.. What has happended in South Africa and elsewhere, was copied to America thanks to DV servant and copycat, Mr Roberto Zorzi.

Let us inform you a little about this man, who comes to IDC Congress every year to proclaim himself as representative of the US Dobermann family.

This is a man who is just like his idol, Redtenbacher. Has problems with other Dobermann clubs, so goes to form one himself, mostly with members who bought his breeding. And suddenly we have the American Dobermann Association.. with him as President for life [hey, just like Boss Wibli!] Then he has good old Wibli to make him delegate and official member of IDC. Funny how so many clubs which are not official, or self made, become IDC members. Isnt that nice? Be good friends with Wibli, copy his style and make your own club.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

D ont C ondemm M e

looks familiar?

Lately there has been much talk and spreading of rumors of many dogs who die of DCM or related cardio illness. If the dog had an actual autopsy, and the owner has made public the result - then that is good and respectable.

What is not respectable and dishonorable is to spread rumors and make assumption that any dog which died without autopsy is because of DCM. According to internet chatter...It seems like almost 90% of any Dobermann who dies is result of DCM? Is this possible? Think carefully before making a rumor or listening to them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SLAVEnia no more?

       Introducing... KLDOS. The Slovenian Dobermann Club!      

This is a highly regarded breed club boasting among its members many top level breeders and exhibitors of the Dobermann world. Indeed, some of the more influential dogs have been from Slovenia. They are well known around the world, and Slovenia has excellent specimens of the Dobermann breed, and higher quality than even its native Germany.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh ZTP... Where art thou?

 What was the initial goal of the ZTP? 

The reason and purpose of the ZTP is to determine, in accordance with the Breed aims, the suitable Dobermann for breeding, and to exclude the unsuitable dog from breeding.

Do you remember Herr Ottmar Vogel? How much he contributed to our breed, by defining and expanding on the various means of improving the breed's character and working abilities. Even in its conformation aspects, Herr Vogel was ahead of his time and truly helped advance the progress of the breed.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Frau Inge-nious [and other minions]


We'll begin this post with a Facebook status by one Roman Ing Rauner (we can only assume that 
Ing leads to his lady-boss)

Click on image above for larger text

How they did it: After the very first voting, Frau Inge-nious asked for the assistance of an Austrian court claiming that traffic jam obstructed the voting, so the census was not reached, she said...and indeed there was a "traffic jam"...
The court has given an order for another voting which was again obstructed by a 
traffic jam, but this time induced by Frau Inge-nious and her spouse personally!!! Amazing fact - they are able to create traffic jams, such magicians. Next maybe she will perform in Las Vegas soon..and here are additional images, courtesy of someone who was there to witness this rather outrageous action...delegates carrying 230 votes from all over Austria were NOT allowed to enter the club nor to attend the Assembly!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Thank you for the comments on him. We are now making this post to gather together information and questions asked on this fellow. His actions are making our breed an embarrassment...

"This time next year, we'll be millionaires!"

These are the words of our own readers...

we have done some small editing and our comments also...




We thank our contributors here for giving us some information on this person, which we have also long suspected, and we also got inside information from various sources. Indeed we had planned a post on this for the future, but since the comments are posted here, we shall now include them into this posting for all our readers to know, and expose and shame this unworthy judge and official of our breed. 


 JUDGES  Dr Pezzano 
By Dr Peter Gino Pezzano [The DON]

I would like to express agreement with this letter of the IDC's president Hans Wiblishauser that was published in the Dobermann Verein magazine, and to announce the endorsement of the principles contained
in it and the measures called for by all the governing bodies of AIAD and the Italian Dobermann breeding.

Monday, January 2, 2012


i see nothing.....

by Hans Wiblihauser

with our comments in ....