Saturday, March 31, 2012




Now it is time to state our aims and our purposes with this blog.

Our breed is in crisis.

For a long time we have been observing the abuse of power by some people , and how it has affected the good name of the Dobermann breed. We have seen the decline of the breed over the years, from being the best working dog in the world into a shadow of what it was meant to be. It is now a medium grade working dog, and even for shows it has been left with many faults and problems. All this decline, especially in Germany, is not simply because of the drop of numbers after the ban on cropping and docking in the traditional Dobermann countires. No, this decline coincided with the administraiton and abuses of one man's leadership of the breed. Mr Hans Wiblishauser, and his gang of cronies. In fact, it is not a coincidence but a fact. The breed has suffered tremendously, and it is all the direct fault of these people. And the breed is in crisis for its future and survival. 

The IDC is meant to protect and promote our breed. But ?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Bombs

Just some interesting updates, observations and questions....


So, after all the kicking and bullying they got from the Germans last year.... the HDK president himself.. Mr .Tamás Dohóczki. goes to judge the CACIB show on March.. in the DV home of Munich...

Is he so desperate for judging assignments over his own and national pride? Or did he leave his balls at home somewhere in Hungary, or kept in Becht's pocket?

Or perhaps more likely.. was he given an offer he cannot refuse? Consider too who was Best of Breed...

Tamas.. Really??

Not that the show was of any importance.. the most the Germans could get was around 26 entries...In a show held in the DV hometown of Munich, in Germany itself...more like a small village show

Monday, March 12, 2012

A small letter from us

Dear Dobermann friends and dog lovers..

We have been on this blog for 3 months now, and we appreciate the support of the common peoples and breeders and those who are concerned for our breed. We thank you all very much.

Please help us to help you. This blog is for the truth and exposing what is going on in the corrupted world of the IDC, DV and the people who ruin the breed, in various different clubs and positions. 

You can play your part. We can be contacted here, and we will investigate and bring forth the facts and reality of the Dobermann world. We have much to speak of and expose, and we hope this is one step towards a better future for our noble breed. We also strictly protect the privacy and anonymity of our sources, friends and insiders out there.