Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Its... PEZZ Time!


And the winner is........

Bravo Pezzano! You stepped in when the Germans were weak and confused, and you got your Ale Alamos progeny the big Cup!

Surely, after the fiasco judging of the Champion Class Males.. The German team were afraid of the crowd and losing face....

Never in the history of the IDC were there as much Boos and Whistles for a dog, as there was for the DV hope, Orson. Just look at the video below -

Of course, the judge was Mr President himself, not that he was seeing anything correctly. It was all arranged already.. Can anyone ever doubt that?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IDC 2012...A New Hope?

IDC 2012,  ITALY

Maybe there is still hope.....
First, a big congratulations to the Dottore and his loyals  [ Gaia - thats for you ] for getting around 600 dogs registered for the catalog. It would have been embarassing if the numbers were down, and of course,everyone hopes there will actually be that many dogs in the ring... But we do wonder how they got the extra 200 dogs after the first deadline... we think Pezzano's telephone bill will be quite high this month..

Second, we sincerely hope this year's show will be Different.
Maybe even fair? If that is ever possible..