Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mr Redtenbacher... May we know the truth this new year??

No, we did not alter this picture...

Mr Redtenbacher is a shadowy creature. We hear so many things about him, and what he does.
We wish to know a lot more of this IDC secretary, as there is apparently no transparency or honesty in that committee.

Mr Redtenbacher claims to be qualified ZTP judge. He also claims to be Dobermann breed specialist judge. We ask, where did he get these qualification? How can he suddenly become a judge as he did? Where did he sit for the breed exams, judging assignments, and everything that is needed to qualify? Where is the proof and who made him the judge?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Regarding Athos and his owner, Heidi...

I refer to this comment posted by someone-

"Look at Athos what a nice dog he is. Always happy and ready to make fun. He is a good family dog and live in Heidis home. He can work if he is asked for. He is the kind of dog that many people want because he has perfekt carakter. He has not been treaten like a badminton racket or golf clubs you just put away when YOU decide that fun is over."

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Thomas Becht.. there are so many things being said of him... he is a school drop out, has a lack of intellect or understanding of other cultures and societies, he is racist, he is a judge who was bought by a very famous Russian kennel, he is arrogant, he needs help from other judges on what the breed standard asks for, he has no mind of his own - only for his master Hans Wiblihauser, and much more..

But let us state some obvious facts.

He is the owner and breeder of Vom Klingbach Kennel.

These are some shows personally judged by Herr Thomas Becht. Please see the highlighted results -

Europasieger 2009/05/02, Dortmund, Germany –
SG 1 Europa-Siegerin - Naemi v. Klingbach 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas from the Redtenbachers

So, the famous Redtenbachers have sent out their annual online Christmas card...

Notice it has 2 pink Christmas balls on it....

Good News Mr Helmut Redtenbacher- we FOUND YOUR BALLS! 

IDC SIEGER FINALLY PASSES IPO1 .... But take a closer look..


see here >>>

But consider these -

1. The judge, helper and handler are all the ones used by kennels like Noblesshoff, Betelges, etc. Why not in Germany or Even Denmark?? After all, is he NOT the representative of the 'German' Dobermann breed?
Is his owner and life not in Denmark?


Let us start with the selections of IDC Winners for 2011. We know from previous years, there have been many political selections... and unworthy winners such as Hangar, Hilo, and so on... but 2011 is indeed special on how  terrible the selections were, how arrogant and foolish the judges are, and how the good name of the IDC is destroyed.


A dog with NO working qualification... passed his ZTP after 2 attempts... is scared of his own leash and collar... and has pink gums... And years ago, Wiblihauser and Pezzano were throwing out dogs with pink lips... So how did this male dog win the title of  Dobermann IDC Sieger??? Remember that the Dobermann is still considered   [ at least to most people] as a working dog breed...

I bet she can beat up Wibli anytime... and maybe she does...

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