Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Intentional Destructive Club 2015, or How Much Lower Can It Get?


First let us state that we have never been away... we have been observing, and standing by the sides and taking a good look at all that has been going on in our breed's world.

We decided to give a small chance to the IDC, and especially Herr President Wiblimann. A chance that they may have reformed, repented and even done the right things. After all the truths of them have been out here, and all the obvious actions and destruction to our breed... we tried to give him a chance to change and correct some mistakes and even progress the breed.

Instead... they have gotten worse, more illogical, irresponsible, arrogant,  and are truly targeting the end of our breed for their own self interests.

IDC 2015 Finland is definite proof of it... [we shall discuss in time to come of the other adventures of Herr President, from over a year back... ]

Truly there has never been such a low level of the IDC in its history, and such shameless displays of self interests, and illlogical judging.

The latest in IDC Show Rings or where does all the entry fees go?!

The lowest entry in decades.. of a total of less than 330 dogs! And let us speak of the venue.. in a village out of nowhere, unheard of in the breed .. POORVO (sounds like parvo, eh?)... a trip there which would have cost so much for those not from immidiate vicinity [besides the already planned class and title winners] .. and a ring made of tapes on the grass and cans* on the corners.
*[Panssaridivisioona food supplies, anyone? Because Finland was on Nazi's side in WWII]

**Come to Nazis, and now it all makes sense, how come that the low ranked Mercedes employee (one Thomas Becht) can possibly order the organizer to ban the spectator/competing breeder from the show place, and all that by the use of the police force? Not that such appalling act stopped the latter from taking another disguise in order to come back to the "show". Nice work, A. 

Here is the proof...

Yes, you would have mistaken this for a village dog show somewhere in San Marino.. [sorry maybe San Marino has better International level show organizations].. Could this all have been deliberately done to ensure small entries and also to have much less protests or opposition to the working of the gang of Wibli?

Perhaps it is best to start with the real winner of this year... not even Dottore is above this one breeder and handler supremo...

We present, the Golden Boy... The Winner of IDC 2015... Herr Boris Berletti !

Real owner of the Sieger, handler of class winners and most importantly, the supreme ass licker of the Wiblishauser clan (in regards, his small..ish frame could easily get him whole into the backhole). This man even gave a Gold Rolex as a 'gift' to Hans, handled his dogs and is a top favourite of Hans and Helga. Yes dear friends, it is quite cheap nowadays to buy a Sieger title, just around 15,000 Euros... if the watch was not a replica or the quality of Ianez..!

**Mind you, the now ancient and ever so defunct Royal Bell kennel, from Croatia, sponsored El Presidente's Adriatic cruise some years (or perhaps better say - decades) ago upon which they made  "great success" in the IDC arena... something to think about... especially when you have to dive deep into your pocket for a month's sailing nowadays.

And Poor Pezzano only got a cheap Gold Medal from the VDH...

Ianez Dei Due Intenti.. son of his previous Sieger [Ron del Fiorsilva]... and almost unknown male and Champion of 2 very important countries for the breed : San Marino and Cyprus!!! WOW!!!


We are not even sure this dog has a real IPO 1  as seen here below.. Ok, perhaps he has, since this year he is surprisingly in the Working Class.. although we cannot really find much evidence or records of his IPO 1.. Please Mr President, show us his trial results?

Let us also consider an interesting fact... at AIAD Campionato, his own Italian Sieger Club Show. 2014, Ianez FAILED the courage test... and the judge was Herr President too..!

Yes our friends, do you see the new pattern of the IDC Sieger selections?

Have your ordinary male bred or planned to breed with the wonderful record breaking kennel of Mr Hans Wiblishauser himself. The same kennel which has IDC 2014 Siegerin Mocca v Bavaria [only one female in that litter and how fortunate she is for the Bavarians] and 2011 Jugendsiegerin Kyrana v Bavaria and even a World Winner Irinland Olympia [owned by Helga and handled by... yes, Boris!]
And by the way, Herr President encourages you to breed your bitch at 8 years of age too...rumour has it she died short time after whelping.. perhaps Ianez's IDC Sieger title is a tribute for her?.. we do wonder...

And By the Way...

Remember the yellow eyed Sieger of 2014? Pocho Prisconte, owned by another great favourite of Hans and Helga, "'Allo 'Allo" D'Anna..

Do you see and realize a pattern here?...
But at least this time the Bavarians mated first, then gave title to the male...!

Let us also consider some other interesting results...


Black Males Champion Class Winner : Exc.1 - MEMMO FIERRO DEL FIORSILVA

(Ianez dei due Intenti - Raissarivien del Fiorsilva)

Judge: Mr President.. who else?

Win per pound? Whatever happened to the basic elegance???

Vg.1, IDC JUNIOR WINNER 2015 : FANTOM By The Sea (POCHO di Prisconte - Bloom By The Sea)

Judge: Dottore Pezzano... very interesting when it was him who initially opposed Pocho, even if elegantly evaded last year's IDC, but probably this year was told what to do and keep silent. That's how it goes when Aldo is at the other end of the leash.


Oh,,, it is a Male indeed...

Vg.1, IDC JUNIOR WINNER 2015 - QUIRINUS v. Nemesis (Ale'Alamos del Citone - Novalis v. Nemesis) Females... no wait.. MALE???

Judge: Dottore Pezzano.. yes indeed again, there must be a German bred class winner as instructed.. But fair enough, it is still a progeny of Ale!

Open Class Brown Males. Exc.1 - AQUIRRE v. Westwall (Orson v. Nemesis - Stella v. Klingbach)

Judge: Yes, none other than our great buddy... DV Kriminalassistent Thomas Becht... breeder of Stella v. Klingbach, how nice!

Brown Females CHAMPION Class : Exc.1 - ISABEL dei Due Intenti (Ron del Fiorsilva - Itaca dei Due Intenti)

Judge: Pierluigi Adopt-To-The-Situation Pezzano

WOW, super! The litter Sister of the Sieger wins her class and actually won among the finalists.. how amazing.. surely not a coincidence?

But.. amazingly too.. she has no ZTP result... yet she is shown in a Champion class and Wins it... under a judge of the ZTP himself..

Not only that, all the class winners of the brown females had no ZTP too ! [ there were hardly any working class entries ]

Our question is, if this fact was known at the finals and in the ring, why even place them all in the first place? Does it mean class winners have no need for the ZTP, and thus it is meaningless? And so, why not then select a Siegerin, since is already decided to award class wins for such dogs.. Very interesting indeed and very confusing...

And indeed, there was one finalist of the Brown Males Working Class.. with no ZTP also... also known as the IDC 2014 Jugendsieger...


Let us now consider a very serious matter of judging... how there is no consistency or logic or even breeding consideration..

2014 Honor Class Males : Ianez Dei Due Intenti, thrown out, not in finals by Helmut Redtenbacher.. but 2015 Winner in Champion class and IDC Sieger. A male who has won nothing of importance before and last shown years ago in small unknown show. Perhaps this is why Helmut is not judging?..

In his same class this year... the 2014 IDC Working Class Winner, Oksamit De Grande Vinko.. this year at IDC 2015, among the first to be thrown out... The male who epitomizes  the working Dobermann breed, a good producer and winner of many important shows and classes..

Same time 2014 Working Class, Brasil Hohenzollern thrown out, not in finals.. the same dog who was AIAD Sieger and DV Champion before [defeating Pocho IDC 2014 Sieger..]

The Judge? Same one.. old Man Hans

2015 Champion Class Males Winner : Memmo Fierro Del Fiorsilva.. at IDC 2014 Champion Class, thrown out, not in finals..

Judge: Yes, again Old Man Hans

2015 IDC Brown Males Sieger : OZ di Casa Giardino... who in 2014 was also thrown out, not in finals... and at 2015 Worlds Show, even almost mistaken for the CACIB for Memmo..

All by the Same Judge : Yes, Guess who??

So, who is really judging? A real breed expert? Or a man going senile, forgetting dogs or perhaps.. there is much more to the truth than he shows....

Consider this year.. we have a new IDC Judge.. Yes Ladies, Gentlemen and Becht, we present you.., all the way from Belgium, a close buddy of Roland Beunekens [ once great Roveline kennel now just old propellerhead fixfart, who although was at the show but did not judge..OR... DID HE? ]....

Mr... WHO IS HE? [ WTF..]

Must be such a top Breed specialist to be judging at the IDC Show....

Joel judging what he believes is a new Dobermann.

But wait.. he has such great experience judging our breed.. he judged Luxembourg in 2014.. and... and... well.. perhaps being Roland's good friend and Hans' boy is enough to qualify for the IDC.. over other judges, even perhaps traditionally from the host country or Scandinavia [as a form of simple respect for the organizers] .. or even experienced breed judges..

Did you know these bunch of Nazis actually removed ‎Thord Byström [Sweden] and Marja-Leena Kurviven [ Finland ] with the excuse of low entries.. and yet, we have Joel...

"Ok Buddy, this is the list for tomorrow and later lets screw them Finns"

Yes, we do feel sorry perhaps in some ways for the total lack of respect, sportsmanship and courtesy given to the Finnish Club, its volunteers and in fact.. to all participants of the Hans and Boris Show.

Indeed, we do wonder if Boris is now beyond even the level of Dottore Pezzano, who seems once again under the firm control of the Germans and their sycophants in Italy..

Please, Dottore Pezzano.. We are sure you are much better than this! We still have great hopes on you.. well.. if only you could get Hansi's boot out of your rear end..

Dottore.. you should have given Herr President the Gold too...?

So, our dear Dobermann friends... once again you can be the judge yourselves. What more can we really keep adding here?

Black males finals - a ring where everyone can hop in to judge

We gave the DV and IDC a Big Chance from last year.. and yet, the situation has become worse and illogical, and truly this spells the beginning of the end....

**Oh wait, we forgot to mention something that might seem to be important: The IDC 2015 black female Siegerin (and WDS 2015 Winner too), one J'Adore Gucci v Nobel Line was originally scored HD-C in her native country of Norway and we all know that the Nordics (aside from Finland!) do take their job seriously. However, a question still remains - whether someone intentionally closed one eye (two times!) on what should be one of the most important [health] aspects of our breed. Bang!You're busted!

Thank you for your support for us, and we are now back...


  1. Ps: the winning female is also stolen
    Pos: you should tip your driver

  2. Have you heard about the incident in ring 4 where the new judge, Joel Vanlerberghe dismissed a ZTP titled dog on grounds of not having correct bite!!When Becht was informed at the show he said "if dog has ZTP then it must be correct" but he can't change judges choice... :))

  3. Yes, we know all about it, but we also prefer for our readers to contribute with the known or even better - less known facts. That's why the comment section is here and free for all, whether one wants to present itself or stay anonymous. Your choice.

    Insider is everywhere, watching all the time.

  4. So, I have a lot of humor and I do agree that in a small amount there is some politics but unfortunately we all are humans and have brains, still this kind of shit talking is not humor anymore. If the winners and the judges are that unworthy then simply do not take part, if You do, then keep Your little mouth shut and put Your nose up and win or loose. But this talk is much more low than some of those winnertitles given. On the other hand, I've seen that the IDC-winner black male Ianes has given great progeny, of course not enough progeny yet but still, he maybe is not that bad at all. Time will tell. Until then keep your small ugly stories unpublished or you loose more than the judges and they still continue on IDC... This site is only for entertainment and your stories turns against yourself :)

  5. Hello friends of Boris and Glenn.. so the truth of using gold favours, dogs with health and hip issues and the blind judging of important shows are just ugly stories? Perhaps you should continue living in your blind world and continue believing that all is fine and good and this is just how things should remain?...

  6. Please, the fenotype and the genotype are two different things, also using dogs with titles does not give you any insurance for excellent results in litters. pick up healthy suitable dogs that can be chosen by looking at the pedigree, the dog itself, its littermates and perhaps the grandparents. Since when has titles become of that importance for real breeders? usually breeders that maybe are insecure or titleblind choses titles before other things, of course a titled dog can be as good as a untitled one as a producer but still, the IDC is not a bibel for breeding, other things are of more importance... as i think most of breeders surely understand.

  7. Ianez is a very lucky dog because he has no tail. Take a close look at all his photos from the IDC ring and imagine if he had a tail where it would be. Under his back legs. No matter how many titles this kind of dogs get, breeders know better than this. Lack of temperament ,terrible and weak rear legs, not to mention the croup and the topline.
    The owner standing up for him ,says he has a good head. Is this enough? I do not think so.

  8. Really funny! Oz is ugly as nobody, Fantom is a monster, the norvegian dog is HD C ( as the 79 per cent of dogs) we are full of DCM eye disease and all want know more about Ianez!!! Oksamit in Milan was a starved monster, but nobody tell it. The POR dogs died in 3-4 years if you are lucky and nobody tells it. So funny. We are full of mafia and all goes in the same shows, All stupid people, Really really funny. Also Perlanera and Tahi Rème have a lot of HD C or D in breeding, nobody tells it. In Italy the good hip result is only for president friends, the others not., Papers are fake as all the other things. Welcome in the hell, the dobermanns world.

  9. Come on, it could be all that black. What kind of breeding do you have? I guess the one that has it all right. Please share the info so we all divert to that bloodline. Thank you.

  10. I took dogs from 4 kennel in Hungary, all where with bad hip, 3 from serbia 3 died of cardio, 2 dogs from italy died young of cardio. Now I have a Briard!

  11. 9 dogs? Wow! Sounds like a regular mill. Just how old are you?

  12. Having a Briard now is perhaps the best you could do for the breed.

  13. To dear anonymus who thinks it is not that black.... i am more than sure, that you are a beginner. all the others who follow this breed for many years, know exactly how sick this breed is. in more than 20 years of Dobermann i can tell you that i lost many Dogs because of hereditary deseases, from always different lines. i can assure you that NO LINE is free. they are all sick and they all die earlier - year by year. i don't posess a Dobermann any more because i know all the shit in the lines and i simply cant find any Pedigree any more with less then 3 Dogs who died early in the first 3 Generations. it is still fun though to watch what these idiots are doing with the breed and it is even more funny to watch all the big mouth idiots run to the IDC year by year. all can talk bad about the IDC Show after the Show and i guarantee you, they will be ALL there next year when it is about winning again a big shiny cup. but as i can see even the cups get smaller these days, like the lifespan of the Dobermann...

  14. Hans you stink.....

  15. Wow.. just saw the video of Black Males Finals... amazing bad croup and rear on Ianez... SO THIS IS WHY THERE IS NO MOVEMENT IN RING OR THE FINALS DOGS.. !!! JUST JUDGE FROM DOG STANDING, AND WHO IS OWNER AND HANDLER....
    Never has there been such a bad way of judging dogs in the history of all breeds...
    And how come only Ianez has a double handler right near him, so close with the stupid yellow ball? He has ZERO character too..needs a ball 3 feet in front of him for any kind of focus..
    Really sad to watch the video..

  16. They obviously had no guts to put the photo of black sieger in standing position on the official IDC site.


  17. The foto is not in stand position because is unique dobermann without tail , all the rest are is from the new ill race afar by original dobermann .

  18. None of these judges can judge movement anyway. Becht had the bitches running 5 times around the ring and then went on to pick the ones with the worst movement and weakest toplines. Besides money/gifts/fame? what are these judges actually trying to prove/do? What is the reason they are destroying our beautiful breed? I have lost hope that they will wake up to the destruction they have caused and wonder what can be done. It looks as though trying to start a new club has not succeeded. We will no longer show under these idiots.

  19. Gucci V Nobel Line HD-c, ihr Bruder Jigsaw V Nobel Line HD-4 in Unser dobermann 9-10-2014.
    Nicht das was wir wollen, norwegen ist nicht so ehrlich

  20. please let's not start to discuss the quality of the new evaluator of HD results of the DV. this lady just left the university and has one year of experience as a specialist of radiology.


  21. Isn't it hilarious that there isn't any pic of Ianez in standing pose on official IDC results page, even Angus di Prisconte had one after his big won, hahahahahaha.....

  22. love to see all those people that talk and talk and every year goes to see and pay pay pay. I stay at home. My last IDC was in 2004.
    No more money from me and only a dopbermann at home as pet.

  23. Same here. Last IDC 2008. When they give Sieger to Hilo, I knew it was over. The Sieger title has become a disgrace.

  24. Lies only lies
    Feedbacks only from people who understand nothing. From people who have not been nor ever been to a IDC. The truth all the world is very happy the people go to IDC to show their dogs to others because they enjoy see them. The awards titles who cares they do not matter at all. This is the real truth.

  25. indeed we could all meet somewhere and show our dogs to each other, drink a beer and have a nice tine, for free too... no need to pay the IDC assholes.... or maybe go to the IDC without entering a dog in the ring. what about that ? if it is only about having a good time... the biggest sign for these idiots would be if we would see outside of the rings 500 Dogs and in the rings 50... if it is only about having a good time, we all could do that !

  26. I was there, few dogs low quality, uncropped and cropped only big as a wolfhounds and heavy as mastiffs.
    Where is the real dobermann?
    I was shocked!

  27. Where are the real Dobermanns?

    They left with Vogel and Kollenberg.

  28. volkswagen the biggest economic fraud the biggest environmental attack of the 20 and 21 centuries wait for news from mercedes benz and bmw this one of the best example of honesty and credibility of the german boys

    dv idc a small example a small coins

  29. And so it begins... the rest of the "gang" are now using Ianez for breeding too: 19.09.2015 Ianez dei due Intenti x Queen von der Rheinaue
    23.09.2015 Ianez dei due Intenti x Dorothea vom Nibelungenring
    I really wonder if they think they are doing the best for the breed?

  30. Unbelievable, in Italy Ianez is a dog that nobody considers, he has failed the test of attacks for 2 years and this year has been helped only because Wiblishauser used him. Is a shame!
    Poor race in the hands of the corrupt ones!

  31. the only shame we are us that we bring our dogs in competition to it stuffed to take around, the funny thing and that these breeders that win easy are firmly convinced to have beautiful and strong dogs

  32. Funny? Is very tragic, to think that Berletti years ago had very valid females, he has succeeded in destroying what had, but he has found other easy road to win with subjects really of low level

  33. I'll make a promise to everyone here. If I am able to place at a future IDC WM, I will yell (in German and English), "Fuck Hans Hitler AND his gold Rolex! SAVE THE DOBERMANN!!!" That would be more satisfying to me than receiving some prize.

    Fuck corruption. Save the Dobermann!

  34. AIAD 2016 Intermediate class: Exc.1, CAC - HAZAR di Altobello
    what beautiful and sweetie photo Dejan Malbasa and Pezzano where is the personality where is the character Maxim case is forgotten unbelievable and other sweetie moment Baranja family also with Pezzano. This is the Dobermann world mafia dealers small people

  35. So another IDC has come and gone, this one just as bad as the last. I wonder if people think before they enter "last year it was so bad, it can't get worse, I'll take my chance again"? If only people really did what they keep threatening to do...not entering the IDC.

    1. How do you know?
      We're you there?
      Had you entered?

    2. I saw with my own eyes, yes, I was there. No, I did not enter. I refuse to support the IDC as it is with the judges and politics they continue to throw in our faces. Until people stand up and say no more it will continue.

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