Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IDC 2012...A New Hope?

IDC 2012,  ITALY

Maybe there is still hope.....
First, a big congratulations to the Dottore and his loyals  [ Gaia - thats for you ] for getting around 600 dogs registered for the catalog. It would have been embarassing if the numbers were down, and of course,everyone hopes there will actually be that many dogs in the ring... But we do wonder how they got the extra 200 dogs after the first deadline... we think Pezzano's telephone bill will be quite high this month..

Second, we sincerely hope this year's show will be Different.
Maybe even fair? If that is ever possible..

Because,somethings have not changed. President Wiblishauser is still judging the males and Siegers.. even when it is very obvious he needs much help from the ring assistant. Do look out for Roland B's helping words to Hans in the ring next weekend...

Such was the case recently in Portugal, where he needed to be pointed out which dogs to be placed and win by DV's boy, Janeiro. Hans also could not give proper critiques, Suprisingly, Janeiro was actually quite sober during the show,although at the dinner there was almost a fight thanks to him. Of course, Wiblishauser did not attend the dinner hosted for him, being busy with the casino and girls. Also note the winners picked by Wiblishauser were both German sired and Nemesis, and owned by the ADP's Vice Presidents and best buddies of Hans.. And whose names are on the DV's Loyalty Liste...!
Anything new we can expect at IDC ?

The fine art of judging from the table... 

In case you still wonder of El President's abilities... just look at some of the year's shows he judged in Russia [ P.O.R. Uber Alles!], Romania [ strange choices], Germany [ small entries ] and our favourite of all,the World Dog Show in Austria... where its so obvious the rating is done before the last dog entered the ring...

Need a reminder? Have a look here -  WDS Junior Male Judging

Yes indeed...the fine art of showing a dog in the ring and winning....  Thank you Hans, now we can see there is no need to show train any dog, just be the correct owner and have the correct pedigree...and Nationality of course...
And have signed your name on the DV's  'Loyalitaetsliste'..

So, what can we expect at this year's IDC Circus?

One good news is the absence of the incompetent Mr Redtenbacher  and the arrogant Mr Thomas Becht. Now, we will not be as bold to say it is partly a result of reaction to our blog.... but dont you wonder too?
Rumor has it that Daube was initially not to judge.. but they decided it would be awkward if the warden was not present....

And if last year the Serbians were the main target... who will it be this year? 

And will Pezzano actually allow a German dog to be Sieger in Italy? Not that he has much choice if Mr President insists...

And will your name on the DV Liste indicate if you are a safe choice for a placing?

And will it become another Citone and Nemesis circus?

And for the many Dobermann enthusiasts who go to this show, often travelling for thousands of kilometers.. can they ever know in advance which judge will judge his dog? And why not?

And how much or how loud will the Boos and Whistles be this year?

And will the congress be the usual bullshit show and talk, and where truly nothing is really done or achieved for the breed?

And will there finally be a Sieger chosen which will actually contribute to the breed, and be willingly bred from?

Let us all see..... and judge

God help the breed if this becomes Sieger....


  1. Like sheep to the slaughter you all will run for the crumbs at the IDC. Do you really think it will be any different?

  2. no, it won't be different because some things never change... kyrana v. bavaria will be black female sieger, orson v. nemesis will be black male sieger and angus di prisconte will be second time in row brown idc winner (so hopefully with two idc titles someone will use him for breeding)...

  3. Come on .. lets make our predictions here!
    Sieger - Orson or Ben Hur?
    Siegerin - Kyrana

    And which of Ale Alamos or other Citone progenies will win all?

  4. Don't discard the Hungarian kennels that have mixed the pasta with goulash

  5. Are you sure that Maxim are not finally getting the tittle this year??

  6. Lets not forget Kublaikhan - also Zedor is in need of a sieger title, after all he is the new Fedor..Maxim will never get the title after AIAD this yesr - pezzano will not allow it. No - Dante will get it for sure - they are properly lojal.
    They also need to put up some natural ears and tails -give some scraps to the danish, finnish and norwegians - again they have signed TheList and have been showing in germany this year for Wibli and the rest of the gang. Also Dalgaard do not want to offend any - she will again get the fine line giving final places for her friends, and still remain within the list.

  7. IDC Sieger Black&tan - Quickstep King Of Darkness (Ale Alamos del Citone - CAYA Vesta)
    IDC Sieger Brown&tan - Pride of Russia Kaspij (Fedor Del Nasi x Euro Dinamika Iz Zoosfery)
    IDC Siegerin Black&tan - Eureka del Nasi (Zedor del Nasi - Gloria del Nasi)
    IDC Siegerin Brown&tan - Paradise King of Darkness (Ron del Fiorsilva - Gem'Givveeon Rocca)

  8. hey people. if you not begin fight the health problems, you will not in the future argue about the beauty.

  9. Again another year of less desirable Sieger's. This is becoming a great joke this IDC Sieger title.

  10. Comedia!Poor Quickstep becomes Sieger only by accident!He is nice, but just nice, nothing else.But son of Ale Alamos del Citone. True sieger is Maxim di Altobello. New Sieger should not be first in the class, he is average dobermann.

  11. I agree , Quickstep is average male. The video of him in Black male selection was horrible, The dog did not present it self at all, he stood beside his handler at all times. This was a Joke of a IDC and a Joke of a sieger selection. If Quickstep was a son of some other male he would not be Sieger!! The people know this is a joke , IDC is a joke and now even more the Siegers become bigger jokes !!! Booo to the selection made

  12. I am forced to admit that Daube is a puppet or just cannot Judge. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? or scared of placing the dogs based on the Breed Standard not what he was instructed to do and reminded to do by Bechto Baby. This was the biggest joke of the weekend.

  13. The biggest joke is the black IDC Jugendsieger. I can't stop to laugh!

  14. I would forbid shows for for working breeds. The show-circus has caused so much damage.
    All winners seems to have Citone blood.
    So what will the genomeproject proof? That Pezzano poisioned the whole breed?

  15. Since when this shit idc is recognized by FCI for put the badge the main page. This title of shit idc siger they call world champion reminds me any a stupid game that make in any city in the U.S.A. and they are the only ones in the world to undertake this stupid game they called the winners world champions. Of course they are the only competing. IDC world Doberman. How many Dobermans breeders clubs exist in the world and who participate in this crap. It would be more correct to call idc championship in honor in memory of the Pact of Steel or call axis Rome Berlin as Benito Mussolini liked to describe. idc is not germany vs italy and don't remember anything where were these gentlemen in 1945 and where it comes from. idc smells Drittes Reich puppy not to dominate the world but to dominate the Doberman in the world.

  16. same old shit, every year, IDC is a fck joke, and judges starring as a puppets, while master of puppets P yells the gathered people who want to see StarOfIDC di Prisconte and help three injured people by him. what a shame for master P...