Friday, May 4, 2012

It is 1956 again in Hungary!

Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete
 1899 - 2012?

Can you imagine a government banning and closing down national kennel club?
Can you imagine the government sending special operation forces, with weapons, to raid your kennel club, to obtain the breeding database?
Can you imagine a government punishing all breed clubs with big fines?
Can you imagine a government taking away all dog shows and purebreed activities?

It is not imagination. It is real. It is happening. It is one of the worst acts against the dog world

There is currently a major crisis faced by our Hungarian brothers and sisters. For many years now, the Hungarian Government has been making much trouble and arguments with the MEOE, Hungarian Kennel Club. This is one of the oldest and most established kennels clubs in the world, and the success of Hungarian breeding and their own native dogs is due in no small part to them.

1899 - 2012?

However, the main argument has been the issue of pedigrees and other matters by the MEOE, which generates income. The government has been trying to get into this themselves, as a form of revenue and even tax the breeders and dog owners. Now they claim only the Hungarian government and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock's Organizations has the mandate law to issue pedigrees and such, to organize shows and judges, and to collect the fees from breeders and owners. Basically, the Hungarian politicians want the money but have zero interest for purebred dogs and their breeding....

So, they are now trying to ban the MEOE and give them ultimatum - no new pedigrees can be issued, no dog shows organized, etc. And MEOE has to pay a large fine to government before dateline of 15 May. From that date, only Government department can register animals, including puppies, kittens and also anything else related like dog shows. This can be the end of the MEOE and breed clubs. 

What is being done is very unjust, outrageous and pure tyranny!

For many years, the FCI, WUSV and other breed organizations globally have supported the MEOE, and we are glad that once more, they are giving their support.


FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale               

Considering the current situation that our member in Hungary, MEOE, is facing, the FCI members and the FCI General Committee wish to reiterate their full support to our very long-standing member that has been sharing our wonderful existence since 1933. Talks and negotiations will take place with the Hungarian political authorities to envisage the future but we want to insist to the world dog community that MEOE can count with our unconditioned support and friendship. 

April 2012
H.W. Müller 
FCI President

Now comes the big problem - after May 15, Hungarian Government wants to take over the kennel club’s work and revenues, through their own organizations,- the ETSZ and MESZSZ. But these new organizations are not recognised by the FCI. The FCI has said it will not recognise any other organisations in Hungary but the kennel club there.

So, it is bad situation :  after May 15 the kennel club will not be able to issue pedigrees and determine and control breeding, while the government's ETSZ and MESZSZ have no FCI registration and they really are not going to continue the work of the kennel club. In fact, from 2003 the government official in charge of dog breeding admitted that he knew nothing about pure-bred dogs!

If the FCI does not recognize the registration papers issued by those organizations sanctioned by the government, Hungarian breeders will be at a disadvantage. Their dogs' registration papers will not be recognized at international shows so their animals will not be able to compete. And selling an animal abroad without official registration papers will be well impossible.

"We don’t know the future of Hungarian dog breeding – if there is any future for us at all.” - MEOE member.

Will it happen? Or fall to tyranny..

Moreover,  MEOE and breed clubs can no longer organize dog shows. The FCI World Dog Show, scheduled for Budapest in 2013, will be gone! And consider 2011 show in Paris had entry of over 21,000 dogs, and exhibitors, visitors from all over world..this cancellation will be terrible for Hungary's tourism industry.

And - they created a law called Regulation No. 64, where the Dog is listed as 'livestock'. This means it becomes a farm or ordinary animal, and no longer a hobby or show or working animal. This is like nowhere else in the world, so basically dogs are now treated in Hungary just like cattle, horses, sheeps or any other live stock.

The future Hungarian dog?
"But this is how things go in Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's Hungary where being different from the pack is all-important. And where iron-clad laws are passed based on ignorance and without any consultation."

This government will kill off the Hungarian dog world. Perhaps they imagine the dogs to be communists..


We, at Dobermann Insider, are fully supportive of MEOE and Hungarian Breeders. We feel the actions of the Hungarian Government in shutting down the MEOE is undemocratic, punitive and simply high handed  and plain stupid and greedy.

Our concern is if other governments use this as an example to do the same. If this spreads, it will be disaster and loss of many good breeders, genepools, shows and breeds! We  wonder also, what do politicians, or even a government in any country, not only Hungary, has to do with the status of a Kennel Club? Is this not like how our breed suffered from the anti-cropping and docking 'laws'? This action of Hungary government can be dangerous precedent! How can an elected government even send in special forces to raid a kennel club??

"Let us stand together and show the Hungarian Government how many people support this club all over the world.”

You can give your support through here-
And also petition your own kennel club not to recognize the actions of the Hungarian Government.
Facebook -

Our Thanks to Hungarian Spectrum, Magyar Narancs and others who helped.

Mr Prime Minister.... have you forgotten?


  1. Bravo Insider! The dog world needs to know this. Good work, Thank you

  2. Insider, except trend TahiReme which breed a Naplemente female, afar in pedigrees , can you inform us where are HUDREDTHS of "own netive" old Hungarian longevive dobermanns ?

    They are ..bye bye !They preffer the IDC shaining coups. You will see this year who will judge them.


    Insider wroted " This is one of the oldest and most established kennels clubs in the world, and the success of Hungarian breeding and their own native dogs is due in no small part to them. "

  3. forgot...I wish to Hungarian breeder to fight and refind their Kennel club, national proud , dignity and..historical lines.
    Their past construction together with Romasnian breeders was most beautiful which I ever knowed in dobermann world !


  4. Forgot to take your pills again, huh, WA?
    Using this opportunity to spill your "old Romanian lines" bullshit all over again. This is not the moment, nor the occasion to promote your own personal inferiority complex, you sick fuck!?
    This problem is not about Dobermanns only, this is about survival of complete Hungarian breeding. For God's sake: try to luck elsewhere from your fucking cardboard box for once!


    Fuck you and your history!

  5. You swear as an animal .
    You have only the potence to fuck dobermann race and you and others as you alredy did that with yours ill surrogates .

  6. We must all take notice of what is happening in Hungary, it affects all dogs and kennel clubs. It is really sad that this is happening. FCI, WUSV, IDC, ATIBOX, etc etc must all stand by Hungary and never recognize that government papers and claims. Long live MEOE!

  7. hat sich die staatsanwaltschaft gemelset?? oder warum ist der gesammte blog über wilbis krume geschäfte, verschwunden??

  8. Folks,

    Don't panic. Just because an association is over 100 years old, it doesn't guarantee that its management has been impeccable throughout ALL OF THOSE years.

    Trust me, the Hungarian government has enough stuff on their table to work with, they wouldn't have picked up this issue if just a few dog breeders would have beef with the MEOE.

    Show me one country where an illegal dog breeder association can operate without any recourse of their government for 13 years???

    Anyway, as I said, it is not the end of the world and it is definitely not 1956, it is the beginning of a new era. Just wait and see, it's coming.

    Have a little faith here, will you?