Friday, April 27, 2012

I am Helmut, hear me whine

South Africa [ German Clone ] Update

 German Copy Club

So, seems like the continual decline of the South African Dobermann is once more the result and fault of its IDC representative. The man whose ego and arrogance is second only to his masters  Hans and Thomas. The man who would be King of the Safari, but whose supporters and clients are dwindling in numbers...

Helmut Redtenbacher and his whelp Nikki, have again clearly shown how really little support they have and why people do not care for their club and shows anymore, even their poor ZTP.

The Dobermann Club of Northern Transvaal [ their personal club, and only 'official' club for the IDC] had their annual show recently in March 2012. The judge was none other than the great talent himself, warden Daube. There was also a ZTP organized for after the show, and this was meant to be the highlight of the year for the club.

Nice work Nikki, too bad none really cared

Guess what was the number of actual entries for Redtenbacher's show?

Only 30.... out of which, 10 were the Redtenbacher's.... and of the total 18 dogs belonged to the committee and the rest made up by their friends and cronies...

And there was even a ZTP conducted.... with 2 dogs only.. and one got SG1B and the other deferred....How incredibly embarassing... for the IDC Secretary and Breed Warden!!!

All this for just 2 dogs entry....

So, Mr Redtenbacher... are you not the self proclaimed Chairman of the South African Dobermann, the self appointed Specialist Judge and now we hear, even a ZTP judge? Are you also not the Secretary of the IDC, and also responsible for the disqualification of so many Serbian dogs in Hungary 2011? Are you not the one who has so little qualifications in the breed, but boasts and act like you are somebody big in the ring?

Newsflash - you cant even get a proper number of entries in your own club championship show.. 
And what a disgraceful ZTP....!

Lets give some interesting facts for the show -

It was significant for the number of Dobermann enthusiasts, owners, breeders WHO CHOSE NOT TO ATTEND. They did the right thing and gave a good slap to the faces of Helmut and Norbert. Nikki and daddy had to frantically call up people and beg them to send entries for the show, even if they could not turn up in reality. Why? So, the catalog looks real good with added numbers and keeps Eukanuba happy...
And so the catalog had many 'ghost' entries, more than 50, when in reality the Redtenbachers knew much less will turn up, even with the Great Warden Daube judging!

See here for Results and Pics

Prominent Breeders and Exhibitors were very notable in their absence.  Lucas & Rencken(Donnehaus and Chaldonne) JC Pieters (Trustdore), Hennie Avenant (Avenhof)  Forsythe (Baltana)  Repstein-Usher (Kiavanga) de Haaf (Nusu), McGregor (no kennel name) Watson (Blaqwynd) Aberdein (Sharbara) Dee Desai (normally enters her 3 dogs - no kennel name) Liebman (Hysand) Rene Strange (no kennel name but enters as a courtesy) and so on. The majority of the South African Dobermann Community!
It is noted in their catalogue that some exhibitors - THAT CHOSE NOT TO ENTER the show - still supported the show by sponsoring medals and advertising in their catalogue but refused to enter their dogs!

BRAVO to them!!!! This should be the great example!

And of course, just like previous years.. the dogs judged by Daube to be V1, V2 belong to the Redtenbachers or the Committee members. Of course, everyone knows Daube always gives the show to his safari hosts....

Score: Germany - 1, Dobermann - 0

By the way, just look at the differences in type of the two female winners... How can a qualified judge make such a decision? And to imagine it is the IDC Breed is very sad........

Yes, the major highlight of the show is the sponsored trip to Safari for Daube and the Committee. Just same like before with Wiblishauser, and anyone else Mr Redtenbacher needs to suck up to. At least, Daube gets to meet the rest of the Redtenbacher clan in the National Park..

Daube greets Helmut

For us in Insider, all this sends one very simple message. SET AN EXAMPLE IN YOUR OWN HOME FIRST, BEFORE TRYING TO ACT BIG AND IMPORTANT.

And last we heard... Helmut has offered his services as ZTP Judge..... yes, the man with ZERO working or judging qualifications.. Bravo, he  has once more proven to be nothing more than a microphone and puppet of Hans and Thomas. And since he is the only Hans-Approved "official" ZTP provider in South Africa, no other clubs can prosper - so the breed disappears...

And the lesson learnt?  When such people are organising and judging the show - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND! After all, why bother when you can predict the result and know the attitude?

You Be the Judge!


  1. Is the dog pictured with Daube the dumb one of the ZTP dogs?????

  2. Bravo south africa exhibitions.

  3. Looks like Daube is talking to Helmut behind the fence...

  4. Very good for South Africans not to attend such a show and ZTP. Why waste money and time... But some Europeans will continue to support such judges and people, to chase for some cups and titles..
    For example, watch out for a French kennel by 'Devil' woman, who is now making best friendships and connections with DV and IDC. Bad dogs but good placings, and soon more winning of course. But people are not blind...


    Jean-Paul Godart, owner of F'Hiram, was fired by his post of regional delegate !

    A big news but which regrettably, arrives too late...

    Jean-Paul Godart did the shit, in such a point, which this day there are only 364 members in dobermann Club, while under the great presidency of Striby, she counted 2500 !!!

  6. Well, you can blame that drastic membership reduction on cropping ban! Nobody really perceives real Dobermann with floppy ears (not to mention tail)!!!

  7. If is for the ears and tail, let's hope in a few members, but not so ignorant to hate a wonderfull dog as a dobermann only for ears and tail.
    Remember that MR PEZZANO had a long tail dog....................a female von Bavaria!

  8. It has nothing to do with a cropping ban, South Africa hasn't allowed cropped dobes since the early 70's if i remember correctly.

  9. Godart is actually smart politics.. uses Orson Nemesis and makes many news and announcements all over for his litter. He knows how to play the game.
    France is always been under boot of Germany, DV. They are under Becht and Hans.
    Striby was ex SS, also German boy toy.
    France Dobermann decline is because of the politics and alliance with German DV

  10. Godart may be smart in politics but he is absolutely stupid in breeding. Ok, that female is no wonder either.

  11. What a chicken. Is Daube afraid of Helmut behind the fence

  12. do you want to change something? turn away from this club in munich. Doberman rescues us.,

  13. these are the entries for the NTVL show.
    Minor Puppy DOG
    1. Bellstone Burberry Edge (Miss N Redtenbacher) - 1st

    Minor Puppy BITCH
    2. Bellstone Buterscotch Babe (Miller and Redtenbacher) - 1st

    3. Bellstone Blackberry Bomb (Redtenbacher) - ABSENT

    4. Bellstone Black Eyed Pea (Redtenbacher) - ABSENT

    5. Bellstone Black no Sugar (Redtenbacher) - 3rd

    6. Bellstone Bring Sexy Back (Redtenbacher) - 2nd

    Puppy DOG

    7. Haverhill Hustler (Clifton Smith) 1st and BPUP

    Puppy BITCH

    8. Haverhill Hot Date (Griffith) 1st

    9. vom Illerdamm leb die sekunde (Trebbin) 2nd

    Junior DOG

    10. Southernbell Afour (Griffith) -ABSENT

    11. vom Illerdamm Kid Rock (Trebbin) 1st

    Junior BITCH

    12. Mageeta Angelica (Barriere) 1st

    13. Bekanntschafts B'Cardis Dream - ABSENT

    Graduate DOG

    14. Chaldonne F'Gaetano (Grove) 1st

    15. Trustdore Lord Oscar (Pieters) ABSENT

    Graduate BITCH

    16. Auteuil French Kiss (Baynes) 1st

    17. Charlemagne Warona-Matsumi (Steenkamp) ABSENT

    Members DOG

    18. Tahi-Reme Uragano at Bellstonw (Redtenbacher) ABSENT

    19. Bellstone Kool Runnings (Redtenbacher) 1st

    Members BITCH

    20. Avenhof Java (Baynes) ABSENT

    21. Nusu Geisha Girl (Grove) ABSENT

    SA Bred DOG

    22. Trustdore Lord Endo (Nenkov) ABSENT

    23. Bellstone Knock UR Socks Off (Redtenbacher and Loubser) 2nd

    24. Bellstone Danger Zone (Redtenbacher) 1st

    SA Bred BITCH

    25. Baynest Robben (Baynes) 2nd

    26. Donnehaus Up n Izzy (Miller) 1st

    27. Bekanntschaft Aquelles Night (Ramjettan) ABSENT

    Working DOG

    28. Chaldonne Cesaur (Miller) 1st

    Working BITCH

    29. Auteuil Carelle (Miller) 1st

    Veteran DOG

    30. Wandrahm Imanike (Meyer) ABSENT

    31. Donnehaus Fabian (Rouget and Lucas) ABSENT

    Veteran Bitch

    32. Draga di Altobello at Bellstone (Redtenbacher) 1st

    Open DOG

    33. Russkiydukh Ernie (Barriere) 3rd

    34. Bellstone Days of Thunder (Croeser) ABSENT

    35. Baynest Matriex (Baynes) 2nd

    36. Gaindykes Emporio (Griffith) 1st

    37. Southernbell Vladimir (Griffith) ABSENT

    Open BITCH

    38. Baynest Husqvarna (Baynes) 3rd

    39. Southernbell Wisper (Griffith) 4th

    40. Wandrahm Sshesbrown (Meyer) ABSENT

    41. Bekanntschaft Aint Misbehavin (Theron) ABSENT

    42. Nirvana von Nemisis (Trebbin) 1st

    43. vom Illerdamm Jagger (Trebbin) 2nd

    Champion DOG

    44. Pierreluigi Prinz viz Absoluta (Griffith) 2nd

    45. Tahi Reme I am at Bellstone (Redtenbacher) 1st

    Champion BITCH

    46. Baynest Nirvanah (Baynes) ABSENT

    47. Southernbell Wanda (Griffith) 1st

    48. Southernbell Yasmin (Griffith) ABSENT

    49. Nusu Supa Tramp (Grove) 2nd

    50. von Wynjo Zinnia of Trustdore (Nenkov) ABSENT

    Exhibition Class

    51. Sant Kreal Granat (Braum)

    10 = Bellstone Redtenbacher COMMITTEE - SAFARI AT KRUGER PARK

    20 = ABSENTEES

    5 = Griffith - SAFARI AT KRUGER PARK

    4 = Baynest Baynes COMMITTEE

    4 = vom Illerdamm Trebbin


    3 = Miller COMMITTEE

    1 Clifton Smith

    2 Barriere

  14. I bet the photo of the dog on the sleeve advertising the ZTP wasn't of any relation. Where did they steal that photo from, I wondered.

  15. Same deal in the USA, where the IDC "official" club was that of that old crook Roberto Zorzi. His private club and the only entries at the show were his own dogs - Daube also judged ZTP as well and everyone reported happy - even if you could fit them all into a phone box.