Friday, August 17, 2012

Genome Project or Projected Greed?

Alas the 'Loyalitaetsliste' of the DV has utterly and embarrassingly failed...

So whats next? Thats right, another scheme to distract everyone from the real problems of the breed - the dictators in power...

 Now we are presented with.....Dottore's Ideas for a Dobermann Genome Project...

See here-  Dobermann Genome

 And read the IntroDobermannGenome/intro.pdf

Sure, sounds all very noble and good.. but we do wonder.....

On the timing -  why now?  Why after years of having contributed to the  destruction to the breed by creating such a small genepool.. and now they are seeing the need to 'diversify' the genetics of the breed

Think about it.... which dogs from which breeder have resulted in the shrinking genepool of the Dobermann in Europe? And which same famous breeder now does not have many dogs left to win the top titles, to breed with plenty of females [ good $$$]  and insert his own influence [ some say bullying] ?

Are the Portuguese trying to tell us something? Or are they really that stupid??

So, really...where does the funding for the project coming from? 
Wibli's excursions in the casinos??
Does he have more money hidden in his pockets?

Or will it be you paying for this?

Now according to the Introduction for 'the Genetic Management of the Dobermann Breed' , written by Dottore himself and translated by the Ale Alamos' loyal owner :

" The project proposal designed by Dr. Pezzano has been approved by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. This university has signed a contract with the Veterinarian Institute of Novara, part of the group “Policlinico di Monza Cliniche private SPA” which has agreed to sponsor the research. The Veterinarian Institute of Novara, which is a branch of the General Hospital of Monza, is an institution devoted to offering advanced and specialized veterinary services and to the development of scientific research in the field of veterinary and comparative medicine."

Sounds very generous?

Now.. heres our problem. Anyone who does any simple research [ use Google ] will realise that Pezzano had been under investigaiton for links to the local Calabria Mafia, or 'Ndrangheta' in Monza. Moreover, that same General Hospital of Monza was accused of giving out lucrative tenders and business to the Mafia linked companies, allegedly because of Pezzano's influence and authority. He was after all, the Director General of the ASL of Monza, until the council of Region Lombardia revoked the appointment.

So, for this same bunch of people to be sponsoring this project.. certainly raises many issues... Even if there is debate, controversy on these accusations.. the stains are still there.

And consider independent and neutral can the results be?

And truly,we really cannot find references to this particular Insitute/Branch of the General Hospital of Monza as being leaders or prominent in the field of Canine Genome research....

And who will 'own' this data?
But let us also observe how this research will be carried out.Which 50 dogs will be selected, and on what basis and from where? Can we expect real fairness of distribution to Dobermanns form all over the world?

Or only the selected chosen few.. the apostles of Wibli and Pezzano.. so only a select group of dogs will be in future deemd fit for Breeding and carrying on the Dobermann genetic base, as Dictated by the IDC [ DV ] ?

 And what Expertise in selection can there be? By the same bunch who made a dog like Angus Prisconte a Sieger? ...

Now, what about the dogs which were excluded from this project? And their breeders....

Consider that the project is actually - The 'Management' of the Dobermann Breed... and that the aim is also in using the data for 'Selection' in breeding.

What actually does this 'management' entail? Who does this and for what true purpose? Managing and improving the breed's health.... OR - to ensure only certain dogs, lines are selected by anyone wanting to breed in Europe.. There is potential for hijacking this project for blackmail....

Do we need to worry? Yes..because of who are initiating this and the circumstances around it..and mostly - the Timing.. The problem is not the breed as much as those 'leading' it, those who are responsible for the state of the breed today.. and its limited genepool.

Think about this carefully..... What is the true purpose? Politics or Science...

Have your say. Our Blog is open.


  1. Just another BLACKMAIL tool for the moguls of the breed. First there was HD reading by that Paraguayan doctor (Boys from Brazil, anyone?) and then there was dubious breeding test called ZTP, and now they will create the "well being list" which is surely the extension to that DNA tool they are gladly using on selected breeders. Not all, but just selected few ones. Now that most suspicious dogs have passed HD and ZTP, it is OK to mark the unwanted ones from the future. How convenient!

  2. This effectively means that they are trying to over ride local Kennel Clubs (FCI recognized ones) so they are yet again showing no respect for FCI at all. This all leads to absolute power by the breed club while FCI would have lesser influence as the time goes by. Eventually, all the pedigrees will be issued by DV and of course breed would get back to its motherland proving all you suckers just another bunch of wannabes because all the wins will belong to Germans. Just look at the SV and the power they are claiming within their own breed. Something simila ris going on with Rotts (ausslander title shit!) and there is no reason why that recipee wouldn't be applied to Dobermann.
    Great conspiracies always start as kids' games.
    Think about that.

  3. Pezzano is not Director for local healt ASL for a long time,the council of Region Lombardia has revoked the appointment,for different reasons that you know.
    Very nice to his work on the genome, is an expression of what he did for the breed,speak very well and to make exactly the opposite of what it says. Only now there is the problem inbreeding and DCM, now, after having destroyed the breed, and want to impose new rules, to force us to use a stallion that they choose!
    This is madness!

  4. Things are very simple: The Italian Fox invented this research in order to maintain his significance in the inner circle because Becht is up and coming (unfortunately!) and he despises the Italian and Italian knows that well. Otherwise he would be too stupid to really believe this research would improve the breed.

  5. Instead of researching their own misdeeds they should be investigating suspicious dogs like that certain champion from Serbia, because he has:
    - no real A hips
    - no real IPO2
    - no real ZTP (because he passed it on home ground and that's against ZTP rules!)
    - no real pedigree!!!

    I suggest gentlemen from IDC to DO THEIR HOMEWORK and check such dogs for their real values.

  6. the genepool is destryed thanks to those 2 man's.....the research ia a fake

  7. "Instead of researching their own misdeeds they should be investigating suspicious dogs like that certain champion from Serbia, because he has:
    - no real A hips
    - no real IPO2
    - no real ZTP (because he passed it on home ground and that's against ZTP rules!)
    - no real pedigree!!!

    I suggest gentlemen from IDC to DO THEIR HOMEWORK and check such dogs for their real values."

    do you hear yourself?
    maybe that champion from Serbia is not at all dobermann, maybe he is a german sheperd, just bold one.

    only purpose of (t)his research is to make them stronger, and more powerfull
    they will force us to use a stud what they want, freedom and self-determination will fly like a bird in just a few years

    why are you so blind...

  8. Great that Insider has looked at this...people must be aware of what is truly happening and not simply on the surface! Pezzano is up to something funny again

  9. a lot of IDC Siegers gained theis ZTP,,,,,without any other dogs...under the same P!


    The purpose of this project of genetic management seems admirable. The comprehension of the metaphysical switch of the promoters to the genetic orthodoxy will though be far more difficult. In fact, Pezzano, the true mastermind of the project, has practiced overuse of consanguinity on dogs, which have died of DCM in his own breeding program. The same has been and is seen through his responsibility as a show judge, where he has promoted his own “dangerous” breedings and their descendants. Does this project reflect a flash of repentance? Schizophrenia? Impudent obscenity?
    Outside credibility of proponents, the genetic management project includes some strategic contradictions. In the group of physical and character traits, a new “revised ZTP” seems to be the supreme criteria of selection. In regard to health selection, the project affirms:
    With reference to genetic diversity, the project aims:“we will be able to know exactly the health condition of the breed and to arrange a reasoned plan of breeding and of containment and eradication of the genetically transmissible diseases prevalent in our breed. About genetic diversity the project aims: “we must bear in mind that any coefficient of consanguinity is exempt from the inbreeding depression, and that the negative effects are proportional to such coefficient, and values greater than 0,100 must be kept under close control”. What does this mean? Breeding population of the European Dobermann is already within 0.1 of average inbreeding coefficient. Prevalence of DCM is near 60% in the European Dobermann and lacks a reliable genetic test.
    Often beautiful theories, has little practical use. Considering these assumptions simultaneously, big questions arises: Is it possible, in practice, to verify a suitable genetic selection on all the criteria which have been proposed? How many dogs would be in the “virtuous circle”? How large is the contraction of the effective population involves the application of these criteria?
    Are these assumptions compatible with the affirmation (underlined) in another paragraph of the project: “Experience shows that a given stud produces the best results only with brood females having certain genealogic characteristics and not with every brood female”. Need more constraints? Who chooses the appropriate genealogies? Will it be the shamans of the tribe again? Otherwise, what is the economic interest of the private entity financing the project? Is it altruism? Who will perform the DNA tests and who will control the diverse diagnostic tests? Allow me to hesitate ...
    For about 10 years ago, and published in “Das Schäferhund Magazin”, Dr. Reinhard Haberzettl, Former Breed Warden of the East German Dobermann Verein, warned about over-breeding and inbreeding of Dobermann’s with insufficient attention to their hereditary health, and in regard to the urgent requirement of elimination of hereditary defects found in the gene pool. Which radical actions have been set in motion by the DV and IDC since then? Nothing of significance!


    At the IDC Congress 2004, and in regard to the ZTP policy, Dr. Pezzano said: “For many other breeds (like Shepherds, hunting dogs…) we have witnessed a different reality, that led the breeds toward a “genetic disaster”. Such disaster, that I’m always afraid could concern us also in the next future and especially in those Countries where there are no breeding rules, is given by the co-existence of two different breeds, two negations belonging to the same standard but selected in two different ways: the sport- working dog and the conformation-show dog.” Really? Show judges have promoted ZTP dogs that generally work poorly, and not real working dogs with acceptable morphology. As result, real working Dobermann and his gene pool is, as in German shepherd, outside the show rooms.
    In the current financial crisis, registrations in the stud books have been going down in many countries. The same is true of the number of show registrations which actually have declined. Perhaps it is the wrong time to make such an ambitious plan as proposed. If we impose many breeding rules and increasing breeding costs, population will continue to decline, and the crisis of the race will be further deepen. Health is the urgent!
    A lot of attractive theories are killed by the ugly facts, and cemeteries are filled with good intentions. Genetics shows that genome of the European Dobermann is nonexistent of the founding breeds, and near to molocid breeds as the Boxer and the Bulldog. Experience gives evidence of that under Pezzano breeding direction; the Dobermann breed has reached where we are at present: life span and working abilities are reduced, popular dog influence – especially on unhealthy dogs - has increased, and aesthetically the European Dobermann looks more and more to molocid dog breeds…
    The project proposal is the implicit recognition of his failure in IDC breeding direction, and really “being a Dobermann lover isn't enough”. What is really being pursued in this project, the saving of the race or ideological purge? Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.


  13. Is "50" dogs enough to obtain valid research result from? I do not believe it is - look at several other research projects, and you will find, that these have been based on a far larger amount of dogs + control material ... UPS, they forgot to mention "the control group"

  14. The project funding appears to be for 1 year only and involves collecting national data for the last 10 years. That in itself will limit the number of generations included - and conveniently - covers up many bad breeding practices that have taken place over the last 20 to 30 years.

  15. On a more practical side I do not believe it would be possible to merge the various National databases into ONE accurate (underlined) database in a 1 year time frame. Nor do I believe that the National Kennel Clubs will give access to these informations.

  16. Genetics shows that genome of the European Dobermann is nonexistent of the founding breeds, and near to molocid breeds as the Boxer and the Bulldog.

    All this shit started when we started to use italian dogs the italian breeders have many skeletons in closets. When we used Dutch dogs none of this shit happened. How it is possible nobody see this? How it is possible the people use or buy italian shit? It is only Pezzano guilty? and the other? Who said that an important Italian breeder has used brown labradors dogs for the brown color? nobody know who he has been? Give me a break don't play with intelligent people

  17. there are a lot of stupid people which think that mr P is a genious!

  18. The problem is that large percentage of the Dobermann community of breeders, handlers, trainers are really simple people, not very highly educated. So this Dottore shows off his knowledge with fancy articles,speeches and making his own dogs the winners in shows.
    Of course, everyone thinks he is Godlike breeder because Citone win most IDC titles.. but have you considered how many many litters he has bred, which are never shown or have died young?
    He also has a very poor attitude to everyone except his German bosses, he is arrogant, a show off and a big bully also. And his judging is becoming a joke [ Angus???] as his late breeding. So, now that he has no more winning dogs, he focuses instead on trying to control all breeding, matings and making himself look good.

  19. "All this shit started when we started to use italian dogs the italian breeders have many skeletons in closets. When we used Dutch dogs none of this shit happened. How it is possible nobody see this?"

    Well darling, it all happened when fucking GREENS lobbyists started to advocate cropping ban!!! Nobody really likes tailed Dobermann but some accepted the faith and continued with this shitty hunting dog looks! First, there were ban in Nordic lands and then it came down like a plague, affecting Dutch (and that Belgium kennel) breeding severely. So, since the Italy is down south, it came there with 2.5 decades delay. Pezzano was just a coincidence to the whole story. Otherwise Italian breeders do tend to swap pedigrees. Not all, but some do...having learned that from northern axis ally. Remember, all the tricks with dogs come from Germans. Do your homework with GSDs and you will soon find out that Dobermann breeding misdeed is a joke in comparison.

    "The problem is that large percentage of the Dobermann community of breeders, handlers, trainers are really simple people, not very highly educated"


  20. "Instead of researching their own misdeeds they should be investigating suspicious dogs like that certain champion from Serbia, because he has:
    - no real A hips
    - no real IPO2
    - no real ZTP (because he passed it on home ground and that's against ZTP rules!)
    - no real pedigree!!!"

    If this is about Maxim di Altobello, you must know this

    Many people know or even doubt that many things about Maxim are not correct, things such as his hips. Perhaps more about this could be said by certain vet clinics, owned by Serbian club President, because that clinics made Maxim's first HD screening and the results were very bad and then Mr Malbasha took the result with him and all of a sudden a new Xray appeared in the hands of Guiliano Pedrini and with A result. Of course many owners of Maxim's progeny are now experiencing problems with their dogs hips.

    His IPO 1 is not regular either and as seen on videos from courage tests he never lets go on command, because he doesn't know that command at all. No video and no photographies from his trial can be seen anywhere which is strange because Mr Malbasha makes photos and videos of Maxim every now and then. Like this one, when he won Belgrade show

    There is also that story about his ZTP trial at his own kennel. Of course there are no photographs and no videos from that event as well. Like his father he passed ZTP from second attempt because both of them had problem with biteworks.

    All the things people say about his pedigree can be confirmed or denied with a simple DNA test which would prove him right or wrong. It can easily be compared to his relatives because his parents are not alive anymore. One more thing people should know: Mr Malbasha has special preparation method for his litters. He is actually making their pedigrees on younger age than they really are so they appear more mature within younger classes on the shows. One of the exmaples is Ginobello di Altobello who won IDC baby class last year and by the way that dog has bad hips and is for sale now and of course he will get all HD-A papers for now owner.

    That is if we are talking about Maxim, and if not then this is a wrong place for this story.

  21. I am of the opinion, there is no way out of this swamp of abuse, irresponsibility and corruption.
    one new beginning is inevitable.
    the complete club management has to go.
    a new standart must be set. so that the requirement is made for performance again.
    all possible health test must be, absolutely mandatory.
    zuchttaglichkeitsprüfung must be a challenge. no more gifts for unqualified dogs !

    But most important for the breed is: stop talking and beginning doing !

  22. stop talking and beginning doing ! TRUE .... but next to impossible, as there is no sensire cooperation anywhere.

  23. The first thing to DO is NOT TO VOTE for current "leadership" anymore. Members of the club are to change things and bring them to different course. That is if there is any democracy left in the clubs, beginning with DV and then at Italian, French, Dannish...
    Another problem are virtually non-functional clubs all over the Europe, such is Austrian club, Croatian club, Montenegro club, Serbian club, Slovenian club etc. They effectively bring votes into IDC while doing nothing to improve local breeding, because their presidents are just another bunch of opportunistic breeders looking in for personal benefit, rather than at the future of the breed, their breeding included. Cash slaves.

  24. Don't worry guys because the moment they change the standard their power will start to melt. They are too stupid to see that coming.

  25. -->
    Don't worry guys because the moment they change the standard their power will start to melt. They are too stupid to see that coming.

    Sorry, but if this happend - I see it differently ... Changing the standard from the present set forward by the FCI, will increase their power, and ad to the demise of the Dobermann, as the change will be in accordance to how these people already are evaluating when judging at shows today.

  26. The breeders code of silence - Part 1

    "What do most modern-day breeders and the Mafia have in common? What a strange question, you may say. It is, sadly though, a very real commonality. The answer is simply what Padgett, a well-known geneticist refers to as the “Code of Silence” for breeders and perhaps more commonly discussed as “omerta” for the Costa Nostra. Both are deadly silences. It’s easy to understand the reasons for the conspiracy of silence when it refers to criminals, but what reasons can a breeder possibly have for maintaining “omerta”?

    The reason most often given for not sharing genetic information is the fear of being made the object of a “witch hunt.” It lies much deeper though. It begins with ownership and the human need to see what one owns as being the best. Remember the “keeping up with the Jones” mentality? Everyone wants the very best and the accolade of owning the best. Admitting that what one owns or has bred may have faults is difficult for most people. Also at fault is the huge financial and emotional investment that breeders have in their dogs. Discovering that there may be defects in the sires and dams that breeders have so much of themselves invested in becomes frightening and causes many to refuse to even contemplate that their dogs may possess defective genes. Egos and fear of being labelled “poor breeders” are ultimately the reasons for breeders maintaining this detrimental code of silence.

    Even more dangerous than the Code of Silence though is the refusal to contemplate defective genes may exist within a breeding program and be present for generations, quietly meshing through many bloodlines before manifesting itself. Could it be possible that dogs which appear healthy can actually be spreading dangerous, sometimes lethal genes throughout the breed community until finally two healthy, but gene-defective carriers combine to produce that first tell-tale affected offspring?

    Of course it is and time and again the geneticists tell us how this is possible.

    Simplistically, breeders cannot see defective genes and what they don’t see must not exist. Therefore using that logic, all the untested dogs must be as beautifully healthy inside as they are structurally beautiful outside. If only that logic were true! Unfortunately, far more emphasis is placed upon structural and superficial beauty simply because it is something that is easily seen, acknowledged and obtained. It’s also something without any “unnecessary” financial investments. One doesn’t need to pay for x-rays or blood tests or specialists’ knowledge in order to evaluate how a dog conforms to a physical standard.

    The real danger, though, comes not from those dogs who are tested, but from those breeders who keep their heads in the sand and refuse to believe that their dogs could be less than 'perfect'. We can begin to fix that which we reveal, but that which remains hidden is a threat to the future. But here omerta, that “Code of Silence” is very evident. Not only do these breeders hold fast to the belief that their dogs are untainted by defective genes, structural defects or temperament problems, but they also believe that no dog that they choose to bring into their breeding program through mating with their dogs could possibly be carriers either. After all, they only “breed to the best,” and of course, that best just has to be perfect.

  27. The breeders code of silence - Part 2

    What about the breeders who openly discuss the defects found in their own dogs? Unfortunately, they are all too often labelled as “poor breeders” and their dogs said to be “defective”. They are shunned and spoken of in whispers and sneers. The very fact that these breeders are striving to share knowledge openly and to scientifically test their dogs make these breeders the subject of witch hunts by the very people who are either too cheap, too unconcerned, too egotistical, too uncaring about the future to even test their dogs, much less have the courage to honestly discuss their dogs. Instead of applauding these breeders who choose to share information, these breeders become shunned and hounded. As a result, and because human nature makes us want to be part of a group instead of outside the group, breeders begin to do what they do best – they maintain silence and lie or refuse to admit what they do know.

    As more and more newcomers join a breed and inexperienced breeders and exhibitors all jump on the bandwagon of showing, owning and practicing the art of breeding, they turn to the breeders who are winning, equating winning with superior quality dogs. The breeders are, therefore, more determined to have nothing bad revealed about any of their dogs, further establishing in their minds the perfection of the dogs they breed and further increasing the financial and emotional investment that they have in perpetuating this theory. Winning in the show ring has nothing to do with genetic health. Indeed, a number of the winning dogs are carriers of genetic disorders at the least and, in some instances, are known to have genetic health disorders. While a genetic disorder itself, depending upon type and severity, should never preclude the dog from the genetic pool, it is absolutely mandatory that people be aware of any area of concern in order to breed intelligently. At the very least, the dogs that the dog is bred to must be tested and their backgrounds looked at carefully to limit the possibility of affecting more dogs or making more dogs carriers of the disorder. Yet, because the winners don’t want to be labelled as “poor breeders” and lose the accolade of being the best (as well as the possible financial loss in not being able to sell puppies or stud fees at as high a price), the “Code of Silence” becomes even more firmly embraced.

    The newcomers, because they want to be accepted, avoid talking about the sires and dams that produce poorly, whether it is structure, health or temperament problems. Also, they too now have a financial and emotional investment in addition to wanting to be accepted into the “winners club.” They may even recognize trends in one or more lines in their own pedigrees, but refuse to acknowledge these trends and keep them secret for fear of being labelled.

  28. The breeders code of silence - Part 3

    Often, the breeders, while not openly acknowledging that there are any problems, will attempt to dilute the possibility of the disorder rearing its head by out-breeding to another totally different line. Dr. Jerold Bell, a well-known geneticist, has this to say about this method: “Repeated out-breeding to attempt to dilute detrimental recessive genes is not a desirable method of genetic disease control. Recessive genes cannot be diluted; they are either present or not. Out-breeding carriers multiples and further spreads the defective gene(s) in the gene pool. If a dog is a known carrier or has high carrier risk through pedigree analysis, it can be retired from breeding, and replaced with one or two quality offspring. Those offspring should be bred, and replaced with quality offspring of their own, with the hope of losing the defective gene.”

    Unfortunately, refusing to acknowledge or test for genetic disorders doesn’t make them go away. What we can’t see still has a huge impact on the breed and continuing to breed these carriers of defective genes allows the defect to take a firmer hold in the breed. Those breeders who try very hard to breed healthy dogs and take every scientific precaution to ensure genetic health are shunned for the very passion that should be applauded; the efforts they take are trivialized at best and more often ridiculed as “unnecessary” or “fear-mongering.” As a result, these breeders work alone and, outside of their own kennel, their efforts make little impact on the breed as a whole.

    Omerta can only be broken by people who have the courage, conviction and passion to ensure that the breed as a whole becomes stronger and healthier. Instead of witch hunts for those who have the heartache of dealing with the problems, the goal of applauding those with the courage and determination to speak out openly should be taken up by every breed club in every country. Awards in addition to those given to breeders who have the most winning dogs should be given to those breeders who work tirelessly to improve the breed. Prettiness and beauty doesn’t improve a breed; genetic health and the ability to live a pain-free, healthy life far surpass beauty, but are more difficult to obtain.


  29. The breeders code of silence - Part 4

    Now for the biggest lie.

    Can we really trust the breeders and believe in the accuracy of the pedigrees when the breeders code of silence hides the sudden death of popular sires .... dogs that continue to sire litters long after they have really died??

  30. -->
    Don't worry guys because the moment they change the standard their power will start to melt. They are too stupid to see that coming.

    Sorry, but if this happend - I see it differently ... Changing the standard from the present set forward by the FCI, will increase their power, and ad to the demise of the Dobermann, as the change will be in accordance to how these people already are evaluating when judging at shows today.


    Yes, the Dobermann will cease to exist one day.

    So far, they (Germans and one Italian) have blackmailed and scared us with the change of standard so, one less weapon in their arsenal.

    Second, the sales to USA (by far the BIGGEST market) will slow down and eventually cease because Americans will not be able to evaluate the dogs by looking at internet pictures because in reality they have no eye for the anatomy itself, so that is why they are looking at certain features like: long ears, cat paws, chest depth etc.
    This will eventually lead to less litters and further narrowing of already shallow genepool. And that situtation was caused by notorious IDC Sieger/in title and further breeding involvment of "cupped stud" favoured by many breeders that are using titles as their main sales proposal tool while in reality they have chronic lack of breeder's imagination.

    Of course, there are so called "political matings" where people use certain male in order to reserve wins for the progeny or simply to get into someone's ass. Such matings are certainly leading to further genetic potential narrowing until one day all the dogs would be 2:2 or less.

    Third. There has been an interesting phenomenon lately. People from "green lands" are buying cropped puppies despite the fact that they would not be legit for the shows and you know why? Because they really want genuine Dobermann looks, and they couldn't care less for the club or the shows or ZTP.

    Germans want Dobermann back to Germany regardless of cost. But one thing will remain - their best dogs are made by auslenders and pedigrees will always be witness to that. So the story about the German dog is bullshit. Dobermann went international 4-5 decades ago and there is nothing they can do about it.

    You didn't expect to go to DV show and beat German tailed dog with your own tailed dog, did you?
    German shows are already being too isolated for foreign dogs so any attempt of invasion will eventually run into hostile environment and believe me my German friends you have every right ot be pissed but only to your leadership because they are constantly promoting domestic breeding as the top of the range while in reality it is not so and you know it well. German dominance can not be established by force and biased judging, but by an open mind and true respect to other national breeders.

    Germans are catching the train by using the brake, if you know what I mean.

  31. finally statments with content and not just whine. thank you very much for that.

    sure they have already read that I represent the opinion that the breed can only be saved by a new beginning. course internationally.

    on my web page I have already suggested, that for breeder to an independent consultancy in genetics.- and breeding-questions desirable.

    at dcm we know, 60% for animals over 5 years. it concludes no breeding with young dogs, as long as there is no reliable test.

    I ask for your opinion

  32. To change the subject. I note that Daube and Redenbacher judged in Austria recently and happened to muster13 and 14 dogs respectively. Sign of the times to come?

  33. Well..the President judged in Germany very recently and could only muster 27 dogs...

  34. In italy the German ZTP if is made under another judge isns't recognized from the AIAD, the only valid is made by Mr P!
    Is normal??

  35. -->
    mattiaAugust 30, 2012 10:10 PM
    In italy the German ZTP if is made under another judge isns't recognized from the AIAD, the only valid is made by Mr P!
    Is normal??
    In Italy, they may have inforced the same rules as they have in Germany => If you live in Italy, your dog must make the ZTP in Italy - as for people living in Germany, they must make their ZTP in Germany, otherwise the ZTP is not recognised by DV ....
    Several other countries do not have this restriction - but that "might" be because, that these countries do not have certified ZTP judges, as in Italy and Germany.

  36. yes and the stupid sheep follow ! fuck the ztp ! it is only a piece of paper where someone wrote with shit his stupid opinion of who noone cares !

  37. till now 370 dobermann at the IDC

  38. ... and this is still too much

  39. till now 370 dobermann at the IDC = merely tells you, that when it comes down to reality, people will rather have a nice trophy and kiss ass, then care for the breed.

  40. Who cares for the breed anyway? I go there to brag & bullshit, to see some nice women, to jump around like monkey and eventually to boo and whistle in the finals...and to improve local tourism in that God forbidden place.
    My dog(s) is better your dog(s). Your dog(s) look prettier than his dog(s). Her dog(s) has better collar, or even better looking owner. And in the end, who the fuck cares about the breed when it was all about the game of show off and the power of course. You will all get limp cocks one way or another. It is all matter of whether you prefer it orally or doggy style. :)

  41. who has inside information on how many dogs entered for IDC? why dont they print the catalogue in advance on line because the judges get this before the show starts so lets all play fair this year OR can THEY? NOT!!!!!!

  42. in 3 days other 150 dogs!!!
    580 dogs!
    thats incredible!

  43. Saw Pezzano's video and liked his style and that certain savoir faire he has when evaluating the character - it is pity he doesn't know very much about working character, outside what any other dog owner knows from owning dogs, because he's never trained a dog himself to do anything like what he is judging.

  44. Mr P make a lot of phone call to ask at some breeders to enter the dog at the IDC!!!!

    This is the true, the Mafia wins!

  45. Even LUfthansa agrees that Wibli and his german bothers (brothers) should not be at IDC

  46. What is molocid? = breeds of dogs related to Mastiff like Bulldog and Boxer ....

  47. Apparently now there are 778 dogs entered in IDC WOW the biggest entry for many years since Garmish i think !!!!!!

  48. but remeber that the deadline wasn't respected!
    But in italy those things happens!!!

  49. Only count the dogs that are represented in reality.

  50. stupid rumours....

    578 dogs in catatog!

  51. Have you got catalog today wednesday??