Saturday, December 15, 2012

Still around, still watching..

First, some explanations for this late posting....

We had wanted release some more insider information and news much earlier. 
But, again there was attempted hacking and some blockage for our blog.We suspect, and are investigating it has again been originated from Germany. 

Also, we can observe certain people are now trying to behave themselves too, so this is good.

But, there are just a few additional points we need to make regarding this year's IDC and what has been spoken about there..


First, are you all aware that our most intelligent and wonderful leaders of IDC have now stated that -

" A dog must have had a DNA test, before it can be selected to be in the finals, and to be Sieger or other title winner "

They state -

"  It was decided at the congress that each IDC Siegers/Winners must have done a complete Cardiac evaluation (Ultrasound + color Doppler + 24h Holter ECG), maximum 12 months old results, in order to obtain their winning title (IDC Siegers). Valid from 2013 onwards.
IDC stated [recommendations from Cardiac specialists] that the only complete cardiac examination is made with US + color Doppler + 24h Holter ECG, and that all these examinations are performed at the same test occasion. "

We seriously question the IDC leadership on this matter.

What purpose does it truly serve? What are the factual and correct reasons?

Have a look at our earlier postings on the issue of DNA testing and the real political intentions for it. We have seen the so called 'selections' of the class and title winners in the last many IDC shows. How can we trust these judges/leaders that this DNA profiling will not be abused to justify their own agendas and  political decisions...

Are they dissapointed that certain winners and their owners/kennels have not got the expected matings and fees for their dogs, after such wonderful IDC show results lately?

And.. does this mean that all exhibitors must now bring into the ring a copy of these tests, for the judge to examine... or does the judge ALREADY know which dogs are inside the ring, and which are to be selected?

Think about this.....


We are not against DCM, DNA testing - if the reason is primarily the health issue and future of the breed. BUT - What we question is the politics of this at the IDC show. Truly, if this was a great consideration, should not the present and past Siegers be tested already, and in fact, for all dogs? Why not just state - all dogs which will participate  from certain classes onwards, must have such tests and results. Create an equal playing field for all? What about trhe Citones, Bavarias, PORs, etc?
We do not appreiciate when politics and personal or commercial agendas are the main reasons and focus. Do you realise how powerful a tool this can be in the wrong hands? Past experience and evidence have shown the abuse of power and corruption by these people.....

You be the judge.


Another disturbing matter in the recent IDC was the exhibition of an over-aggressive and poor nerve dog. The Dobermann is meant to be a dog with stable nerves, working intelligence and medium character. But there was a certain young do which which sent three people to hospital.

He is Junior Sirio Di Prisconte. And the dog was not provoked or under attack or any threat. Yet, this same dog has been brought to many shows by Mr Aldo, with the full knowledge of his poor temperament and over aggression to people.

Future Killer and Time Bomb, coming to a show near you.....

 The same dog has bitten many people, and recently, a young person, which for us is a very big concern and must be made public.  Months ago, this dog brutally attacked a lady and sent her to the hospital with serious injuries. The dog grabbed her neck, arm, breast and bit her 15 times. She still suffers terribly from this, including the mental trauma from the Prisconte gang. Aldo and wife tried their best to cover up the story, even threatening the lady if she ever told anyone. See some of the bites suffered by her, from Junior.. the dog which Aldo keeps bringing to shows in public..

Junior Sirio's signature
And guess what? Yes, this dog also passed the ZTP with 1A ECC grade!!
[ Junior ZTP Result ]

And did you ever think the ZTP would also be a test of character, nerves, stability and above all, breeding suitability?? Or just another game played by those corrupt in power...

So, now we ask.... how can such a dog be continued into the show rings, pass the ZTP and also win placings? WHAT IF IT WAS ANOTHER BREEDER'S DOG? would he be so protected ?....


More on the ZTP and shocking news coming soon....


  1. Nice to be here again doing something!

    About the bite:
    There was a time when a judge has never seen in the mouth of a Doberman. At that time, a Doberman was a Doberman.
    The DV has the "Working Dog Doberman breed" ruined.
    Nevertheless, it happens once, flashed the old desired skills.
    Such a dog in incompetent hands means Bite accidents.


  2. Well I think the dog did a good job for what he was made for in the first place - he took down 3 adults in a jiffy.

  3. ZTP means a SHIT nowerdays ! just a method i earn easily money for judges and trainers. it has nothing to do with genuine character or even testing.

  4. All your comments have nothing to do with the fact that this dog bit three persons very heavily with no provoking. The old dogs had hard characters but this meant they were able to do the korung. So if there are police reports and this is send to Pezanno or Wiblishauser they must ban this dog. Let him show his biting on the korung !!!!!

  5. if this dog would have been presented in körung he might bite everyone. not only helper but also wiblishauser and also the rest of the audience.

  6. "if this dog would have been presented in körung he might bite everyone. not only helper but also wiblishauser and also the rest of the audience."

    You are full of shit! Chances of trained dog diverting from the sleeve in an arranged trial are equal to almost zero because the helper is the only moving bait, you moron. Do you fucking homework you "expert in nothing".
    Anyway, why Wiblishauser and not Becht for example, and why the rest of the audience? Are you formally mentally deranged?

    As for the police, it is scandalous that its presence was not part of the IDC in Italy, because that way a formal report would be filed and hopefully processed, first against the organizers (criminal charges), then against the owner of the dog (criminal charges),and last but not least an internal investigation should be built around now questionable ZTP and breed's club murky guidelines for character evaluations. Anyway, German judges should be allowed to test Italian dogs in Italy and not only by DrPezzano, for all the reasons we already know!

    I would really like to learn what happened to provoke this dog into such attack. It can't be without reason. It never is.

  7. moron, fucking homework, mentally deranged, keep things to normal conversation please.!!!!!
    The last part of your post makes sense and is a very good point.

  8. I apologize to the moron.
    Too much of a passion. Once again, I am sorry.
    Thanks for the compliment, but I think everything I wrote stands. Anyone who's working with dogs will tell you the same. The chance of attacking audience is insignificant.
    One, more thing. As far as I know that Sirio was in the ring and did not attack anyone. It all happened outside the rings.

  9. So its ok for a dog to attack outside show ring? And hurt many people, even unarmed and young? And unprovocked?

  10. one question !
    how great is the chance, that a dobermann is psychologically totally evil ?
    i think the problem is weak nerves. this is nothing unusual. every know of the breed this problem.
    or the dog has no contact with other dog and people and the reaction is agressiv.
    or the dog is the devil in person.
    it does not matter. fackt is: the human is responsible! since there are no excuses.

  11. How is it possible for a dog with this behaviour to pass a BH and then ZTP. If the dog is over aggressive to people, then for me it is not possible without corrupt test. In my experience with this type of dog, it is usually a complete nervous reck and should be just left at home to live out it's life away from people. It should never be breed from.


  13. you have still not understood! the dog is not the problem. it does not matter if the dog have bad nerves or is aggressive. the dog-leader is the problem. whether negligently or bad training. The responsibility is always with this person.

  14. And they are right! these problems is a result of the errors of the DV.
    Any dog ​​with bad training can still create the ZTP. This is a farce. Not the ability of the dog and (most importantly) not ability of the dog leader is checked.

  15. said

    And they are right! these problems is a result of the errors of the DV.
    Any dog ​​with bad training can still create the ZTP. This is a farce. Not the ability of the dog and (most importantly) not ability of the dog leader is checked.

    I think there is a CONFUSION .
    The dogs are well trained by profesional trainers, need BH, some of them have IPO , then ZTP do not check the NATIVE CHARACTER , but only the trained abilities.
    The dogs is learned to bite, learned to be machines but they have no brainsm m nativity and basic instincts are killed .
    That confusion almost destroyed native character of dobermann race

    Vom W.A.

  16. you gave a lot of importance to this farm of aldo anna, he is a man beginner is not professional! bringing the "monster" IDC has been error of beginners! made a little career with a dog and not be able to handle it! not guesses a stud uses only his dogs and nobody needs them! had a bit of luck with his male brown, but no one trusts him and his dirty games! the truth is only that Dr. Pezzano helped otherwise died as Italian breeder!

  17. Hola amigos,

    Aquí os dejo más información sobre la raza de perro Doberman y un video de fotografías del Doberman.

    Espero que os guste.

    Un saludo

  18. I know exactly what happpened. I was one who was attacked by him BEFORE they got their ZTP and BEFORE. The attack at IDC

    1. The dog had a previous owner the owner did not know what he was doing, and i was told by the breeder that they beat him. The dog eventually bit the owner bad. They returned him to the breeder, and the breeder ASSURED me that they rehabilitated him. Assuring me it was just fine for me to help them train him.

    2.I worked with this dog for many months with the breeder. Doing workouts, training. Always with the breeder and or his wife there doing all the work and me just assisting whatever they needed.

    3. I witnessed the wife beating him with a hard ball on a cord in front of me, while he was in his cage,and she was screaming at him.
    4. I remember telling her not to do it because thats what the old owners did. She acclaimed that he deserved it because he never listened to her.
    5.the day he bruttally attacked me, she was training him in the mountains, i was helping her, and she was really really pissed off. She was in a bad mood and every time she brought her dog back down from the hill to give to me ( we were doing scats running uphill) she was angry as hell.yelling about her husband or whatever....
    6. No provacation.... The dog decided he did not want to run up the hill and grabbed me instead.i was just standing there, and he literally walked back to me, He brutally attacked me. I had never even touched him. I since have spoken with professionals from italy and america, giving a play by play and they all say the same thing. He was reacting to her. Plus all the abuse, the ball, her being angry... She was so mad that day. In the end, They had never actually rehabilitaed him. They lied. They were just using me because i was good with dogs and wanted to work with dobermanns.
    7. The attack at the idc, i know for a fact, ( my good friend was right beside them at the time of the attack, and gave me a play by play, they were taking photos of the dog and the owner gave the leash to his friend while they held the ball in front of him to call him for fotos. Yes the same ball the wife used to beat him with. He then turned and attacked the friend( who was a VERY COMPETENT KNOWLEDGABLE) dog breeder , then attacked the owner as he tried to help his friend, then another friend tried to help them and the dog attacked him.
    This is why there are no reports. They were all the owners' friends..
    Btw the wife, after the dog had attacked me, she confessed that they had used an electric collar on him during attack sessions ( which they had an attack training session 2 days after he attacked me. She was so proud to tell me her dog was "a LION " during the attack session.
    They never even once said they were sorry for the dog almost killing me. then they made me pay them to watch MY dog while i was unable to because of my inguries. she literally threatened me in the hospital to not say it was their dog that did this to me. plus... she REFUSED TO DRIVE ME TO THE HOSPITOL while i was bleeding profusely from open holes in my arm head breast. She wouldnt let the doctor look at my breast, i knew i had been bit there too but she kept covering me up saying there was nothing there. i had a hole in back of my head behind me ear too. i have alot of scars.
    Sooooo.... When a dog attacks... A person.... 4 people (he really bit at least 2 others that i know of plus the 4 attacks) they think its ok to use an e collar??????
    Thats how they told me they were training him after he attacked me.... They used an electric collar to do the entire ztp course during training so he would not make one mistake.
    8. In final thought, the biggest mistake the owner makes as a breeder, is selling the wrong dogs to the wrong people. This dogs brother was put down by his owner, because the dog was a very very strong character dog, like his brother, and the woman was weak and insecure. He bit her. She had him killed.... But the breeder still made money. Thats all that matters to them. Money.

  19. Your direct evidence is a bomb! I read something around the web, some time ago, but many reports made by eye-witnesses were deleted by other people (forum administrators).

    Why did you wait so long to speak? Why don't you tell you story in some italian social network? I think you should do it!

  20. I have been speaking... You'll hear of it.
    What do you mean "a bomb"?