Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mr Redtenbacher... May we know the truth this new year??

No, we did not alter this picture...

Mr Redtenbacher is a shadowy creature. We hear so many things about him, and what he does.
We wish to know a lot more of this IDC secretary, as there is apparently no transparency or honesty in that committee.

Mr Redtenbacher claims to be qualified ZTP judge. He also claims to be Dobermann breed specialist judge. We ask, where did he get these qualification? How can he suddenly become a judge as he did? Where did he sit for the breed exams, judging assignments, and everything that is needed to qualify? Where is the proof and who made him the judge?

We understand he was a Kennel Club of South Afica [ KUSA] Working Group judge. This is very different grouping from the FCI system. He has hardly judged the working group in South Africa, and then he can suddenly qualify to judge in Europe? Where did he get such qualifications? Certainly not from KUSA.

How did this man from a non FCI system end up judging our breed at the highest level?

What are his judging experience and credentials?

How did he become the representative for South Africa? On what basis? By becoming the servant of the president? We are aware that he does all the work for Herr Wiblihauser, and he is the one who makes all the real decisions of IDC. In fact, he also considers the others like Dr Pezzano as fools and puppets. You can easily observe this at the congress, in the ring and in his speech. His arrogance is so obvious..

Im Number One! 

We are also aware of some history - he had problems with the other Dobermann clubs in South Africa, so he went to form his own club [ with him as President of course ] Then he made the claims only his club is recognized by IDC and only he was elected as South African delegate at IDC. But there is no proof and record of that....

We know his first kennel was registered as Von Arlberg, breeding the American type. How did that disappear and now the kennel is Bellstone? And he is alleged to fix shows according to his kennel sponsor.

How did he qualify to judge ZTP? Has he ever done any working training or trials with Dobermann? How come every dog of his that he measures for ZTP is 72cm?

His own daughter is the one in charge and owner of the IDC website. How come? Is it not an INTERNATIONAL club? Or it belongs to a few...

It is also well known that when he goes to judge a show, he stay with certain exhibitors, gets allowance from them, and then places their dogs in 1st.

At IDC, he is always seen making stupid and irrelevant gestures with his hands, specs, camera, catalog, pen and much more.. in the judging ring. Is this how a breed specialist judges and behaves?

Redtenbacher in typical behavior. 

He was seen manipulating the pedigrees of dogs in the ring.

He judges with 'help' of open catalog. Is this not a severe offense for judges, even under KUSA? Let alone the FCI.. as we believe he is not qualified by the FCI anyway

The recent publication of the IDC President - "The End of Tolerance" .... was conceived, written and published by Mr Redtenbacher. Not Herr Wiblihauser. We will have some things to say and comment on this letter soon..

And is he the official photographer of the IDC? Can a judge be doing that? And how he rudely makes everyone pose for him and in his view?

Typical of the pink family

We love our breed, we enjoy the shows and trials and tests. We strive for success, health and improvement of the breed. So we do not understand why such a person is held in a high position and doing everything, without the proper credentials, qualifications and experience.


  1. You're the king, Insider!
    We know how incapabele he is, but this is his true story indeed. I've been showing under this so called "special "judge and can confirm that he is really "special" in negative way -absolutly no eye for quality dog and lost in space. He is a disgrace.

  2. I love this blog!!!!! How can a judge use a open catalog?? Then whats the point of being a credited judge. You simply can look and say I like this kennel and this kennel and award to those. Not bad enough looking at the faces at the end of a leash is sometime not a dead give away.
    Where is having the knowledge of the breed if you need help. I say many things need to be changed in the IDC !! Starting with the useless judges. To much playing favorites is going on and awarding to your own kennel dogs and progeny used from your kennel.

    I think some people are just to high on themselves and need to be knocked down a few steps.

  3. These are very serious matters regarding Mr Redtenbacher. Very good they are now being shown here, and for everyone to realize about him. It is time to question his authority and judging for sure. We cannot continue to give any more respect to such man who 99% of all people do not want.

  4. Come on Helmut, produce your credentials for us!

    1. Why don't you ask his Boss, Wiblishauser, to produce HIS credentials first?! Because Wiblishauser never sat for any conformation exam to learn how to be a judge in the show ring and hasn't trained any dog himself to qualify to judge ZTP. He's a self appointed expert with no real credentials that has never bred anything that has done anything for the breed. It's all a facade!

  5. You miss typed credential$?
    Anyway, I kinda doubt he would ever will. Perhaps KUSA should open their books first and then the rest will follow (DV and IDC for example) although many orders (and credentials) are being given strictly orally...or/and in the bush :)

  6. on it. I'd throw it in a club full of homosexuals. to be fucked all night. Pop in Africa, I do not ambition, me

  7. Redtenbacher is not a judge? He cannot judge! As our results are in DCE 2011? This accusation is very serious and to be true must be reported to R.S.C.E

  8. What does it help to report them? NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!!!

  9. Ok then, remain being slaves that you already are!

  10. This year in IDC I was standing outside of the ring that Mr Redtenbacher was judging(Open Class Females), and all the dogs for him had "sufficient front angulation and sufficient underjaw...".In more than 50 females(Black and Brown Open Class) he did not find 1 that had a good one?

    How can that happen?

    From that you can all understand that he does not know how to judge...

  11. I think the best thing is not to go to show where all this old DV judges is judging. I have dropped IDC 5 years ago ,and show my dogs by all round judges and work with my dogs in a all breed working dog . I wonder why I should go to a German ZTP with IPO III dog and INT. Ch title why is a national breeding test not good enough?
    Anyway I do not breed and I would not pay money for a title . It is a shame for Germany That they have people like the trio Wiblish.,Redenb. and Becht.

    1. A great many countries have dropped IDC membership but every year at the meeting they keep reading out their names as if they are still members!!! It is a circus of make believe.

  12. Why does Insider not post the pedigrees of the 'American Type'
    Von Arlsberg bred?

  13. Yup! 'Liv v Deister'...

    'Athos v Deister'...

    Sounds American to me!

  14. The only way Helmut 'made it' was to buy his way in to Wibli's fold.

    After his remarkable failure at attempting to take over the largest Dobermann Club in South Africa and his subsequent fall out with the other three South African Dobermann clubs (D League, DC of Natal and DC of the Cape), which resulted in him forming his own club; all he did was to pay for the IDC judges to holiday in South Africa! In fact the Dobermann Club in South Africa first (misguidedly) invited Wibli to judge and carry out one of the first ZTP's and let the Austrian, Redtenbacher, be the scribe/translator at the ZTP - big mistake!

    Then the favours started - all the IDC judges visited South Africa, paid for by Redtenbacher, to judge at his own club. And, of course, he spent his money travelling to visit his new found friends in Europe......

    To become an inferior IDC judge, all you need is money and, of course, the IDC committee members to take it!