Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas from the Redtenbachers

So, the famous Redtenbachers have sent out their annual online Christmas card...

Notice it has 2 pink Christmas balls on it....

Good News Mr Helmut Redtenbacher- we FOUND YOUR BALLS! 

and Pink? Because that is the color of Eukanuba, his sponsor in South Africa... just look at their kennel website...

Now if we can only know the answer to the one big question for all IDC Show finals...

Why is Nikki Redtenbacher's big fat ass allowed into the finals ring? Is she a judge? Is she the only official photographer for the IDC Show? What special privileges does she have over the rest of the Dobermann world? Why are father and daughter so rude to everyone else, including senior judges and breeders? Even the winners must pose and obey them for their cameras.... Why??

in the finals ring.... 

how elegant...

in case you missed that...  or they think we are blind?

Or do you, Helmut,  want to show the world how much arrogance, conceit and shamelessness you and your child has?

Safari escapees....  Wheres the tranquilizer gun?

Or maybe it is also because she is the registered owner of the IDC website - http://intdobermann.com/
look here for the evidence - http://who.pho.to/nikki_redtenbacher/

Owner Contact:
   Nikki Redtenbacher
   P.O. Box 28381 Bothasig
   Cape Town, 7406, ZA
   Punycode Name:  intdobermann.com
   Unicode Name:   intdobermann.com

By the way, she sucks in taking pictures too...

As im sure this man below will agree...


  1. Very correct is your observations. Helmut Redtenbacher big total disgrace to all judges. Very unfair and no shame

  2. Who is this guy with the towel on his head? He looks kinda funny.

  3. "Or maybe it is also because she is the registered owner of the IDC website - http://intdobermann.com/"

    Does this actually mean that the IDC itself is a private property of that gentleman and his daughter?

  4. That is the German judge, Mr Thomas Becht. Displaying his great intelligence and sharp fashion sense, being the next in line for IDC President..

  5. I c, he is undercover then :P

  6. Ah Miss Redtenbacher - a sometimes showing up person at our working club in South Africa - I have heard a lot of talk - oh, so much talk. The only action I have ever seen however, is a table of food being set up at the side of the field, and endless cigarettes being smoked in the clubhouse - regardless of course of what anybody has to say about that - I don't think anybody in South Africa is brave enough to tell her to smoke outside - not sure her Dobermann can bite - but I wouldn't like to take a chance with her!

  7. Let's take that bar towel and tie the corners in small knots. That's proper fashion.

  8. I find it amazing how small towel this guy uses. Custom tailored or one size fits all?

  9. well i bet that is not the only small thing he uses...

  10. "and Pink? Because that is the color of Eukanuba, his sponsor in South Africa... just look at their kennel website..."

    Amazing! Never thought of that connection! So that's why Redtenbacher's daughter is wearing that annoying PINK shirt on every IDC...while playing photographer, bullying people in the ring and honestly - taking too much space when squatting.

    I am sorry for being rude, but don't you think we the people of dobermann world deserve better view on the ring, especially when we actually PAID to watch!

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  12. Every few IDC show i go, i pay a lot for travel, accommodation and entry fees. Then when i want to take pictures, I am not free to do so because of Redtenbacher and his child. Is this fair? I just dont understand why she can enter the Honor ring when even other judges cannot. If she can read this, I beg for her answer. I am just a humble Dobermann lover.

  13. Well well well, it's about time someone saw the worthlessness of these two people.  Well done!
    I am surprised it took this long.
    When international judges come to SA they normally have the judges to stay.  They wine and dine them, influence them, and introduce them to people who own their "breeding" (you can hardly call their breeding breeding) so they can win.
    The father knows absolutely nothing about the breed. Throwing international champions out of the South African ring in favor of his friends' dogs with horrible heads, terrible movement, no croup and extra long backs.
    The fat one is worse.
    Her dog has awful, no worse than awful conformation, and she only puts him under judges she knows and this is the only time he wins.
    She also can't show him herself. Too fat to run around.
    She threatens everyone, tries to buy everyone and those she can't buy she bad mouths all over the place.
    She sits on the side of the ring: beer in one hand, ciggie in the other and camera attached to one of the cronies (equally as fat) hands and gossips and belittles and back stabs.
    Anyone new in the breed she tries to turn against the breeders who bred their dogs.
    Some who don't know better actually travel with them and become minions.

    They are bullies.  Especially her.  Plain and simple.
    I do feel sorry for her a little though.  It is sad that someone has to resort to her methods in order to feel and appear popular and worthwhile.

    They need to have their KUSA memberships revoked and not be allowed to judge or be near a show ring.

    1. I read this and wonder why does the wider Dobermann community continue to support the IDC and DV sponsored events?

      By doing so you are only allowing these horrible creatures to continue despising you all (and rightfully so when better educated and better qualified people are found fawning at their feet hoping for crumbs to fall from their table) They treat the real Dobermann community like none of you matter and you show them that you DON'T! Because you are all too busy trying to suck up and kick down.

      It's blindness to believe you can get ahead on merit in a system that is fixed and where its only purpose to serve the financial and personal advantage of a favored few.

      Why don't genuine Dobermann lovers unite and stop all the petty fault finding, picking on each other and squabbling amongst yourselves. Being divided only gives these charlatans and crooks their power to keep their hold on you.

      Is it so hard for people to start a new IDC organization and simply jettison (ignore) DV with their tragic ZTPs and Wiblishauser's bunch of phoney political "hand-picked" judges without any real qualifications or practical credentials who have never paid their dues and are deserving of ZERO respect.

  14. I am very interested in this towel to the head.
    At first I thought it was a fashion statement but now I think it is much much more.
    Is it dry or wet.
    If it is wet will it stop the National Defence Forces from reading his mind.
    What's it all about.

  15. You are all talking about x or y will be next DV AND IDC president. Gerrmany wants back the dobermann breed... Ok , why you do not ask the question : why the DV has to have sine qua non the IDC presidency, why the president is not elected at IDC Congress by the representatives of the member countries ?! Why cannot be like at ATIBOX ?!! If Germany wants to take back dobermann breed ( it isn't from a long long time only their breed), ok take it back and be only yourself, why not make another world club without you , Germany ? Everybody is talking about : end of tolerance. Lets see how many dobermanns will be at IDC this year. Just a boycott of IDC will show them that enough is enough. We do not want to be anymore your puppets at the IDC's : the best dobermann have to win, the ones which can increase the quality and health of the breed

  16. And why not deleting the institution of IDC Sieger, and leave the wins by class only, or make GSD ranking system with all dogs above the age of 24 month being put to bite trial (with "off" command!).

    Why it has to be German guy in the position of IDC president?..unless it is really a PRIVATELY owned firm and then INTERNATIONAL prefix nor CLUB suffix really don't matter!

    What kind of game is to have one man as a president of IDC and DV at the same time. What kind of total power is that?!


  17. What a relief to find this sight and find that I am not the only person on this planet who finds these people so very offensive, to say the least!

    As a South African, it worries me a bit that the people in the International Dobermann Community might think that these people might by "Typical" of the South African Dobermann fraternity! I feel that I must remind you that they came from your side of the pond hey - doesn't somebody want to claim responsibility for them - we would love to rehome them!!

    The only people in SA that associate with the Redtenbachers, and Miss Redtenbacher in particular, are people like a certain lady veterinarian who also owns and tries to handle Dobermanns. This self proclaimed "Best Friend" of Miss Redtenbacher will do whatever it takes to get a qualification on her bitch. She started off by seducing one of of the young helpers at the working club - quickly dumping him like a ton of hot bricks however as soon as a seminar was held by an international helper, who also held a trial at the end of this ordeal, I mean seminar.

    Those of us who were watching closely couldn't help but notice the "Off the Field, In the Bushes" activity between said lady and the helper who was also the judge at his own trial. After a shocking performance on the field during the trial, the dog was proclaimed IPO1 qualified - those of us who had noticed the "sucking up" in the bushes were not surprised in the least!

    Needless to say, this particularly useless specimen (and I refer to the owner/handler of the dog in this case, and never the very pretty doggy), has not managed to pass another trial since. This includes a shocking performance at the SA Meistershaft - it was nothing short of embarrassing to see the Dobermann's ability so downgraded by this unworthy and clumsy handler. To have people cringeing in the stands was not a pleasure to witness at all.

    Nevertheless, said bitch - in this case of course the owner/handler - decided to enter a club trial in Durban - held a few weeks ago. In the meantime of course, the maneater had broken up a marriage which left the wife and two young children of one of the SA Working clubs' handler stranded for that weekend and Christmas, and probably forever - but I digress!!

    The Durban Trial was judged by a lovely lady who cannot be described as being "uncharitable" - ever! The lady in question FAILED ALL THREE DISCIPLINES - after announcing to all and sundry that nobody could possibly ever fail under this particular judge!! Needless to say, the hapless helper currently under her spell also failed his IPO3 Rottweiler - again!

    So, dear International Dobermann Community, I hope you have enjoyed my sorry tale of woe regarding the Redtenbachers - we would love to see the back of them - probably more than any of you ever will because we have to run into them wherever we go!

  18. OMG!!! the Redtenbachers keep such company?? oh dear.. now i wonder if that person also seduced Mr Helmut.. or maybe even she draws the line there...

  19. Hang on.....they have 2 other cronies....those 2 that went with them to IDC.....I think you will find Miss Redtenbacher has rubbed off on them so much that he has now started the whole annoying "photography" thing also and belittles and threatens people as well.

  20. Who ever is writing the dobermann blog spot: THANKS SO MUCH!!! Action needs to be taken against these "people". Thing seems to be making more sense to me, regarding certain results! I wonder if I now need to take my dog of Eukanuba, as I don't know if they are part of this whole disgrace to the dog world!!!!! Supporting and sponsoring "those" people. If I were you Eukanuba I would take back my SPONSOR ship a.s.a.p!!!!!

  21. It seems that Redenbachers take cronies from ZA to the IDC as VIP guests with privileges - who gives this permission or how does a person be a VIP at IDC?

  22. ok - so the cronies, fat one who was at the IDC and his witch of a wife, have only been in the breed for 3 years - so what do they know. he was so uninterested in the whole IDC that all he did was sit at helmut's ring and take photos. is he the new official photographer? they are clueless and bully just as much as their new found friends, some habits apparently have rubbed off, or were they always like that?

  23. Those new pics of Nikki in the ring are so correct!! We all wonder why she can do that, and make the ring like private club. Thanks to point this out.

  24. as good as living in the Africa. is easy to find a husband.

    1. I'm sure it will be 14 at first parturition.

  25. Nikki in the ring taking photos is like a Rhino in the ring.
    No one is going to say stop. Same size same mentality.

    1. Let us put Gypsy vulgar remarks aside, and consider what we should all do about this disgrace. At the next IDC, if she shamelessly enters the ring again to take pictures and act like a judge, Let us ALL shout and Boo together, and demand her removal and for more respect given to the finals rings. I think at next IDC, people are going to see things very differently and demand more. Let your voices be heard! Be loud and shout out your opinions and the truth. Shame these people!

  26. he ladies do not read. I think he must have a dick of rhino to be satisfied. I wonder if her daddy has money to pay a dick so big. are sure to find something in Pretoria.

  27. Florin.
    This is why it's so much fun to be around you.
    Your command of English is wonderful, and who can fault your sentence structure. Simply amazing.
    Thank you for living in Canada and not Europe.

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  29. Wonderful come back for a gypsy.
    You put all the words in place and still look
    like a twit.

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  32. Why do we still enter the shows.............. if we not happy with the way it is run,

    1. Sadly, and also very cleverley orchestrated by Wibli and his men, you have to give them credit for manipulation at the highest degree - the IDC is the biggest gathering of enthusiasts and its taken Wibli and his merry mens greed to just keep taking and taking. They obviously started off small and the compulsive greed has brought them to this level where they are the laughing stock of the Dobermann arena and sadly the detriment of our breed. Dobermann enthusiasts goes there to show off their dogs and hope that they may be lucky crumb amongst the pre-chosen ones. If you look carefully at the results - each time there is a wunderkind that pops up. Its seriously the end of Tolerance - now but it has to come from the Dobermann fraternity and not the chief and his selected warriors

    2. Well let us hope that them warriors are just recently being switched to worried...ones.

  33. As far as I am concerned, the Retenbachers will never have the privilege of judging/touching/photographing my dogs. They are not worthy of it.

  34. Why don't everyone turn up at the IDC to meet Dobermann friends as usual and to talk with each other how to get rid of these people? But important breeders should NOT be entering their dogs under them. Let Nemesis and Bavaria etc win all the time alone in their own play pen.

  35. Insider! You seen the annual Easter message has no pink balls this year. Just tulips, rabbit and a gift box. Do you think they let the "rabbit" out the bag

  36. IDC is a privately owned organization that can have only one Boss. We all know who that is. Member clubs are not real members at all, they are actually donors to the Hans Wiblishauser Welfare Fund. He needs the control of IDC because of his income from it. Wibby has been subverting money his way for his own use through his hand-picked Treasurers and generally fiddling financial Perhaps he learnt how to do this from VDH (but more likely, he gave them lessons). Just like DV, VDH nearly went bankrupt from mismanagement of things like too many free holidays for their Board meetings in far away, exotic places.