Monday, March 12, 2012

A small letter from us

Dear Dobermann friends and dog lovers..

We have been on this blog for 3 months now, and we appreciate the support of the common peoples and breeders and those who are concerned for our breed. We thank you all very much.

Please help us to help you. This blog is for the truth and exposing what is going on in the corrupted world of the IDC, DV and the people who ruin the breed, in various different clubs and positions. 

You can play your part. We can be contacted here, and we will investigate and bring forth the facts and reality of the Dobermann world. We have much to speak of and expose, and we hope this is one step towards a better future for our noble breed. We also strictly protect the privacy and anonymity of our sources, friends and insiders out there. 

We will not censure comments, we believe in democracy and freedom of opinions and speech and information. We want transparency, and we are against the secrecy and cover-ups and abuses by the corrupted in power. 

However, please also consider this is a public and free blog for all Dobermann friends. We do not appreciate if there is too much bad language and swearing. We wish this to be an open space for all peoples. So, we just ask for your kind consideration for others, and really thank you for all your thoughts, comments, insights and information.

We also wish to highlight that there have been attempts to shut us down, and damage our site. We have had people sending us virus, or attempting to sabotage our blog. 

For example, there was even one man pretending to be somebody from Portugal who tried to uncover us and our site URL and ISP, etc. Please, know that we are sophisticated enough to uncover such people and attacks. We will also continue to host this blog on different platforms and sites. We are not going away easily, even if Wiblishauser's minions try their best to hit us!

We also know there are attempts out there, in different websites such as Dobermann-Review, to find out who we are, or expose us. Is this really important? It is not appreciated to be accusing peoples without facts and intelligence. The real importance should be the MESSAGE. Not the Messengers. We are simply speaking what needs to be spoken and giving a voice to those who cannot.

We will soon also publish our Manifesto, which will state our aims, vision and mission and statement. 

Meanwhile, thank you for the support, and spread the word. And remember you too can play a part.

Long live the Dobermann!
The End of Tolerance is reached for us.


P.S. do you wonder why full results from Tropheo Caliandro has been missing or censored for a long time?... ;) think about it....


  1. Dear Dobermann Insider.I wish to congratulate you on this blog.You made my life better. Thank you

  2. S.G. Poor you - what a sad and lousy life you have.

  3. Indeed, when he has people like Becht and idiots here making him miserable. This blog is the best that has happened for our breed in many years. I hope those Germans think twice now before doing stupid things again. Everyone is reading and supporting this site, not those evil people.

  4. Dear Dobermann Insider-Team,

    you do a great job in exposing the corrupcy going on in the Dobermann Scene ! We all are more then fed up with it. The truth has to be told. We have been shutting our mouthes for way too long. Now it is time to fight back this uncorrect corrupt people - for the sake of our breed !

  5. Portuguese attack it is possible exist a cell extreme fundamentalist Dv a long time ago in that country. Portugal don't have judges don´t have anything of the Dv organization but has more power near the Dv that my country with a long history of work and success and with a judge D. Jose M. Bul√≥ acknowledged by Dv

  6. Expose the Portuguese DV cell! Who are they? Is the World Winner title their reward?? A small insignificant country in Dobermann, and world, but have puppets of DV gang..So, they are under Becht instead of Pezzano. Shame!!!!

  7. I agree is a shit country with shit breeders. What world winner title I see you don´t know anything about this subject or you are a fisherman

  8. Perhaps any fisherman knows of Great de Gipeuca. World Winner 2011. Portuguese dog. So, perhaps the Portuguese judge is so strong to award the title to his own countryman, even when Wiblishauser is sitting right there? Perhaps the dog gets title as reward for the Portuguese loyalty to DV, Pezzano? Perhaps Great de Gipeuca was such a deserving winner? Perhaps Wiblishauser already agreed on the winner, in exchange for Orson to win this year? Perhaps judge was just drunk, and now makes his boss Wibli angry? So the same dog was not even placed in IDC?
    Obviously there is a lot of rubbish going on. Come on, expose the Portuguese and others! Clearly there is corruption.

  9. Long live the Dobermann!
    Yes, the End of Tolerance is reached.

    Weinberge Avatar

  10. Dobermann Insider Team you made a super job.
    If there are some stupid, blind people, no worries, beacause in the long distance they will be destroyed by the stupid IDC Rules!

  11. HI Insider-Manager´s,

    you had a fantastic idea to found these blog, thank you very much, you are allways up-to-date, thanks again, we appriciate all your work and the trouble.Out of the bottom of my heart and that from Germany,Unbelievable!!!!! Huuuuhhh!!!!!!
    Now it´s time to ask ourself, do not ask what the blog can do for you, ask youself what you can do for the Dobermann.
    One Question= One Answer= Boykott the IDC-Show 2012.
    Than we will reconize the ass-licker´s of the Dinosaurier´s
    The "Elite" of Breeder´s and Fancier´s will stay at home with a nice barbeque with some friends and family or will compete in other dog-show´s that weekend

    Andre and friends

  12. Yes, is an great idea to boycott IDC 2012 !!! Will be an important signal for the breed!

  13. I agree!!!!!
    We will stay at home!

  14. Boycott to the IDC 2012!!! I also agree - will go for a holiday and save a lot of money and nerves!
    Congratulation to this wonderful blog!

  15. The only way is boycott the Next IDC in Italy! For change this Mafia, of judges, friends and political dogs.

  16. Talking about boycotting IDC and these "bad" and "corrupt" judges.
    I feel a little helpless - I have a dog from a very wellknown breeder - he once had an IDC sieger. Can somebody tell me which judges and shows to take my dog to where I can expect a fair judgment? Where do you people go to avoid them. I live in the nothern part of Europe!

  17. There are shows which are not judged by the usual bunch of fascists like Becht, Wiblishauser, Pezzano, Redtenbacher, Daube, Killmaier, etc. Support your own kennel club shows too. IDC is meaningless anyway, its not official club at all.

  18. Monday was a sad day for me because it would have been the 10th birthday of my best friend Candy Collin Aegida. He missed it by 2 weeks.
    So I have one male left - he turns 11 next month. Soon I am rid of all this shit.

    All I can say is Dobermann Insider is best thing I have seen happen in Dobermanns in years - and I got my first Dobermann in 1980.

    But - if I see you being dishonest I will fight you.

  19. Result Caliandro Trophy?
    Is only an AleAlamo's day with Pezzano director in the rings.
    The next IDC will be the same story, it's always the same old story, an ancient story...
    We are the stupid, that to show our dogs at smart judges!

  20. Yes, that's absolutely true! Coppo, Corsini and Kilmaier are the puppet of Mr Pezzano!
    Pezzano want only puppet judges, is better for to make dirty trick!

  21. I'm not sure that one thing is well understood :
    The problem is not that D'aciaio, Faun and Jack Weinberge from starting Citone line was inserted in dobermann race , the problem is that starting with EBO, Forell/Frankenhorst are strong inserted in D'aiciao .
    The price of that lines surviving was HUGE , the political domination was payed with LIFE by that dobermanns !


  22. "P.S. do you wonder why full results from Tropheo Caliandro has been missing or censored for a long time?... ;) think about it...."

    I did think it over and it appears that Caliandro is small time and not so relevant show. Lesser than some German village shows. Otherwise, they would publish the results.

  23. Normally always the results of Caliandro are there for everybody to see very quickly , why not this year ??

  24. Mr Pezzano was really angry!
    He wasn't happy for the results and spec ally because the FCI tell at all the clubs that in all the FCI Standard cropping and docking will be rejected forever!

  25. It´s a disgrace for the dobermannworld, that the german DV are in favour for a total ban of cropped/docked dobermann. As long as there is one country where it is allowed the standard should allow for both variations. Now it is up to us the people to go to your respective kennelclub with demands to FCI that cropping and docking must also be allowed in the standard. There are still so many countries where it´s allowed and what will happen in these countries and the breed there? Hopefully the FCI will see the absurd idea to alter the the standard, but it won´t be done without lots of protest

    Don´t enter your dogs under german judges, show, ztp or trials. We are the small people in their eyes and ONLY if we stand and act togeather we can show our dislike with what they are doing to our breed. Wether it´s IDC or the standard or plain abuse of dobermannowners, we must not give them more of our time.
    It wasn´t that long ago that Mr BIG himself was all for the cropped and docked dobes, this looks more like - if we can´t, you´re
    not going to be able either. Children behave like this not grown ups!

  26. Go out from FCI and make another World club, is the only way .Otherway will be the end of the breed.

  27. News : for Del Nasi dogs which are entered in Trofeo Triveneto will be taken DNA tests. What for ?! To compare with what ?! What is this bulshit ?! As I know , if somebody wants to make a DNA research cost some couple of towsends of euros an to identify if the dog came from some parents or not, the researcher must have samples from both parents or from a sister or brother which have same parents. Am I wrong ? If I am right , for what is this stupid and anti FCI rules action ?!

  28. let's found a new roof organisation for health-concerned Doberman breeders. only a healthy doberman can show a good performance and his beauty!!