Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Bombs

Just some interesting updates, observations and questions....


So, after all the kicking and bullying they got from the Germans last year.... the HDK president himself.. Mr .Tamás Dohóczki. goes to judge the CACIB show on March.. in the DV home of Munich...

Is he so desperate for judging assignments over his own and national pride? Or did he leave his balls at home somewhere in Hungary, or kept in Becht's pocket?

Or perhaps more likely.. was he given an offer he cannot refuse? Consider too who was Best of Breed...

Tamas.. Really??

Not that the show was of any importance.. the most the Germans could get was around 26 entries...In a show held in the DV hometown of Munich, in Germany itself...more like a small village show

Can you also remember this show was the one where Becht judged last year.. [  also only around 28 entries ]And the winner back then? Stella Klingbach...

Come on Tamas... You can do better than this!



Behold! A very imaginative mating and just what the world was waiting for....
Orson x Stella

Looks like we found the next generation of DV Show winners... Of course, Kyrana Bavaria is also another 'great' show dog to be mated to ... Nemesis or Citone? Lets wait and see! 



So, looks like Igor and Esther are back! Last time we reported how the club they had - KLDOS [  klub ljubiteljev Dobermanov Slovenije] was registered together with their own business ESTIGO, at the same address. And also how the club funds were frozen and their bank accounts closed. And the KSZ [ Slovenian Kennel Club ] did not recognize the club, and has taken over the breeding and ZTP.

Amazing moment..hes is actually with a dobermann!

Guess what? Look here -
A new club, Dobermann Klub Slovenije! and new collection of fees and membership..But wait... the bank account is frozen again!

But look here too -

02.06.2012Dobermann Club SlowenienIgor Tomasic
Austr.Ort: Maribor,
Richter: Thomas Becht

ZTP is organized in June... judge? good old I-Have-No-Ethics-Becht.

So, if there is no bank account for the new club, so everything will be done in cash, the way Becht likes it.
But where is the funding for this ZTP coming from? ... maybe from somebody in Italy?....We heard there was a secret meeting

If Igor and Esther had lost their licence to organize Slovenian ZTP and they are not to organize breeding club any more....This means Becht is clearly going against the rulings and wishes of the Slovenian Kennel Club.. Is this the case?

Or is the DV even aware of this? Or this is all just a big misunderstanding?

Let us also see if it will be repeat of last year, when ZTP with Wiblishauser had just 3 dogs and one failed. What a shame for the big boss back then, and now little boss will face the same?



Trofeo Piero Caliandro 2012... for first couple of months, no official results released. Perhaps to discourage discussions and protests?

All we can say is just look at the results.. a good day out for Ale Alamos' breeding... And another repeat performance of IDC for many  [ Angus again? Is our breed really that bad?]

Seriously??? another IDC clone show...

But we do take note of a female winner which had failed her ZTP [ well..officially 'Held Back" to put it politely.. seems she ran away from the helper ] yet wins under the same judge....

And the official judges were - Florindo Coppo (IT), Rudi Killmaier (D), Barbara Zanieri (IT)   But we all know who was around the rings, controlling the show....

Interesting too the number of winners with cropped ears, docked tails.. even when Dottore supports Wibli and gang... something is going on between them.. somebody is not happy for sure too!

We are sure such results are a precedent for this year's shows.. look out for wins by the same bunch of dogs dictated by certain bosses..



Since we are on topic of shows and judges.. seems Mr Dohoczki is having a busy year ahead.. Out of the blue, he is now selected to judge more shows this year than probably all his life?

He is due to judge at Backa Palanka next, one of the bigger and important shows. We do wonder how he will perform, especially when you see the list of previous judges and the greater experience they have in the breed. Not only that, we are curious who will be the winner under Tamas.. 

It seems that this year, the theme for the results is to justify 2011 IDC? Look at Tropheo and the shows coming up.. everytime certain 'IDC' judges are there.. compare their results back to 2011 IDC.

Dear Tamas.. who are you pleasing anyways? Certainly not your fellow Huns or your neighbors. In fact, we are sure you are terrified of stepping into certain countries now too.. after you sold out your soul for judging assignments. What did Becht offer you?

Interesting action coming here soon!


  1. From Stella Klingbach trend ascendance :
    F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell 2006-2011 ,Brahms Hanseaten 1999-2008 ,Atlanta Nemesis 2000 -? , Adelante Citone `1997-2000 , Vysan Hof Eeckhout 1997-2003 ,Medina Rauberhohle 1998-2005 , again Adelante Citone `1997-2000 .

    That shows are the way of domination of such bloodlines? In this mode was destroyed race health resistance and genetical diversity ?
    Will not happen again !

  2. @ Insider, maybe you will publish your public/ gmail adress because contact button don't work...

  3. The big shows are meaningless now. A show or trial is only as good as the judge. Its become boring now and judges like Tamas, Becht, Killmaeier are all simply killing the sport and fun of shows. And when Athos can win again... its sad.


    New council 2012-2015

    1.president Pierluigi Pezzano
    2.presindent Florindo Coppo
    council man:
    Favero Mauro
    Capocasa Giovanni
    D'anna Aldo
    Iorio Giuseppe
    Gerico Franco
    Muia Marina
    Buzzi Franco.
    And super news from the new President , " the standard will be change soon"
    Goodmorning world

  5. all the same people, (only Coppo is new)
    Same president, same ideas same mafia!!!
    For all that aren't blind the standard is changed the 11/2012 22/02/12 FCI STANDARD MODEL
    with this phrase A document which advises against surgical procedure. “Wording asking for surgery will be rejected in any FCI standard” (General Committee, Dortmund 2010).
    Good morning Mr President (that tell at all the world during the IDC 2007 in italy " the standard will be changed but after my dead, so for a long time) or he think that this year is his last one??
    Regards as always

  6. Judges IDC 2012 Italy:
    Wiblishauser D) Becht(D) Pezzano(I) ZanieriCorsini(I) Redtenbacher(SA)Ridarcikova

  7. what you think ? if insider and few other peoples bla bla bla here , will stop wibli, becht , erika, pezzano and redtenbacher to judge russian shows and all important shows ?
    do you think if 5 peoples will boycott idc , will stop this organisation and his direction ?
    do you think if dobermanns will died at 3 years , the mind of these peoples, breeders and judges , will be changed ?

  8. most of the times in all parts of the world ever it must have been things worst and mostly very long worst to come to an end and to be able to become a new possibility...
    so I think it will be a long bad way down and only then on the end of dobermann-character and working abiltities and health ...maybe...then willcome a new betetr area...:-(
    I do not WANT this, but experience of life shows the way....

  9. Helmut and Nikki have managed to almost destroy the Dobermann in South Africa. What was once a proud breed is almost nowhere since Helmut resigned in 1982 from The Dobermann Club and started his destructive tactics, using the monopoly Hans gave him to be the only club permitted to import ZTP judges that were "official" for recognition. But the chickens have slowly come home to roost. This year Helmuts entry at his own show dropped substantially as several breeders boycotted the show. As he is the sole permitted "official" ZTP provider in South Africa, no other clubs can prosper - so the breed disappears.

  10. News of France...
    The owner of future champion IDC "F'Willow Pathos Du Reflet Des Songes", fights with the vice-president of the French club, in the national of breed yesterday
    Beautiful image no !