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Now it is time to state our aims and our purposes with this blog.

Our breed is in crisis.

For a long time we have been observing the abuse of power by some people , and how it has affected the good name of the Dobermann breed. We have seen the decline of the breed over the years, from being the best working dog in the world into a shadow of what it was meant to be. It is now a medium grade working dog, and even for shows it has been left with many faults and problems. All this decline, especially in Germany, is not simply because of the drop of numbers after the ban on cropping and docking in the traditional Dobermann countires. No, this decline coincided with the administraiton and abuses of one man's leadership of the breed. Mr Hans Wiblishauser, and his gang of cronies. In fact, it is not a coincidence but a fact. The breed has suffered tremendously, and it is all the direct fault of these people. And the breed is in crisis for its future and survival. 

The IDC is meant to protect and promote our breed. But ?

When anyone attends an IDC Congress - three things stand out clearly.

Gallery of the Mediocre

1. How it is utterly useless and nothing is ever done for the breed. There is no major disucssion or direction on the breed future, the type that needs to be preserved or promoted, nothing about the health or even working ability.. Nothing. It is simply a very boring get together of people ready to kiss asses.

The last 20 years have seen advances in other breeds for health, longevity, scientific advances in testings, breeding standards and programs and much more. IDC?  NOTHING. Only one or two written articles by Pezzano when he feels like it, and a lame excuse of action by the End of Tolerance Letter.. What have they really done for our breed? Compare to the DPCA -

2. The sheer arrogance of those who sit in the front. They really assume to be the breed's guardians and leaders. None of them are really what anyone can call a Dog Man or even have the true knowledge and experience of the breed in all its aspects. Yet they display such arrogance and are  rude to delegates and exhibitors, and do anything they can to remain in such positions. They are more concerned of protecting their positions, titles and power than the breed. We have already shown you all how little knowledge and expertise most of them have in the breed, yet they are so proud. Which of them truly really cares and loves the breed, and not their position?

3. Collectively, they have an age of 1000 years old maybe. They refuse to step down for younger and more active members. They cling on to their positions like a parasite. They remain in office until they die [like the former Nazi SS Officer, Francois Striby] even when they go half senile. This is really a bad image for an energetic athletic and noble breed as the Dobermann. This 'leadership' is an embarrassment to our breed. And ensures there is no progress for our breed!

The IDC and YOU... Its time for Change!

Can anyone with  decency, honesty, integrity  argue against the above 3 points?

And now we also see a new generation of the unethical poised to take over, lead by the disgraceful racist Thomas Becht.

And we can see the abuse of their judging at the major shows, and the obvious favoritism and cronyism on display. This next generation is just as bad, in fact, maybe worse than Wiblishauser's old gang.

There is crisis going on in the traditional lands of our breed, all over Europe. Even a major show like Caliandro is not spared, and most major shows are predictable to the politics now. After a poor IDC show, those judges will continue to pick the same winners again, to justify themselves. We also see breeders who have become very rich, and exercise enough power to fix shows and 'arrange' judges and results. Dogs which cannot work - can now get IPO titles. People now train their dogs for character test like ZTP!  Longevity and health is very often ignored over show titles. Shows are just means of making the DV richer. Nothing is spared.

It was easier to blame the ban on cropping/docking for the decline of the breed, rather than the truth that the DV, IDC have done absolutely nothing. Not even a word against the ban or the health of the breed.

And each year, the IDC show was getting worse and worse, and finally in 2011 on the plains of Hungary, we all witnessed the absolute pinnacle of disgrace and defeat of the Dobermann breed.

And we take great offense at the insult of everyone's intelligence by the End Of Tolerance letter, and Pezzano's addition to it. It is so full of hypocrisy, and a means of blaming others for the decline in the breed, but not the real criminals responsible. We reached our limits. We are sure you did too. 


Thus, we decided then we needed to make an effort to expose these corrupt and abusive people who brought our breed down. We felt that information and truth is the best way. We do not wish to be like them, making up excuses and forcing things down people's throats. We rather just present all we know, what we have found out, what we were told by reliable and truthful people, and let you decide. We always say, you be the judge. Because, just like your own dogs, you know what is truly the reality and you dont need these kind of ignorant people to judge.

And we want you to understand that there is no need to live in fear of them. You dont have to keep kissing their asses or even allow them to remain where they are. in fact, it is time to wake up to the truths and decide what is to be done.

Have Faith in the Breed, not them. 

For example, we have proved here that IDC is NOT recognized by the FCI or any other official kennel associations such as The Kennel Club of UK, and the AKC of USA. The IDC has no jurisdiction or control or power in any country or kennel club. The IDC cannot touch you against your own kennel club, nor can it impose any sanctions or measures against you. The FCI only recognizes Kennel Clubs, not the IDC! Wiblishauser's gang is impotent [ in every sense too ] against your kennel club. Remember this.

The IDC cannot over rule your own national club. They cannot even ban you from any Dobermann speciality show in your own country, if it is also organized with the help and recognition of your kennel club. They cannot impose any rules on your breeding and the pedigree certificate of your dogs. Those are all under the jurisdiction of your national kennel club. They cannot demand rubbish like DNA tests or tamper with your pedigree certs. What they did in Hungary 2011 is completely ILLEGAL, and corrupted.

They can only control you with the ZTP, and if you care for the DV HD scoring. But even those are NOT recognized by any kennel association in the world. Even the ZTP is useless now, as we have shown. The HD? Did you know they dont even look at the real scores, but just ask their own friends if they want to give an A or B score? Has any Germans or selected friends dog ever gotten a bad hip score? Yet how often does the dog which has an excellent A score in its own country, then gets a B or even C from DV Office?  And how often did a HD-C dog become HD-A overnight in the DV, thanks to the old boys in Brazil? And whats the use of this score anyway? Only for the ZTP. Remember, none of these are recognized by the FCI  or your own kennel club officially.

Please read this FCI Circular -  FCI requirements for HIP Screening  No where does it state that it must be done in Germany or by any black club's officials. Nothing can stop you from not using the DV. 

No doubt we believe it will be very hard to overcome this climate of fear, prevalent in the breed. But realise now - they cannot touch you. Look at breeders who are supposed to be 'banned'  by the DV from IDC events, perhaps like Modust Ost, Natalia Forhkt. So what does that really mean? They still breeding at a high standard, their dogs are still winning under fair and good judges, they still competes in CAC and CACIB shows. So what if one cannot be in IDC show... But what does it matter when 90% of all participants will never win or place, unless you are part of the gang or it has been decided beforehand? What honor is there anymore in IDC? Nothing. So it is no loss to anyone. It is even labeled as the unofficial dobermann show world championship They are not officially recognized by the FCI, The Kennel Club of UK, or even the AKC.. by NOBODY! . IT IS A BLACK CLUB.


Wiblishauser is just a man who has hijacked this club for his own agenda and finances and friends. How come if it is truly International, only the Germans DV President [ for life] is the President of IDC [ for life] too? A club nobody recognizes, but has fooled everyone else...

But one problem is also that Wiblishauser has made good connections to FCI via his friend Hans Muller and his little puppy Karl Raisenger. The rot has grown deep over the years. 


So what is to be done?

We have taken the first steps in exposing these crooks, and in educating the public on what is truly going on. At least, this blog has served a democratic purpose, to reveal truths we all know u but never spoke about. To speak of what has been unspoken or hidden. To enable everyone to view these people for what they really are, and the damage done to our breed.

We have presented here a chance to be heard. Take this opportunity. Or - remain silent forever, and stand by like many people did in 1933...

We want you all to reflect on the postings, and consider them carefully the next time you ever deal with these people again. In fact, think about what you know the next time you see them, and if they dare look you in the eye. They know now that many of their misdeeds and lack of knowledge has been exposed by us, and they will be nervous and less confident now.

We want you to report all the facts of them and what they are doing. You can expose them here, or email us and we will investigate and publicise. We want you to get together and shame these people. You have a strong part to play too. Make use of this blog, which was created for you and your dogs!

Start with your own breeding and be ethical. Do not use those dogs simply put up as Seigers because of politics. Choose for the health and longevity and quality of the breed. Stop supporting their politics. There is enough of Citone, Klingbachs, Vom Bavaria, Bellstone, Nemesis in this world. Be more imginative! Stop following and chasing the false titles.

Support your own national kennel club's breeding standards, stud book and ethics. The FCI also has its own  which you can adopt. Stop being fooled by the DC and IDC that they even care of your breeding.

Do not invite these judges to your club or national events.

It is only a matter of time. These old people will pass on soon, and now its the time to send a message to those who seek to replace them or be like them. You do not have to support their shows, events, or even invite them. If they are invited, ask and question why? Question their credentials. Ask then tough and truthful questions. Test them yourself! Judge these judges!

Notice that it is all one big gang of thieves operating with themselves, even in the clubs. The more you support or even turn a blind eye to them, the stronger they grow and the breed will decline. 

Get together and make changes to your own club leaderships. Then get together with other clubs and start to make new changes to the IDC. Refuse to accept the leadership of one man alone, and that it must be a German always. Because, if Wiblishauser steps down, it will be Becht who is going to head the IDC  [ since they made the rule ]. How can you accept this?

You start at the bottom first. Get together in numbers at the community level, then change your club. And the new leadership will then act together to have some progress and democracy in the IDC. This is the only way.


Now there is speak of boycotting the IDC and the other shows judged by such peoples. Yes, this is the BEST and most effective massage to send across. They wont get as much monies as before, and they will be embarrassed worldwide. We truly welcome this!

But, we also know to ask truthfully.. how many of us will do that? Admittedly.. many will still go attend the shows and IDC. To see the good dogs, meet friends and enjoy the host country's cultures.

So, if that is the case, then we want you to go to the shows, especially to the Worlds Show Austria, and IDC this year in sunny Italy.

Observe them all carefully, these judges and delegates and leaders. Watch their every  move. See if they use open catalogs in the rings. See if they place and give prizes according to the politics, and not on merit. See how arrogant they behave, not only to the public and exhibitors, but to the lesser ranked judges too. See if they bring Nikki into the ring. See everything... 

And this time, do not let them get away with it. TURN YOUR BACK at them. For every time a judge does something unethical or dishonorable, TURN YOUR BACK to him or her. Or walk away. Do not applause or give any credit. Show them your end of tolerance. Simple and effective.

Shame Them. 

The message to them is simple:

We came to see the dogs. We came to see our friends. We came to see a fair show and the best dogs to place and win. We came to see the merits in the breed., and the new directions of it. We did not come to see you judge falsely. We did not come to see your behavior which disgraces our breed. We did not come to see an unqualified person pass judgement on our dogs. We did not come to view senility in the ring. We did not come to bow before you and accept what you have done all these years to our noble breed.

Every major journey starts with a first step. Please, take it with us if you care for the breed.

Or sit back, do nothing and in the end.. deserve what comes to you. We will see what the famous breeders amongst us will do - something or nothing. Will they actually stop showing under these gangsters, and refuse to submit to their bully tactics? Or will they do nothing but run around with tails between legs to get a cup and trophy to sell more puppies? Then we will see them all being the bitches of Becht. And you can then start to dig the grave of the breed and bury it.

One major reason why the breed is in crisis is the lack of any action and keeping silent while people like Wiblishauser and Becht grow in power and arrogance. Remember 1933? 



Its in YOUR Hands!

Fellow Dobermann lovers and friends.. in light of this message.. we are now going to offer a challenge to Mr Hans Wiblishauser, Helmut Redtenbacher, Thomas Becht, Norbert Daube, Dr Peter Gino Pezzano, Mr Rainer, Mr Roland Beunekkens and everyone associated with these people.

We challenge you to refute any of our claims and facts published in this blog. You can hide but you cannot run from the truth. We challenge you to defend your past and present misdeeds.

Your own silence is testimony to the truth of what we write. If we are wrong, show us. You can send an official statement, or email to us or make a comment here.

If we hear nothing back from Mr President in 1 month, we will post some truths of him that he has tried to hide over the years. Then readers, your eyes will surely open wide....

Wibli and Gang... we are watching you.....


  1. words of wisdom!!!

  2. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! But we must unite and stick together on this issue

  3. Ottmar Vogel has touched on the fact that is probably forgotten that Wiblishauser supported and voted for the VDH motion to ban cropping only because he was sitting on the VDH Board and because he had aspirations to become VDH President at that time. It was more politically advantageous for him to support VDH's wish to stop cropping (to appease the green groups) than for him to do his duty to stand up for the traditions of the Dobermann breed of which he was responsible for as the DV President.

  4. The biggest problem isn't the ban is the ignorance of the breeders that using always the same blood for having a couple of cups in shows!

  5. That's why they do their best to keep breeders uniformed and ignorant and why they don't like breeders around who know what they are talking about - because with a low level of knowledge around them by comparison they can get away with their funny business and even look like they might know something.

  6. The statistics speak for themselves when you compare how many Dobermanns were being bred each year in Germany 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 /60 years ago compared to the handful that is bred in Germany today. Why when they have few dogs to represent the breed are they allowed to control other countries that breed many more Dobermanns in a year than Germany breeds in 10 years.

  7. yes. you all are right... we all became slave of the ztp and slaves of the DV, IDC and their corrupt leaders... it is high time to change something !

  8. Thank you Insider.. this post really is for all of us who want to say and do something. You have said what is really needed to say for all of us.

    Many of us in Germany and our friends in other countries agree fully with you. We will support your blog and also turn our back on those judges and officials who ruin the breed.

    Let us all unite for once and show them we are fed up and angry, Our own tolerance has been reached. Breeders, you must also act. As long you want to chase your precious cups, the breed is in crisis. Let those Nemesis, Prisconte, Citone, POR and others do that.

    Before it is too late. We do not want Becht around after Hans. It will be much worse for everyone, even the good breeders and judges will die.

    The Dobermann is going to die soon, if nothing is done. People, we must wake up now and stop all this. Or stop those people.

  9. As long as people support these shows, invite and pay for these judges.. this will go on and on. These folks like Wiblishauser, Pezzano are so accustomed to the good lifestyle they have because of DV, IDC. They do not care at all for the breed or the type they judge and choose.
    You are all paying for their nice holidays in the shows and for their friends dogs to win. It is nothing for the breed progress.
    Stop supporting them! They are not even experts in the breed, but just fancy name kennel breeders who manipulate all shows for themselves.

  10. Unfourtunetly they aren't satisfied only with IDC shows, they put yet their hands on big FCI shows too. World Sow Dobermann judges in Hungary 2013.: Wiblishauser, Corsini(very corrupt Italian lady) and Erika Szokol. Is not a big risk to say the female world winner will be Diva D'Oro Prelanera (or some other Perlanera dog). It's the time to change!!!!!!

  11. No need to wait so long... This year in Austria have the 2 worst judges for the World Show.

    I think people are mad and desperate to enter their dogs for this show. No cropped or docked allowed, and we all know who will be the winners. Why even pay and travel for this show? You will be wastng your time.

    The winner will be Orson, and the female might be Stella or one of 'their' dogs, maybe even Kyrana....

    Will it not be better to save your money and time, and not enter the show? The lack of real exhibitors and breeders at the world show this year will send a big message to DV, IDC and the dog world.

    Your absence will be the best signal and shows your intelligence.

    Do not enter the World Dog Show 2012. There is no point.

  12. Hallo Dobi-Freunde,

    leider sind viele ältere Züchter nicht im Internet aktiv, sprechen kein englisch oder werden nicht informiert.
    Daher für alle, die es als ihre Pflicht ansehen, für den Dobermann einzustehen,informiert die deutschen Dobermannzüchter, Aussteller und Liebhaber boykottiert die großen Schauen, wo doch nur wieder die Freunde der Mafia gewinnen, wo die Hündin des Präsidenten als Leihgabe an Fam. Schmelzer wieder einen großen Titel gewinnen wird. Wo ein Becht seine Brut wieder als Zuchtziel herausstellen wird,wo eingeladene, geschmierte Richter wieder Nemesis-Hunde als Sieger küren. Das alles sind nicht unsere Ziele, das ist das Diktat der Führung. Wollen wir uns das alles gefallen lassen? Wollen wir einen korrupten Becht als Präsidenten? Steht endlich auf, wehrt Euch, oder hat uns unsere Geschichte nichts gelehrt, gegen die Diktatur aufzustehen.
    MfG Andre und Freunde

    Sorry for these article in german, but after all the rumor´s we heard in Germany, it was nessacary to write some words in german.

    Kind Regards

    Andre and Friends

  13. It will be necessary to make the first steps in Germany ! Don´t give your general permission to the Landesgruppenvorsitzenden for the votings concerning applications and elections for the Jahreshauptversammlung. This is general practice and one of the secrets of their success. Vote in your Ortsgruppen! And make applications that ask for the circumstances of these rumors and behaviours . You are member of the DV , it is your club they are elected to represent you ! And it is your money they spend !
    I am an 1.Vorsitzender of a Ortsgruppe and at the moment anonymous. We must be quite at the moment ,otherwise we will be kicked out ,but time is near and in best case there will be enough evidence for trial on court.

  14. Viele reden in in Deutschland hinter vorgehaltener Hand, keiner macht einen ersten Schritt. Lieber gehnt man ins Ausland und züchtet dort weiter, aber das hilft nicht weil die Zuchtbasis überall belastet ist.
    DV und IDC sind kriminelle Organisationen. Strafanzeigen stellen wegen Verstoßes gegen das Tierschutzgesetz "Qualzuchten" und wegen gemeinschaftlich begangenem bandenmäßigem Betrug. Haben wir denn hier keinen Rechtsanwalt der schon mal einen Dobermann an DCM verloren hat und das durchzieht mit der entsprechenden Publicity, damit das weltweit bekannt wird

  15. It is good that after a looonng sleep Germans few breeders wake up !

    But Gentelmans , please talk in English :-)

  16. P.S. 15 years I think that mean a looonnnnggggg sleep.
    Wake UP more fast and powerfull !

  17. Translation:

    Many speak in Germany in behind closed doors, no one is taking a first step. Dear one gehnt abroad, and breeds on there, but that does not help because the breeding stock is loaded everywhere.
    DV and IDC are criminal organizations. Criminal charges are for violating the Animal Welfare Act "torture breedings" and tied for moderate joint begangenem fraud. Do we have lost here because a lawyer who, as a Doberman in DCM and the crosses with the appropriate publicity, it is known around the world


    Yes, very true. You Germans must wake up and start something. Why do let this dictator and his criminals rule over you like this? It is tyranny. Do you all really want Becht? Did you not learn of the lessons of Auschwitz? This will be the breed holocaust.

  18. Has anyone got more informations about the "greeting-words" of the president of the Belgian Dobermann Club? Looks like as if he wrote that everyone is lying in www and that it's possible to have a look into the bookkeeping of the IDC (only the presidents of the affitated member countries of course)