Sunday, April 15, 2012

World Wide Coverage Chart

Just in case some of you [ presumably the ones that are less happy about this blog ] were wondering about its reach, here is the World Wide Coverage Chart [ so far ] - based on Dobermann Insider web stats.

Click for larger image
We are being read all over the Dobermann world....

Just a small message to all the corrupted and incompetent...

You are being watched...

Over 70,000 Site views and counting...

Hey Wibs! we got more hits than your Birthday website..

[And we got more mail and wishes than you too!]

Readers and friends of the breed, do not forget you can contribute also. You can play your part. With the truth out there, the first steps are taken against tyranny and to save our beloved breed. 

We welcome all and everyone


  1. + at least one in the Philippines.

  2. LOL! I just come here to laugh at your stupid blog! Please don´t count every visitor as your supporter!

  3. Come whe make now a new Dobermannclub
    for it is tho late