Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Comedy Hour 2

Just in case the Italians feel left out...

We have another big joke here......

No,  dont mistake him for an ordinary dog....

We just ask one question of the Dottore..... " SERIOUSLY??"

Obviously there is so much more than meets the eye [ or his ]..
When major results are politics driven and given away for connections [ like a Don].. what more can we say for the breed standard?.... And really, what more can be said for other show results under these judges?

And the fault dear readers, lie with the majority of the breeders and show organizers and attendees.. because at the end of the day,most are simply sheep following what everyone else does.. for FEAR of upsetting the chance to bring home a shiny cup and increase your breeding price...

This dog's results is the proof of everything we have said.  

You be the Judge...of yourself too!


  1. what a fat mutt. the need twice as much time over the "A" - wall, like a malli. maybe he can not do it at all? so are the rottweiler before a few years.

  2. OK, but you have got to give him a credit for AIAD bitework, unlike some other dogs there. Alright, the handler was slow in her cockiness but the dog bit that sleeve well...although it is clear that he was worked out under the pressure. Needs better trainer most definitely!
    Otherwise I agree, this dog is offset in terms of his looks.

  3. not to be believed! Only politics and personal interests, standard is important only for some situation.
    it’s better not to say such things!

  4. this is most worster IDC sieger in last 10 years. this dog is only fat pig. his breeder is also very bad person. Many people can remember on IDC in Hungary few years ago when he show his middle finger to people out of ring because they didn't agree with first place for his female Ursula. Other people was kicked from IDC just because they "kick" their cup on IDC even on movie from IDC nobody kick this cup. Like always some people can do what they want and some even did not make anything was punished.

  5. Quick, quick! Sign the DV-loyalitylist.


  6. dear mr Wiblishauser! Hitler also had loyal followers, but he was a good men? The fact is that you've ruined the breed! you have changed the standart. result = fat, unathletic giant dog. you have all the bad dogs, brought by breeding suitability. result : almost every dachshund dog is a better working dog. you have with your breeding policy, great blood lines let die and some lines promoted conspicuous. result : the gene pool has shrunk dramatically. you have denied the consequent diseases and concealed. and worse. you have health tests abolished.result: more than 60% is sick.

  7. If you have not signed the loyalty list you better do so quickly before its taken off for some legal reason (LOL) or its a total fail. Its distressing to see how many ;) people have already chosen the path of loyalty. Hole familys!!!!! just for a number. Its like those cyber petitions when one person fills for the house

  8. Pezzano is not a real doctor.

  9. Rottweiler and no Dobermann. No nobility and no shape in the underline at all. Looks like a box and not a dog.

  10. The real shame is not this insignificant dog and his dirty breeder, in Italy there is other big intrigue and big mafia, for example for Italian dobermann is not possible to finish Italian champion or Aiad champion if the ZTP or IPO was not judged by Pezzano, if you have German ZTP with other judge is not possible to show in AIAD CH or to finish Italian ch.!
    Pezzano controls everything with his spies his puppets,which changes based on circumstances or sympathies. In Italy won only insignificant dogs that do not remove matings and space to his dogs,If Pezzano see a beautiful dog that is annoying his or burn it in ZTP or IPO or show. is a proven system over the years, that the stupid Italian breeders have always accepted out of fear, how to use his dogs only hope to win something!
    This is the real shame that everyone knows !If you put against him, forcing you with several ways to get out of this race, as has already happened to many people.
    judge youself.