Monday, July 9, 2012

Komedy Hour 3 - DV's Guilty Anguish...

It seems that the truth does not sit well with the DC Presidium and their cronies. They have to resort now to actually asking people to sign their loyalty and 'solidarity' to the DV, against our blog and the truths we publish.

And we just learn now, with evidence, there are signatures of people who NEVER  signed anything! Quite a few names in the list are just entered by the DV office, without the knowledge of the real persons! SHAME ON DV...

Its simple really.. if you are not guilty, you wont feel so insecure and worried. If you are so confident we have not told the reality situation and truth.. then why even request, beg to know who is loyal? This is so childish and immature.. and truly unprofessional...sadly

Poor Wibli...

This is what they have written on their website - loyalitaetsliste

Mittwoch, 04. Juli 2012 | Admin
Liebe Mitglieder im Dobermannverein e.V.

Seit Dezember 2011 werden unser DV, unser Präsident und das Präsidium, sowie unsere Richter im DV in einem obskuren anonymen Forum beschimpft und infam beleidigt. Die Blogs wurden systematisch gesteigert, indem immer noch eine Verleumdung mehr verbreitet wurde, wenn das Interesse der „Lesergemeinde„ nachließ. Unerwünschte Kommentare werden vom Betreiber natürlich nicht veröffentlicht. Nachdem alle Richter im DV beschimpft und auf das Widerlichste beleidigt worden waren, konzentrierte man sich auf unseren Präsidenten, Herrn Wiblishauser sowie die Richter im IDC.
Herr Wiblishauser führt seit 1974 unseren Verein, das sind 38 Jahre seines Lebens, die er dem Dobermann gewidmet hat. Unser Dobermann hat unter seiner Führung u.a. die Kampfhundehysterie und das Kupierverbot mit Bravour überstanden. Die Hunde aus deutscher Zucht sind sowohl in der Leistung als auch im Exterieur weltweit an der Spitze. Wir haben eine exzellente Zuchtordnung, eine ausgefeilte demokratische Satzung und der Umsetzung von Beschlüssen gingen immer mehrheitliche Abstimmungen voraus.
Wollen wir uns von einigen Abtrünnigen, die sich eben nicht an unsere Vereinssatzung, an demokratischen Vereinbarungen und Regeln hielten, unsere Zucht, unsere Leistung und unsere Rasse krankreden sowie unseren Dobermannverein schlechtreden und kaputt machen lassen?
Unhaltbare Behauptungen gegen bestimmte Personen entbehren jeglicher Grundlage, können nicht belegt werden und zeigen in den Ausführungen ein klar psychopathisches Krankheitsbild. Es ist verständlich, dass bei Erfolgsverlust eine gewisse Frustration einsetzt. Was wir hier erleben hat jedoch nichts mehr mit Frustabbau zu tun. Feige, anonyme Beleidigungen jedweder Art über Personen haben nur Mobbing zum Zweck. Jedes Mitglied kann in unserem Dobermann-Verein selbst entscheiden, wozu es sich bekennt. Dann aber bitte mit allen Konsequenzen. Offene Diskussionen über Verbesserungen und Änderungen sind immer erwünscht.
Jedes Mitglied, jedes Vorstandsmitglied, jede Abteilung und Landesgruppe ist aufgerufen diesen Verleumdern und Neidern das Handwerk zu legen.
Lassen Sie in ihren Abteilungen und Landesgruppen nicht zu, dass unser DV, unser Präsident und das Präsidium, unsere Richter und unsere Zucht von anonymen Feiglingen, die noch nicht einmal Mitglied bei uns sind, besudelt, mit Häme überschüttet und verunglimpft werden, denn es trifft letztendlich auch Sie, Ihre Zucht und Ihren Dobermann.
Es ist unser DV, für den jedes Vorstandsmitglied, jede Landesgruppe und jedes Mitglied seine Freizeit opfert, viel ehrenamtliche Arbeit aufwendet und sein Herzblut einbringt.
Wir sind es unserem Dobermann schuldig, dass wir für unseren DV stehen.
Gemeinsam können wir unsere Loyalität zeigen, uns distanzieren und uns öffentlich und namentlich in die Loyalitätsliste des Dobermann-Vereins eintragen, unter:

I. & E. Leber

Here is a simple English Translation:

Loyalty List
Wednesday 04 July 2012 | admin
Dear Members of the Dobermann Club e.V.

Since December 2011, our IT, our President and the Bureau, as well as our judges in DV in an obscure and anonymous forum insulted insulted infamous. The blogs have been systematically increased by a smear was still more popular when the interest of "readership" wore off. Unwanted comments will not be published by the operator. After all judges abused and insulted in the DV on the most repulsive, were focused on our President, Mr. Wiblishauser and the judge in the IDC.
Mr. Wiblishauser leads since 1974, our association, which is 38 years of his life which he has dedicated to the Doberman. Our Doberman has inter alia, under his leadership the fighting dogs and hysterical Kupierverbot survived with flying colors. The dogs are German bred both in performance and in the exterior world leader. We have an excellent breeding regulations, sophisticated democratic constitution and the implementation of decisions were always preceded by a majority vote.
Do we want to talk ill of some renegades who were just not in our statutes, and rules of democratic arrangements, our discipline, our performance and our race, and speak ill of our Dobermann Club and can take breaks?
Untenable claims against certain persons are completely unfounded, can not be proven and shown in the embodiments, a clear psychopathic symptoms. It is understandable that begins at a certain frustration loss success. What we see here, however, has nothing to do with frustration degradation. Cowardly, anonymous insults of any kind to persons, only for the purpose of harassment. Each member can decide in our Doberman club itself, what it professes. But please with all the consequences. Open discussion about changes and improvements are always welcome.
Each member of each Board member, every department and national group is asked to put these envious detractors, and the craft.
Get in their departments and state groups not allow our IT, our President and the Bureau, our judges and our breed of anonymous cowards who are not even a member of our polluted, with malice to be overwhelmed and denigrated because it meets ultimately, you, your discipline and your Doberman.
It is our DV, for each member, each regional group and each member of his free time, sacrifices a lot of voluntary work and spends his heart brings blood.
We owe it to our Doberman guilty, that we stand for our DV.
Together we can show our loyalty, our distance and our public register, and especially in the list of loyal Doberman Club, at:

I. & E. Leber

>> Here I am swearing my loyalty to the data published list of Doberman Association is a Solidarity vote

And then there is a link for you to sign your name, nationality as the loyal servant and of President Hans...

Thats Great! now everyone knows which way these people turn their eyes to the injustices, corruptions and nepotism and the breed decline, all result of the leadership and politics of Hans Wiblishauser and gang. 
Self Fired Petition

Our comments to this :

We have always stuck to the facts of events and matters. Readers of our blog are not stupid, or blind. IDC 2011 selections and the treatment of many people there, was very obvious and blatant. Likewise, the actions of various judges who are focused on politics and nepotism first, before the breed standard. Thomas Becht and judging his own breeding for example...

The evidence of Wiblishauser's criminal past is given by the Munich Court records reference numbers. The records for the financial charges and corruption is there as well, and many people are aware of the misuse of funds. Wiblishauser's lifestyle cannot simply be sustained by the small income from the VDH or selling newspapers.

There is zero transparency and accountability by the IDC President and his gang. He makes his own rules and he removes all those who protest or dare question him. This is well known.

The Dobermann breed today has health issues, which were ignored by Mr President, and then he blames it on others. The ban on cropping, docking could have been fought and avoided, but he never did anything, even when on the VDH board. The working ability of the breed has been continually ignored and set aside as a non event, since 1978 and the persecution of breed experts such as Vogel. Just look at the poor attendance of the IDC Working Championships each year and the decline in the popularity, standards and abilities of Dobermann in working sport... even in Germany.

We have posted up documents, photos and videos to show evidence of what we write and expose. We have always given the facts, and careful observations. We are democratic to allow anyone to give a comment and voice their opinions anonymously, safe from persecution and punishment. We have given voice to the masses and spoke out what needs to be spoken on, and previously only whispered. 

What has the 38 years of Hans's leadership resulted in? Ask yourself that carefully and truthfully. 

inside DV office..

The Munich show only had over 20 entries, and the DV Seiger show only 75. And DV says they are the leader in the world for the Dobermann breed? Only because of the biased and political judging, that you can have dogs like Hilo, Kyrana, Orson, Stella and others winning.. How does Dottore feel about placing Orson over the IDC Sieger? To make it a smooth transition for him to be next IDC Sieger?

Fact of the matter is:  the Biggest Decline of the breed is in Germany itself. And over the last 38 years. 
What is not fact is what DV says; " the dogs German bred both in performance and in the exterior are world leader. We have an excellent breeding regulations, sophisticated democratic constitution and the implementation of decisions were always preceded by a majority vote."

Really? You be the judge.....

Here the DV says we are malicious, abusive, insulting, and our claims unfounded. In truth, what these people have done to the breed is far worse. We stand for the defense of the Dobermann breed, against corruption and politics which harm it. What does President Wiblishauser and his gang stand for?

What does the breed have in its leadership? Consider carefully..
We have a man linked to criminal past [ including harming youth and children], corruption and self interests.We have a doctor linked to the Mafia, who also makes very political decisions and power plays. We have a South African who has no qualifications for the breed, is extremely unpopular, arrogant and even responsible for the breed decline in his country.. We have a breed warden who has never bred anything significant or knows much, other than being Hans' boy.. We have another German who judges his own bred dogs, is paid by Russians and is a racist bully.. waiting to take over the DV, IDC... We have an old Belgian past his glory days with no real qualifications for his position in treasury,and his main job is to support Hans. We even had an ex-Honorary president who was a Nazi SS Officer.. 

And this is supposed to be the INTERNATIONAL Dobermann club.. to stand for Understanding, Goodwill and Friendship?  We all know what that meant in Hungary 2011 and even now....

So,tell us...who are you to point the finger at others, and ask for loyalty? Perhaps Mr President wants to be like another past Fuhrer and command an oath of allegiance to him?  It certainly looks that way....

I swear by God........

By the way... our blog of truth has almost 100,000 pageviews, and daily over 300... you have only got over a hundred signatues for your loyalty to Hans.....

If one is not guilty, one does not ask for sworn allegiance and loyalty commitments....

Readers, judge for yourselves.... 



  1. The whole loyality list is an old nazi method to find out who the enemy is......

    GUILTY !

  2. The list of names (DI should publish the names - a List of Shame is a better name for it) says more about Wiblishause than he thinks, because the people that matter and make a difference in real terms in the breed are not on the list. The list is made up of tired, old Wannabes from Olde Days, his usual crowd around him of mediocre, uncritical loyalists who owe him their positions of influence in DV/IDC and the rest a bunch of locals and otherwise essentially non-political people who are not in any position to evaluate the truth of anything being said by either side. So their support can hardly be considered a value judgement on the facts. They might criticise DI for publically flaming Wiblishauser but in a dictatorship there is no path for doing things democratically. This is the only way the other side of the story gets out to the public. Time to end decades of disasterous leadership that has ruined the Dobermann in Germany and turned the international community into a private income base for Wiblishauser and his running dogs.

  3. Name what dogs from Wiblishauser are known for good performance results? What dogs of Wilishauser have won where he has not had his hand in the judging? What dogs has Wiblishauser trained himself to Schutzhund or IPO 3 himself?

    A. NONE.

    Wilbishauser lies about his practical credentials, he falsifies "evidence", he uses other people to do his dirty work for him.

    Don't let him use YOU.

  4. Wiblis favored song under the shower:

    I needed money because I had none
    I joined the DV and got some...

  5. This is hilarious and also shameful! The whole families signed in along with their children. What is this, a fucking Jim Jones sect? What is next? A cyanide pill between the teeth?!
    This is such a bad taste and a sorrow reminder of WWII and Nazi-families who took pledge to Adolf Hitler, the lunatic from Austria.

  6. Igor Tomasic and Ester Gjorek!!!
    What was that? I thought they're giving BJ to Pezzano, not to Wibli!!!
    No wonder ausländers signed in. Slovenians were always such a good horsetakers!

  7. Wibli is once again trying ot hide behind membership and these mindless slaves are following with no questions asked. I guess they are ok with his pedo-past. Perhaps some of them even provided for his pleasure as well. I see the whole German families are signed in. What a lack of personal integrity and dignity.
    Shame on you, protecting and hiding convicted pedophile pornographer!!!

  8. lol, I don't see Pezzano on the list!

  9. Wibli when you die, your heritage is, the ruin of a once proud breed! There remain 38 years of shame. all your loyal slave, can't change anything on this fact. But I repeat: what do we do? We can not save the breed, with crying.
    please start a dialog on "how we can save the breed". The lament must have an end. now have to follow did. otherwise it is too late for the dobermann

  10. I am sad when I saw so much German names on this list , so numerouse persons which sense no regreat, not because they are pro this politic but because this race sorrow.

    Vom Weinberge Avatar

  11. WOW!!! This is incredible, IS there no way to stop this nonsense that is going on. Can't another organization be formed that is fair and square. I thought our AKC wwas bad.

  12. Insider.. you are still much ahead of these losers. It is so sad for these people having forced to put their names out in allegiance to the criminal. They have nothing else going on their lives, obviously.

    Nobody of real reputation and qualification and importance is on that list!!!

    Biggest joke from the DV ever!

  13. The loyality list has something good too. Everyone knows now, who gives Wibli a leg up.

  14. Nice line up. Many Germans sucking Wibli's limp member, along with some foreigners.
    There is that silly girl from Kriegershof kennel, Kristina something, an average breeder, ready to trade her name for a shiny cup. That's cheap. Nordics are main servants to Germans these days, obviously!
    And what do you know, there is no Becht nor Daube on the list. I wonder why.
    But, of course, Redtenbachers are there, late but there, despite the fact that Helmut was kicked out of judging list for 2012 IDC. At least ONE decent move from Wibli! Because Helmut knows about Dobermann, as much as we know about the dinosaurs. Nasty bugger he is.
    Must have been an agony for him whether to sign in or not now that he is not in exact mercy of Pharaoh Wibles the First. I bet it caused many sleepless nights.

  15. Very surprised how small minded and immature the DV has become.I think no other dog breed club has embarrassed itself or look so childish as them. I would be most ashamed to put my name there, and show the world what a sad pathetic person I am.

  16. No words!
    They are guilty so the ask at other people, please tell us that we are not guilty!
    In which world they live?

  17. Symathy For The Devil

  18. Berlin Dobermann GroupJuly 11, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    Insider... If you make a survey of who supports you compared to the DV, I am sure you will get much more support!! You are speaking on behalf of most of the Dobermann people, and mostly the truths. Even if some we are not sure, but many facts are very clear and apparent. You are correct, we are not stupid and those people who are on that shameful list!

  19. Ha! Now we know how some people with average dogs get good placings in shows under certain judges... for example -

    181 Hamel Sandrine France
    182 Hamel Sebastien France

    How nice..

  20. But of course, this is a raw example how their corrupted system works. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Never had anything to do with dogs and never will.

  21. Add your name to the loyalty bucket / shit list then enter the IDC. This is your only chance

  22. Jürgen Pfisterer Deutschland

    neams the next IDC Sieger will be ORSON

    Jean Paul Godart Frankreich

    you know now why F'Hiram mated a lot of females?? He is died of CARDIO but nobody told it

    Michaela Hellmann Österreich

    Van da Hell kennel..........

    Sylvia Krukenberg Deutschland

    v Krukenberg his male Assanto made for 2 time the dog which explain the korung at the others

    Ester Gjorek Slowenien

    2 brown females both of them wins a lot under all the judges

    Carlos Rocha Portugal

    kennel de Rovira

    Kristiina Aaltonen Finnland

    Krinegerhof kennel

    Mario Mayerhofer Österreich


    Gertrude Mayerhofer Osterreich

    di Matario kennel

    Filiana El-Naib Deutschland

    owner of Achilles v d Bruggenern

    Fabrizio Coppola Italien

    owner of del Conte Drago Kennel and owner of Yankee v Klingbach

    Stefano Sardelli Italien

    owner of Di Casa Fox kennel

  23. Tanja Plachta
    vom Safir kennel

    Great to know, where one should not buy a Dobermann or uns males for mating.

  24. Carmen Lindner
    vom Beelzebub Kennel

  25. Of Devil Inside Kennel - France

    Another chasing titles.. will be rewarded by uncle Hans

  26. It does well for a long time that F Hiram died!

    Well before the official date !!!

  27. Concerned DV MemberJuly 13, 2012 at 6:21 AM

    Dear Mr and Mrs Leber DV. What is the meaning and intention of this silly list? Is it part of the DV's 75 years of Wiblishauser celebration? You already made him a website birthday card [ which was silly and childish also] and now this list of solidarity? it is also interesting that there are thousands of Dobermann members and owners, but so far you have less than 300 people on the list, most of whom are family members.
    So,please, do tell us all what is the meaning and intention? Because to everyone, it does look quite silly and also sad.
    And people are signing mainly because they want nice results when judged by the Germans. Of course, we all think poorly of such people.

  28. What is going on with "the List"?
    Getting smaller every day? Yesterday
    there were 8 pages and today i see 6 and a few names on the 7h page!
    Where have all the loyal members gone?

  29. I have noticed this too. So sad, Carlos Santana is not on the list anymore. :-(

  30. Yeah, and he was the only celebrity there :)))

  31. So what if they even collect 1000 names and families? It proves nothing at all... It just shows what some Germans are truly like.. and explains much of their race problems. No wonder some Germans also voted for Adolf Hitler in 1933, and also deny the holocaust.

    It easier for them to sign their names than to take responsibility for having people like Wiblishauser and Becht.

    I am ashamed to be part of anyone on that list or the DV.

  32. han vd zwan on the list as well what a show this is. they feel trouble all the way.

  33. Han vd Zwan is another sad man too.. now you can see him walking around in some shows like IDC finding familiar faces or anyone who will speak to him. He was once Hans Wiblishauser's good boy, making as much trouble and lies on others. Today he has been discarded aside and now he seeks attention. He also stole from many others their articles and words fr that book of his. It is not his writing or did he ever really see most of those dogs.He stole the kennel from Frau Kniff before she died. He was her kennel boy, and he acts like he is real.
    This is what the DV attracts to their list of shame.

  34. Zwan. A kennel boy pretending to be a breeder. What a joke! Do you think Quirinus was fruit of his own "ingenious" breeding program? And if yes, where do exactly Neêrlands Stam fits into picture?

  35. In reality always the "winners" wroted the history how they like not how really was.

    Regarding Quirinus maybe he was one of the best but was only a dog from that again and again bloodlines and nothing more.

    That bloodlines entered with force
    over real historical bloodlines and are responsable by actual GENOCIDE and ills : dcm, cancer , torsions, wobbler .

    By long time , the new breeders confused the white with black.

    Weinberge Avatar.

  36. anyway...that list is good and , I bet, will remain in history !
    Tehere are wroted and signed all responsable persons by dobermann race sorrow .

    Write your name and Sign !


  37. A lot of those people aren't signed by tgheis hand this list totally wrong!
    Is 1 or 2 people that writing the names.....there are a lot of peopel that are in the list that doens't write their name!
    This is the true, because I've asked at one of the people that is in the list and he told me..really? I haven't signed anything!

  38. 355 Florindo Coppo Italien

    he had no PC and is totally without mail so there is another persone which signed for him

    373 Antonio De Curtis Italia

    sooo funny

    333 Martina Nergussi Italien

    she is 88 years old so no pc and no mail and no more dobermann since 95

  39. Simona, you are correct! Many names are signed by other people. Also now the Boss Pezzano is there, so all his boys must also out their names there.

    But nice to see old actors and funny names there also!

    Maybe they will even add in Herr Karl Dobermann, Sonya Franquemont, Herman Palmer, Ottmar Vogel too?

    Look out, your name might be next on the list too!

  40. This list has no relevancy unless being published with IP addresses!!!

    Otherwise, the couple keep signing in people without their consent thinking: they won't mind and they wouldn't dare asking for removal.

    It is as simple as that!

  41. People.. be careful...The Incredible Hulk is also on the list!

    377 Bruce Banner USA

    message for DV - Spiderman called, he said he asked Batman to sign for him too. Like you signed for all these people, including Attilio!

  42. yes for sure a lot of those people are fake!
    Includign pezzano because he signed all as pierluigi and not pietrogino (but the 2nd one is his real name)

  43. 359 Fred Kunt Deutschland

    He does not even know, that his name should be written with C.




  46. Von Sentinel is on the list wonder.... they expect to win in IDC..

  47. Re. von Sentinel,they are merely opportunists. Not the real breeders anyway. Just one of many willing to sacrifice it all for a shiny cup and sincerely, it is disgusting!

  48. And the winner of the loyality-cup is......

    The Bremer-Clan!!!! "Vom Residenzschloss"

    Additional price is:
    3 times free a...icking with Wibli!

    Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

  49. Every good dictator needs their own set of groupies. Hitler had his brown shirts, and then the SS. Mussolini had his black shirts. Saddam had the Republican Guard. Seems it just feels nice to be surrounded by people who like you, people who are dedicated to you, people who would swear their loyalty to you on a list... Thank you Mr President to expose all these sad people..

  50. Mahatma Ghandi:

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win."

    I guess we are at stage 3.

  51. This ain't right. DV is raping already weak minds of these people in order to confirm their already questionable reputation. This appalling forceful attempt to beg for loyalty is simply not moral nor it is honorable. Now they are asking for the names of people so they can keep them as hostages. I feel sorry for these poor souls. This is by far the worst move ever and is humiliating not only Germans, but other nationalities as well. GOD HELP YOU ALL!

  52. Fast steps:

    First ignoring


    Anonymous said...
    LOL! I just come here to laugh at your stupid blog! Please don´t count every visitor as your supporter!

    May 12, 2012 8:28 PM

    Now fighting

    There is light at the end of the tunnel.