Sunday, August 5, 2012

Das Ende der Liste und DV?

We feel this comment by a reader is quite important to share:


Does that effectively mean that all those people are actually loyal to HIM (so it would look kinda stupid for him to be loyal to himself), or to DV club. this the proper way to put it: DV = WIBLISHAUSER?
Either way, non-Germans have NO business there!

mmm mmm .....What we want to add is - 

Think about this carefully.... An Oath and Commitment of Loyalty to a man... an individual..., not the club..not even towards the breed....

Can you remember the last time a group of Germans made an oath of loyalty to a single man?.....

Adolf II
Another interesting observation..we waited for the list to generate as much interest as possible.. for one Month.. and until now... there is only just over 400 signatures - many of which are fake [ like Carlos Santana, Peter Griffin of Family Guy, etc] , most are forced, with their whole families, and quite a few have their names there without their permission [ such as Signor A.P. ]

And yes, what are those non Germans doing there? Great Opportunists? Or just the desperate and shameless....

So, Mr President - will you admit this is a failure and you have only embarrassed yourself and the DV much further? Seriously.. dont you have better things to do.. or better yet..go RETIRE,and take along Becht and gang.. we hear the Bermuda Triangle is a nice sunny place this time of the year...

Let us now wait for IDC and compare the winners/placings to those on the list?
That will be very interesting too...especially those poor foreigners on the DV list..

But really, we give a Big THANK YOU for that list... you made things so obvious for everyone else..

Dobermann Insider : 1   ,  DV : 0


  1. Way to go Insider! Keep up with GREAT work!

  2. This should have been on the Chatboard, but I will now use the ONLY OPEN site to post the comments, because Dobermann-Review is now moderating and reviewing the posts there. As it was not enough that she is reporting the IP addresses to we-all-kno-whom!!!!!

    DR Admin quote:
    "As you see, I'm deleting your posts about Purgaj. You wrote quite enough times about him, I'm sure everyone here is familiar with the situation and there's really no need to keep repeating the same story again and again. Take into consideration that by asking you to stop with this, I'm not taking anyone's side...I'm sure justice will be served in the end."

    Ok then, let's talk about you, Admin and your misdeeds in the Dobermann world, shall we?

    What do you think, will the justice be served in your case too? I mean all the things that you've done and all the monkey business that you've pulled so far with your "breeding".

    Do you have the GUTS to stand up and be counted, Dobermann-Review Admin?

    I urge you people to think twice before posting to that Chatboard because:
    1. it is now being moderated heavily so only "suitable" posts are go
    2. so called admin reports everything to DV and IDC authorities because each time you post, your IP goes along with it, disclosing your privacy and leaving you to their presumptions.

    DR Admin:
    I am sure you deleted because of the comment about Frenches and not because of many repetitions. Wow, you are true to your master, who ever it might be. Censorship and more censorship! Or, is it because you take money for the ads, so you were simply asked to remove the comments that are telling more than trivially possible on this chatboard. Or is it because the IDC is coming so you are having high hopes with your questionable breeding?

  3. Shame on Dobermann-Review!!!
    But then again they are commercial site and breeders too so no wonder that Izrafel kennel has high ambitions to get deep into old asses. lol
    Her dogs are of subpar quality though.

  4. Yes, DR admins erased some messages and baned some undesirable persons .

  5. DR could have done so much better for the breed.. but it is just another money making internet website, which promotes commercial breeding and show titles. And it is also obvious where the website owner bows her head to, and whose ass it goes inside.

  6. DR is the principal comercial advertising site , principal place where pupies are sold. There are bigest strong connections toward high breeding and judging level .

  7. forgot....and political level
    using this site hundredths of pupies from ill parents which died premature was advertised and was solded and still continue to be solded ! the moneys have no smell...and NO REGREATS !

  8. "Dobermann Genome Project ...

    another invention of dictator Pezzano, certainly to move the discussion on other issues, which are never interested him. After that 30 years have destroyed the breed with dogs with DCM and coupled high consanguinity, now wants to make the test mandatory for veterinarians to enrich his friends ... this is really ridiculous and pathetic, and corrected before serious breeders would have to wonder where it comes from the problem and not offer its highly inbred dogs and carriers of DCM. These charges are only to continue to threaten the breeders and the breed, certainly if one of his dogs will have problems no one knows.

    Good luck Italy!!!

  9. Dobermann genome project......why with all his money Mr P don't make a cardio free on his dogs?
    Why all the dogs that he breed die so young and gave a lot of problems? But why all the breeders use his dogs? MONEY MONEY and WINNERS at shows

  10. You should study the project or at least try to understand what the project is aiming to.
    It's abvious you have no clue what you are talking about

  11. We need to study dobermann breed genome , we need to clarify dobermanns Mitocodrial DNA .
    I have some doubts about origiality of actual genome ,toward molosoidal direction .

    W. A .

  12. Colin Cohen de Terra Mirabili. what a porker. there's something wrong with the breeding. everyone can see this

  13. DOBERMANN GENOME PROJECT!! How idiotic and unprofessional coming from the pen of the great Dottore!! How can "he" or "whoever" have condoned this "article" and the name DOBERMAN is spelt incorrectly! What or where is our breed headed

  14. "You should study the project or at least try to understand what the project is aiming to.
    It's abvious you have no clue what you are talking about"

    Project is obviously aiming to make Dobermann breeding leadership (read: cup holders) to catch up with modern health issues because people are accusing some of the leaders to have made some errors in the past, namely DrP. Now, they want to maintain modern look and feel in order to be understood seriously and divert some attention from the shameful dog shows "judging" they have been conducting for some time now.
    In reality, they couldn't care less for dogs because all they do care about is their prestigious rank within their own organisation(s). Otherwise, they would step down and make room for new ideas and energies.
    And of course, not everything is their fault. They have been encouraged by gold greedy breeders, people that would do anything and everything to win that cup. People with less or no moral whatsoever because they know they have no alternatives in their lives.
    It is not normal that this man (from the pic above) is ruling the Dobermann world for the last 38 years and claim himself to be democrat at the same time. I really can't understand how do Germans tolerate this!? But then again, they are known to be a submissive and obedient to their leaders, while not questioning their competence nor ability to manage at all.
    Also, I think there is a FCI rule regarding the age of the judge. I really doubt 75+ is legit for judging.

  15. we all know for sure how much such research cost - not a problem if the presidium of IDC and DV wouldn't all the time put the money into their pockets and instead would invest it into something usefull.
    since these things will not change in close future - this whole genome reseach thing, is just a dead born child of people who want to abstract the attention of the dobermann world from the real problems - the political leaders of the breed !

  16. The pigs have got their snouts in the pig-trough again. This time Hans has picked the Casino for his free holiday. The same thing happens in VDH all the time, where Hans and his fellow VDH cronies have been busy ripping off the German Kennel Club bank account for decades now. They use VDH money for things like, holding their meetings away in foreign lands; yes, VDH holds Board meetings in the Caribbean, as one example! (And one reason VDH was on the verge of bankrupcy several years back.) Hans and his crooked friends do the same thing in IDC and DV. They have become accustomed to using club money like their own private money and always find new ways and new excuses to spend it too. Just like they always find some dumb Dobermann club to pick up all their drink and food bills. Hans even gets sex fun paid for, courtesy of his friends in South Africa. I don't know why we give our money to thieves. Why we invite them as judges when dogs don't have a fair chance under them. They are worthless parasites and totally useless at moving the breed forward in a positive direction. Their latest planned party at Holiday Casino is pretending to be doing something "real" when it is just another paid-for TALK FEST. Nothing tangible will be achieved. As usual. The breed is being used (again) as an excuse for these boys to have good time while someone else is paying for it.

  17. What sort of study is this when Dottore is not a real doctor! How can he write anything professional about genetics? Dottors job was as a health inspector to check out restaurants for possible health dangers. He was in trouble in the past because sometimes he doesn't mind looking the other way if the restaurant owner pays him enough. He is not an IPO judge either because he gave himself his IPO judge license. He is the same like Hans because they both have not trained any dog to an IPO title themself. They have taken over control of doing the things they know nothing about.

  18. I think it shows how little every one else must know about these things too, when the two gentlemen can get away with this big cheat for so long.