Saturday, September 14, 2013

IDC [ International Deutsche Club ] Show 2013, Romania

We wish to thank our Romanian brothers who did an excellent work for the show, the organization, venue, and it was probably one of the best shows in recent years.

We also wish to say we are sorry for our Romanian brothers on how the show was manipulated and shamed and let down by certain judges, people and announcements... 
As usual....

Let us get to the biggest obvious point in this year's IDC Romania - The German 'Anchluss' or Attempts of Dobermann World Domination..

First, we all knew when Orson was in the catalog, he is already going to be the Sieger. Only an idiot or totally naive person would have thought otherwise. The competition for the males was already over. In fact, even for most other classes, if there was something from Germany, or born from Mafia bred dogs, and especially with the ears and tails.

We saw how many times, uncropped and undocked dogs were forced into the finals, often over the other better specimens and top winning dogs. Consider also the DV Loyalty Liste... and the 'family gifts' given at this show..

Not only did the IDC make a joke of this show, they insult the intelligence of everyone attending.. again.. as usual. And this is despite having the show in a new location, with modern organization and so much promise and hope by almost everyone.. that once, just once... this would be a proper show which would reflect what the IDC motto is  - " Understanding, Goodwill and Friendship".... yes, only if you wish to be DOMINATED and march the goosestep together back to Germany.

Its ALL mein! Hands off!

So, think it over, the 'democracy' of the IDC is once again a big joke. The IDC is basically there to announce and follow the decisions and judging of the DV Germany and what has been decided. Have a look at the IDC website, see the irony of this? -

The IDC Secretary herewith confirms that the requirements for the award of the 2013 IDC Sieger Titles will be no different from that of 2012.


Another major point at this IDC was the release of the DV effective decision that the Dobermann Breed Standard will be changed. Effective from 1 January 2015 no more cropping and docking of the breed. In other words, all will be same as the DV. And consider that they chose the Congress in Romania for this announcement. Yes, forget the fantastic show orgaization by the hosts, and celebration of the breed in Romania. Let everyone know and be reminded, who is the boss and which country rules the breed.


Speaking of which, since it appears everything is up to Mr President himself: the Sieger selection, the judging and the breed changes and well... everything he wants.. why dont the New German Dobermann breed also have a name change.. to Der Wiblimann? After all, if you do look at most of the German dogs, and especially the head, you can see a new kind of breed already... [Ok, this is not intentional really.. the Germans just cannot do much better than this..]

New Head style of Der Wiblimann Breed....

So, Mr Hans, can we really ask - what have you ever really acheived for the breed? Having your own bithday website, a loyalty list of who licks your sauerkraut ass, huge monies to your family and friends... and of course, now the beed standard change and a Sieger to reflect it.

Can we be expecting this as a taste of the future of all Siegers? Is this what is meant by the Requirements for the Award of Sieger Titles? Bullying by you and the DV... Hans, this time you really have proven yourself.

Or perhaps, this gesture of giving Orson the title, and the 'coincidence' of the breed change announcement... Probably is meant to let your fellow Germans 'hijack' the market and keep the breed within the modest limits of their current sales? Maybe now the Germans will have more customers and matings.. Thank you Hans, we all know now what the breed and its real quality means to you.

I'm here for Das Booty!

Very interesting too is the cool intelligence and cunningness shown by the old fox, Dottore. He simply minded his own business, judged what he needed to, and played the game while not getting too close to the Germans. Notice how he distances himself from Mr President at the crucial moments? Such as at the Champion Black males and Seiger finals... Smart guy our beloved dottore, knows how to play the Germans.
Take a bow, Mr Pezz. Your time will come.
Just dont let Wibli poke you too hard behind there..

What of the other judges? Well as expected, as usual, Mrs Ridarcikova is no expert or real judge, but present as a token because the next year's IDC show for the new breed type will be in her backyard.

Mr Guenther Ehrenreich, not the greatest breed judge, but certainly brought some style and decency to judging. Good work Mr Vogue

Mr Pap Vasili Carol? Well, we feel sorry for him... what could he really do or say? Reminds us of Florindo Coppo at IDC Italy,  Erika Szokol at IDC Hungary, Thord Bystrom at IDC Sweden..

But lets come to Herr Himmler [ Becht ] himself.. a man who paid attention to handlers mostly, not much at the dogs. The man who gave two brown dogs winning places, based on his own breeding. Anything new here? Once again it is proven, to the world, that Himmler does not know the breed in person, but the persons with the breed.

Becht's typical Blank Stare... Mr Zero himself
 Of course, Himmler will try his usualy bullying tactics...which he does better than actual judging.

Go back to the Camps! We have made our 'selections'..

This also brings us to one interesting highlight of this amusing German opera.... Mr Dejan Malbasa, acting as the King of the Ring!  This 'Breeder of Thousands of Dogs', was acting rather like a child who is spoiled (and by Germans mostly) to some extent – acting as if a IDC win was God given to him. Maybe he just prayed [ paid ] to the wrong Gods these time....
He brings along a motley crew of supporters who try to act tough ( making boos, whistles, and even to the verge of violence) and then there was the fight between Italian breeder and his kennel boy, originally from Altobello. All because this might have been the last chance for Maxim? Dejan, why dont you act like a sportsman, instead of as a conquerer to the throne?
You know your German is are not that good...

Before.. and After...

But what Becht did, in trying to remove Dejan, was disgraceful and very low behaviour for an an international judge. Yes, indeed to his credit and some balls, Malbasa did put up some resistance. [ more than Maxim did...] But as we know, these are tactics from the Gestapo, the syle of handling by Himmler Becht.  How can you resist?
Mr Malbasa, we give you a small applause for showing some power to the Germans.

Oh, and can anyone count how many bottles were thrown into the ring?

But we also salute the good sportsmanship of the German exhibitors, for sure more than Dejan and his gang. It is just a pity that some Germans are taken advatanged of by the big bosses.

Not that Mr President gives a damm.. he makes his usual disrespectful handwave of dismissing everyone- the audience, breeders, organizers and judges. Nice behaviour indeed from both DV boys...

The Wibli Salute.. or Das ist mir scheißegal '

But interestingly, Maxim was probably the best of all four dogs in that finals.. makes us all wonder, It still remains unclear why did they humiliate Dejan again? Could it be because of last year’s IDC in Italy.. to show who is the daddy of them all ? Yeah Hans, we know...

Also, special congratulations to Mr Boris. It does pay well to be handler of the Presidents' dogs.... Now you can make a nice plan to breed her to your boss' choice.

No wonders there.....

And one true mystery of the show....... 
We really also wonder about this one.... 

Do you also wonder...What happen to the good old days of IDC? When it used to be a real dog show, for people to come together and celebrate this once great breed? As much as the Romanians worked hard, and gave a wonderful event for all..…

Nothing has changed really, because IDC is all about judging and so little about organisation, except for the judges that need to have a good time on their own. Kudos to Romanians for organization but some judges once again showed their ignorance and disrespect to the competitors and even to hosting club.

And disrespectful to the FCI too! IDC will use FCI logos all over.. but consider not one CAC or CACIB is awarded, nor was this any kind of FCI sanctioned or offical show... Why this pretense?
To fool people into thinking IDC is not a private club of DV? Come on Boys from Brazil.. people do have more intelligence than you think of them..!

His Royal Highness Chief Propeller Head

[ Whats happens when your head is stuck up Han's ass too long.. 
this is the only way to fly out..]

Speaking of Mr Roland Beunekens.. we do wonder where all the show entry fees go to? Would you not love to see the expenses of some judges, and their indulgences? Or how about any accounting or financial figures from the IDC, or even DV? Since they are taking themselves as the 'democratic' rulers of the Dobermann world...

So, after the business as usual again... we must ask ourselves, what is needed to be changed? And how?

Most important perhaps is the perception about what is important on IDC – people or dogs or cups? No doubt there are some excellent dogs, and some worthy winners at the show, and hard working people who truly love and work for the breed. But really, how many must travel all the way, for a chance at luck and twisted circumstances for some predictable outcomes, just for a shiny cup to bring home?

Also importanty, to be changed - are the Judges. Or rather - to have real expert and unbiased judging of the dogs. Not judging Nationalaties or seeing handlers and for favors given out. Even the judging at local breed clubs or CAC shows are better in general... and this is the IDC Show? 
The League of the Extraordinary Shameless

Very crucial -This German dominance must be put back to low levels. They have been responsible for the decline of the breed as the permier working dog, for the end of cropping and docking, and also for ignoring many genetic and health issues.

The other nations should have their own rights as well – what is the point of having their flags flown?  When there was no respect given. Do they even matter anymore?

In the end, we ask - What did this IDC mean?

Nothing really, but one thing – 

The DV rules and IDC is just their instrument of power


Who were the true winners?

In our next post, we will discuss on the very important issue of the breed standard change.


  1. Does this also mean that Qucikstep is much better than Orson? Defeating the Sieger last year....
    IDC becoming more stupid each year.

  2. Sure that Quickstep is superior phisical and genetical , as Pathos and Ale Alamos too. You don't know what mean dobermann world without that dogs , Genials !
    How long Dotorre will promote beautiful and sufficiente longevive dogs , he have credit .

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Quante stronzate Che scrivete. SE C'E Una persona Che SI è Fatta un Sacco di gavetta, rinunce per allevare è Proprio boris Berletti, ALTRO CHE leccaculo! ha Semper Vinto un Quarto Di quello che si sarebbe meritato. è quello che ha vinto se lo è sudato!fateli Voi i cani che Fa lui, invece di SCRIVERE ste cagate. SE è UN bravissimo conduttore e il presidente ha chiesto di presentargli la Cagna, perchè avrebbe dovuto dire di no????? QUESTO non è Certo leccare il culo. SE Uno è bravo è bravo. . punto
    Tanti Saluti da Elisabetta Fazi
    ps: vi piacerebbe saper presentare i cani venuto lui, va ... invidiosoni. Ciao
    almeno io mi firmo,non mi nascondo dietro un pc

  5. How many crap you write. If there is one person that has made a mess bag, waivers to raise is precisely boris Berletti, MORE THAN ass-licker! Semper has Won a Fourth Of what he deserved. is what won if it is sweaty! You let them dogs that makes him instead of WRITE ste crap. If it is a very good conductor and the president asked to submit the Bitch, why would I say no??? This is certainly not licking ass. SE One is good is good. . point
    Many Greetings from Elizabeth Fazi
    ps: I would like to know how to present the dogs came to him, it should be ... invidiosoni. Hello
    at least I sign it, I do not hide behind a pc
    (google translate.....)

  6. So Elisabetta, you agree with everything Germans do?

  7. i agree with lot of things that you are writing. But about Boris i am sorry but you are wrong. He is a hard worker, a good breeder and an excellent dobermann handler. I am not Italian i do not have a Fiorsilva dog but true must be said.

  8. come mai non si parla della campioni maschi marroni???????

  9. forse perche armani è un gran bel cane .........

  10. armani? certo non è il miglior maschio marrone del mondo!

  11. Probably Armani's handler let Hans see something before.....

  12. only watching ::::::)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  13. but probably he needs a big eye glasses :::)))))

  14. there was better brown females than Havanna...
    maybe maxim was best from final BUT best black males didn't even make it to final!!!

  15. You are right this is the really true

  16. Too in english is anche in italian

  17. That's a ton of bullshit! You can say all you want about Boris Berletti, but he is not a brown noser. He had to give up a lot of things for his dogs, and he deserved every single prize he won, if not more. Instead of writing shit, why don't you try and do what he does? He is a great handler, and the president asked him to introduce his dog. That's all. He's just THAT good. Period.
    Best regards, Elisabetta Fazi
    P.s. you just wish you could introduce dogs like he does. And at least I don't hide behind a PC but I have the guts to write my own name.

  18. I wrote above in English.
    I assure you that Doberman like havana there are few.
    however, is a matter of taste.
    certainly did not steal anything from anyone. morphology and character.
    I I do not comment on the rest, because I put my name. I can speak from what I know, and I know with certainty that Boris Berletti is an honest person and with great passion. had to sweat a lot to get the results.

  19. Boris is great handler, no doubt. One of the best in Europe, but that doesn't necessary mean that all the dogs he handles are great too.

  20. everyone has their own tastes and ideas. I have expressed my.
    every year there will always be someone unhappy with how it went. because everyone has his own idea of Dobermans. there will never be a year in which everyone will be happy with a dog

  21. the point is that the dogs will like Boris to some and not to others. rightly so. everyone has their own tastes and ideas.
    but to say that he won because he handling the bitch years ago of the president is only malice. the handling was because he was asked. nobody would have said no, and I see no reason to do so.
    d have absolutely no agreement on what is written about him. because he did not have ever given anything.

  22. Tell me, beautiful Elisabetta, is Boris incapable of defending himself so you have to act as his personal bouncer?

  23. Excuse me! But why are we discussing Boris, when there are others more important issues mentioned in this text?????????

  24. Boris has no time to be on the computer like you and me :)
    I am not defending Boris, I express my own I read something I do not like to comment. if one does not want opinions do not write a blog with comments :)
    I speak for myself and no one else.
    nobody needs of my stupid defenses. but reading the article I could not express my opinion knowing. :)

  25. I think what Insider is trying to show is that... sometimes, peoole get rewarded for good favors done. Havana is a nice bitch, but she is not Siegerin material, when compared to some other better Brown adult females. Even at the World Show. This is what most people agree on, and so it was not much surprise when she gets Siegerin and World Winner, this is example of what Insider is trying to show. Yes, Boris is ok breeder and excellent handler, but does not mean that Hans Wiblishauser and his friends are fair or correct judges or man.

  26. Hello why nobody speak about Grand Mollis Armani ????????????????????????????????????????

  27. Boris not to be discussed

  28. Thanks to 3.24 pm message

  29. Grand Mollis Armani? What is there to discuss?? A dog like him getting those titles..... Mystery!!

  30. Elisabetta what's your take on this year's IDC in general? Any impressions? Comments?

  31. the truth is only 1 no great dogs on the show, as always and the few amazing dogs where put out in few minutes. Armani is better than Orson 1000000 time and not because he is cropped and docked because he is masculine. Orson is a good dog not escellent as Wita a good female not excellent Havana is and Excellent bitch. A bitch need to be feminine a male need to be masculine we have mammals not eagles, where the male is little and the female is bigger than him!

  32. I do not think that the havana has won favor, but deserved
    wrote that Boris has had a favor. but if you got kicked out of bitches like Lady Boris reve fiorsilva of Argentina or the fiorsilva and more .... another that favors! at least they did!

  33. "A bitch need to be feminine a male need to be masculine we have mammals not eagles, where the male is little and the female is bigger than him!"

    WRONG! That's because so called "small males" are actually Dobermanns and you average female is Great Dane.

  34. The dying dinosaur wants to take our breed down with him.

  35. Few good breeders talk about to create a new international Club. This is a legal right of dobermann lovers . Think to this !

  36. your problem is Orson Armani Havana.Are they good enough for you little judges or not?
    This is why you deserve everything that you get
    from the chairmen.This blog was made to point their corrupted game to you and you are looking at the finger instead of the game.
    You are every year there paying good money to them and if you are not it's only because you do not have a good dog to show.
    If you do not approve it do not enter your dogs to the damm IDC show and do not mate the Siegers or buy puppies from the Siegerins.
    But if you go there every year just hoping to win something , you keep the game strong and going,so stop talking about the winners just because it was not you who won.

  37. Armany is a mystery of this IDC you say? No, Armany is a lucky dog, is a historical dog! How can a dobermann with no hipps (one back hip is operated) become an idc sieger? Have you seen him walking toward the backstage for the blood test? Honestly, when you see him doing theese 3-4 steps not IDC title, but just an "excellent" is a success for him. If he only had a back leg problem ok, but this year his back was much weaker than the other years, it was so weak that his handler had to keep her hand along all his back to make it look straight and, as usual on the top of that, his piggy eye expression ... come is a fake sieger.
    Even if this year comparing to 2012 there weren't so many brown males from the few amount of dogs Armany is not sieger and by very-very far: Oz, Aquilla, Fame Factor, Maximilian, Lucky Luciano, Jork, Stinger and many others are much better. The chance of Armany were the circompstances.

  38. It is simple they gave win to Armani because Orson is a better dog between two.

  39. After all, is there is a big catastrophe about Orson ? Orson is one of the best Nemesis dogs, maybe he doesn't have the level to be IDC sieger, but every year there is an ugly IDC sieger worse than Orson:
    2008 - Byron del Tibur
    2009 – Helena von Nemesis (not ugly but worse than Orson)
    2010 – Naemi von Klingbach
    2011 – Angus di Prisconte
    2012 – Paradise King of Darkness
    2013 - Grand Mollis Armani

  40. You are right very super fedor son are the best this is sure

  41. Do you saw how many voices ask a new international club ?
    Possible to happen !


  43. The wind of change now is started !

  44. In only few hours , dozens of new members !

  45. since yesterday already 200 breeders, with Kennel name, that have joined at

  46. wind of change !

  47. Watch the blog for a while now. Initially, it was not unbearable but it is always childish and disrespectful and one learns nothing new here!
    Is only getting the same rush, envy and jealousy!
    Furthermore, the comparisons are to be drawn here is completely unacceptable and totally disrespectful! And I am neither a breeder or exhibitor e.t.c. That's what happens when a hobby or passion becomes buisness!

  48. You must be German then.

  49. Oh thought it is about the Doberman and not know where you are. Apparently not, but that blog is indeed in the egal.Sorry.

  50. To :AnonymousSeptember 22, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    "I create this blog to have honest discussions, revelations and of course, also gossip on what is really happening in the Dobermann world. It is based on things happening in Europe, especially with the IDC and how they behave."
    Read the first page, pls, and then comment,

  51. The today announcemnt that the new World Dobermann Breeders will follow and respect DV rules , disapointed me.
    I'm out .

  52. It's because you are stupid or illiterate.PRESENT rules.

  53. "The today announcemnt that the new World Dobermann Breeders will follow and respect DV rules , disapointed me."

    Where do you read about this?

  54. Guys, you need to understand that word CURRENT means PRESENT. So, given the situation it means CURRENT STANDARD, or PRESENT STANDARD. So, WDB obviously supports CURRENT STANDARD AS IT IS! NOT the future change of standard!

  55. WDB must support standard and it's varietes (undocked und uncropped and cropped und docked), and that means respecting "freedom of choice", elementary human right, for which even "GREENS" are "fighting". So, dogs, as domestic animals are in the human control, and Louis Dobermann bred this breed to be just like it is in PRESENT or CURRENT standard.

  56. WBD World Dobermann Breeders
    is a great idea, to bring together all the breeders in order to expose their ideas and their problems, and try to do something concrete together for a breed that is dying, behind all this I think there is Attilio Polifrone, one of the few I've still want to make something of good

  57. I don't think I that another rich an Italian mafia, can make something of good!

  58. Signatures at WDB 323 !!!!

  59. A club make only for show c d dogs, because you are so stupid to believe that with the new standard the breed will die.

  60. And you are stupid not to see the logo of the club which clearly shows both cropped and tailed dog. Let alone your poor knowledge of economy and basic genetics.

  61. Boykottieren den Thomas Becht

  62. Boycott not only Thomas Becht.
    We should boycott ALL the shows where the DV-guys are involved!!!

    It is only about money. And the most of the money the fucked up guys earn with the shows and by awarding futile titles to common dobes like the black IDC Sieger 2013.

    We have only a chance if we can reduce the influence of those people like Wiblishauser, Becht, etc.

    There are a lot of intelligent people in the whole Europe who are able to rescue the race. But as long people like Wiblishauser, Pezzano, etc. are on the top there will be no improvement!

    We need a revolution in the dobermann-world!!!

  63. Responsible and intelligent people should replace this positions:

  64. How many breeders of uncropped and undocked dogs are in the new club???

  65. I think 3 or 4, only the stupids, because the new standard is make for them!

  66. it's just amazing how fast Becht became the person who does not respect the whole Dobermann world!
    He is so sure, that he is next after "dying dinosaur"? He is so sure, that will be the next leader of DV? He is so sure, that changing the standard "it will return the breed in Germany"? How stupid of him!
    He is so sure, that having no choice we quietly accept these new conditions, "kneel" before Becht and will breed "natural" Dobermann as if nothing had happened?
    OK. Becht fast and well understand the language of money. Please! Somebody! Explain him to understandable example: natural puppies worse buy = breeders will breed less and less puppies = will be less new and old members of DV = less HD tests = less ZTP = less shows = salary of Becht will be lower and lower.
    Consequently, the change of standard will reduce not only genetic pool of the breed. This argument is not clear and is not important to Becht.
    Change of Standard = less money for Becht.
    Let's hope this example is clear enough for him.
    And more. The best thing what could made for Breed Dobermann "dying dinosaur" - do not accept change of the standard and to defend it.
    For sure it would be his best deed on his post.

  67. someone, make people think this man!!!!

  68. I want obbligatory eco cardio hd v w dd phtvl phpv blood exams for dobermanns hepatitis and all the test for a great health and after ZTP Ipo and so on.after this the standard should change

  69. Anything else, Sir!

  70. Nothing will be changed . Because here don't exist mentality for changement from persons which make part from this system so many years and now put the new banner on their sites .
    I will say to you what will happen : long years of battle for power .

  71. The standard will change for sure, the new club is ma de only from few breeders and the in the dv hands

  72. There is'nt no one new club, is just one organization or association recognized, in just 10 days joined 500 breeders from all over the world! And I guarantee that there are all the best!!!
    If for you 500 breeders don't matter...

  73. 500 breeders are the 10 percent of all the dobermann breeders in fci countries not so a great number

  74. Dear friend, 500 breeders are the owners of about 600 dogs that are normally present to an IDC Show,
    You better, that you make forecasts, with a lot of attention and rational inteligent !!!!


  76. Rita, from where you have such an information that 500 breeders are just 10 % of FCI registered dobermann breeders ?!!!! Or you just want to reduce the importance of WDB throwing such sentences on a blog ?

  77. Rita is trying to say that there are around 5000 Dobermann breeders in the FCI system. Let's do some simple math here: let's say that each of these breeders have at one litter per year, and taken that average litter is 6-8 pupps, it would be like 30.000-40.0000 pupps per year. Make it double or so (2-3 litters per year), and you can have potential population of 100.000 newborns per year, according to Rita. And an average breeder does have more than one female, you know.
    Does this make any sense? Where do all these pups end up? And still, a Dobermann is relatively rare public sight.

  78. I think that majority dobermann breeders , active on public and internet space put their names on the new organisation in hope that something will be changed .
    But after announcement wroted in FB pages that this new organisation is not a alternative and will follow and respect DV rules , my hope died .
    Because I think that dobermann breed need a alternative , a new mentality , and a strong genepool , Then I have doubts that something will be changed and genepool can renew .

  79. I think you are losing your hope too quickly. Have some faith, will you?

  80. "this new organisation is not a alternative and will follow and respect DV rules , my hope died . "

    Ever heard of diplomacy?

  81. When you ban and eliminated from this new organisation , more fast than actual system did ever , one of most powerfull voice of freedom , give me permision to lost the faith in your organisation .


  82. I finish any discussion and expectation about this WDB.
    All the best.

  83. Oh, it's you again.

  84. Yes, I'm Weinberge .
    And the game is already over for showlines , all showlines are the same , is a genetical fact . hope for genetical changement from this way .
    Regarding new WDB majority same show breeders . The yesterday parts of old system now becomed paarts of the new if they put on their front the new logo.
    How many breeders gived their dismissal from IDC and how many preffer to preserve their advantages and be....diplomats ?
    You can't changed your own constructed world ! Why do you think thay you can construct a new world ?
    What stoppedtill now that breeders and persons to change something inside of IDC , and make a more good IDC , a more good WORLD ? NOTHING !
    Only their mentalities and hearts !

  85. Then, I decided that have NO sense to lost more my time and energy in YOURS show world. Already I losted 10 years from my life . This world is NOT for me . Is a ugly one , fully by ills , vanity and death .
    And I have doubts that this will be changed soon .
    I will go with my bloodline in uniqueway which remained for me, in working lines direction . Or maybe..that was wroted from begining for me .
    All the best !

  86. And now some weeks after the show Becht comes to Serbia to ask punishment for Altobello breeder and in on behalf of IDC. So we come to the conclusion that IDC asks Serbian club to do the dirty work for them. It seems that IDC is not that strong as they would like think.

  87. He and his crew are doing nice job demolishing IDC authority.

  88. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you actually recognize what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also discuss with my website.