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    The Union of The Wiblishauser National Socialist  Republics   
So the Berlin wall came down in 1989, and today democracy and representative rule is the majority in Europe. But somehow, some tyranny and dictatorship still exists, not just in the Arab or African world, but right in the heart of our own premier breed club. This is the club which was founded in 1899 to give direction and leadership and proper organization for the breed. The primary function of this club was the protection, promotion and preservation of the Dobermann breed. This club is the Dobermann Verein Germany.

Alas, 100 years later, it has become the club for the protection, promotion and preservation of its 75 year old dictator, Hans Wiblishauser. Just have a look at its website today, January 29 - its all about his birthday.. so much for the Dobermann..

It is common knowledge the club itself is full of puppets strung along by the big boss himself. But how about the actual various regional clubs that make up the association? Perhaps if we look closely at the leadership and main figure of the Landesgruppens, we will see an obvious pattern of corruption, cronyism and idiocy too.

Good example:

Every location group (for example DV Altona) is a member of a national commitee. The 16 national commitees build up the Dobermannverein München e.V.  here you can see the 16 national commitees

So let us now have a look at some of the representatives of these national committees, and which dogs they own and you can judge for yourself:

 LG 01 Bayern (9)
Large group, plenty of membership fees

1. President: Sandra Dötzer
Owner of:   "Anjuli von der Kunstadt" DV-Siegerin  2011 black females
She is also the girlfriend of the breeder "von der Kunstadt" which dogs from the combination Hilo von Nemesis x Anjuli von der Kunstadt has unusual succsses.

2. President: Klaus Plachta
3. Schriftführer: Tanja Plachta

Both are the breeders "vom Safir" But notice that since they are in the board of directors of the Landesgruppe Bayern, the "Safir-dogs" achieves a lot of success -

Grandefernando vom Safir:
Vice-IDC-Youthwinner 2011 brown males
(His owner is Tanja Hupp who is also the cashier of the Landesgruppe Bayern)

Filiana vom Safir: DV-
Siegerhauptzuchtschau 2011  Open-Class black females Exc.1 (Wibli)
VDH-Bundessiegerschau 2010 Open-Class black females Exc.1 (Daube)

LG Bayern is also home to Nemesis and a certain Mr Hans Wiblishauser [ Munchen]

 LG 02 Berlin (2)
Small group

President is Heinz-Günter Grimm
He is the owner of Modus Ost Muzhik and Modus Ost Sophia Santana... And readers, we all know what Mr Becht is doing to Modust Ost now [ banning them, trying to discredit them, etc] .. coincidence? we think not... Clearly, as most Germans already know... Becht seems to be attacking him too. So much for Becht leading by example against fellow German..

 LG 05 Nord (4)
Medium sized group

President: Lucien-Pierre Schmelzer
He and his wife (Petra Schmelzer) are the 'owners' of the Legendary show dog, the multi show winner bitch.. The one, The only...
IDC-Jugendsiegerin 2011 Kyrana von Bavaria.
Great moments in breed history #46....

 LG 06 Nordrhein (10)
Large Group. Plenty of membership money

President is Armin Baumeister -  a judge for working-dogs, and someone who actually knows what he does. BUT, in this national commitee there is a lot of interesting people to take note of, in the different location clubs,, examples are-

Essen - President: Jutta Levic- owner of the Kennel "von Assindia". Now if you look carefully at results of this kennel's very average dogs.. youwill notiuce they win quite big.. and almost always under a certain judge who is very close friends with Jutta.. Yes, we speak of Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, who coincidentally is in the same location group.

Mönchengladbach - The one and only... Herr Willi Cohnen. He is the Location club president and Judge. Yet another 'specialist' out of the blue...
But really, just talk to him and you will see that he is really undeserving of his office. Just like Daube...
But he is very close to Becht, and is his great supporter. Apparently he is the trainer of P.O.R. Odin, [or so he tells to anyone he meets ]and will announce to everyone what a great dog it is and deserves so many titles.. Wonder how much Becht pays him for that and other favors...Maybe a nice position in IDC one day?

 LG 07 Rhein Neckar (3)
Medium sized group but influential

President: Thomas Becht - no need to say more here...

But take note that in this group also has judge Rudi Killmaier [ Lampertheim Group ] and we all know what kind of judging he does now [ Caliandro 2012 anyone? ]

Another group president is Thomas Fischer, owner of kennel "von der Rheinaue". He is the best friend [ maybe the only] of Thomas Becht [ Klingbach kennel ] notice they use and promote the exact same stud dogs everytime..

with the big bosses
In this landesgruppe is also another 'innovative' kennel,  "vom Nibelungenring". The owner, Klaus Hurm had given his female to Thomas Becht for mating. After Becht used the female, Klaus repeats the exact same mating for his own kennel..Compare S-Litter vom Klingbach (Hilo von Nemesis x Ischta vom Klingbach) with C-Litter vom Nibelungenring (Hilo von Nemesis x Ischta vom Klingbach)...Wow - what an imagination!

Just like Kennel "von der Dobiaue" which uses Hilo for the A-Litters as well as for the B-Litters with same female. Maybe the world was waiting for these 'impressive' combination?

And let us also mention the "new members" of the location group - none other than our Danish friends, Heidi Viborg* and Susanne Skov.
  ( as published "Unser Dobermann" 07/2011)......Coincidences?

This group is truly all controlled by Becht and his puppets..

*owner of Dobergaarden Forever Athos  - 2011. IDC sieger

 LG 08 Saar (2)
Small group but influential.

President: Herr Detlef Köhler 
He is the breeder "vom Brunkenstein" and was once the owner of Wanja Wandor van Stevinhage. He got his judging licence around 2009. Not very experienced or qualified, but very much a Wibli-mann. [Same category like Mr. Rein and Mr. Cohnen and other 'breed specialist judge'] As long as you show support for the gang at the top, you get your licence...
And this judge with little experience,hardly ever having worked and trialed a dog himself.. would be an IDC judge too...this is the guy to watch for in the future.

 LG 10 Westfalen (10)
Large club, plenty membership funds.

President is Manfred Kurze
Owner of Ascomannis Gitano, German Champion FH 2005

Location Clubs Presidents:

Bielefeld - Norbert Daube  [ this warden we know...]

Diemelstadt - Fritz Bremer, owner of  Kennel "vom Residenzschloß"
If you see the results of the "big" Main-Shows in Germany in the last years you see that under Judge Daube one Winner is everytime from Residenzschloß!
DV-Sieger 2009  RondoValdez vom Residenzschloß
VDH-Bundessieger 2010 A'Condor vom Residenzschloß

A'Condor and boys
In Year 2010 the location group Diemelstadt was organizer of the DV-Championship for IPO.
So as a nice present for organnizing it -

A'Condor Residenzschloß-
2010 IDC Jugendsieger [ Redtenbacher]
2011 IDC V3 Champion class [Wibli]

Auron Aquila Residenzschloß-
2010 IDC VG2 Jugendsieger
2011 IDC  V1 Open Class! [Becht]

What a nice coincidence! No wonder we see so much advertisements on places like,  for this below average dog. Maybe curved skulls are the new fashion for DV [ see Orson and Nemesis head examples ]

About this famous Kennel vom Residenzschloß:
Judge Armin Hoppe has a male from the U-Litters (Ustinov vom Residenzschloß). In the year 2008 he judged the DV-Siegerhauptzuchtschau 2008 in Stennweiler (location Group of Detlef Köhler)
and well.. just look at the results:
DV-Jugendsieger black Males Usco vom Residenzschloß
DV-Jugendsieger black females UnitedCuba vom Residenzschloß

 LG 11 Württemberg (5)
Medium Group, still good source of funds.

President: Michael Tischhauser

But more importantly we have Herr Stefan Rein inside it, who really pulls the strings. He is in charge of the DV [Wiblishauser's]  magazine "Unser Dobermann"
Rein &  Sausage of the Year Award
He was owner of Chivago vom Wilden Süden ( wow, so many awards won...
and he is now the owner of the very average but famous Ophelia von Nemesis..
who 'naturally' won everything in youth class in Germany and at  IDC she was 3rd in youth class.             [ judge: Becht, who gave SG1 to Kyrana ]

Ophelia's presentation can be found here:
regarding of which we really wonder why the designers of the site were not signed at the bottom of the page same way they did on official DV site? Quid pro quo Herr Rein?
...also - what was the full price of DV site?
...also - what is the exact run of Unser Dobermann and does it match the impressum statement?

Rein, according to many Germans is typical Becht man. Quite arrogant with little knowledge of Dobermann, but is placed in high position and even manages the DV publications. Ask any German who met him...

 LG 15 Thüringen (3)
Small Group, But well placed.

President: Jürgen Anding,  Breeder of kennel "vom Schloß Tenneberg"
and he is a good friend of Fritz Bremer (and so of course he is owner of 2 Residenzschloß females )

His male dog, Akondor vom Schloß Tenneberg has much success too:
Vice-FCI-Jahrhundertjugendsieger 2011 behind Orson von Nemesis (Judge: Wiblishauser)

Vice-VDH-Europajugendsieger 2011 behind...
 [ guess who? ]..Orson von Nemesis
(Judge: Warden Daube)

 And of course, the dog is DV-Youth Champion.


Now do you see a distinct pattern which emerges? Some people [ mostly those corrupt guys on top ] may say our blog is not accurate and making much noise. But we leave you to judge for yourself always. The Germans know what we speak of here. Here we voice our concern about what us going on inside the organization of the DV, and it is obvious to see..All this is important because - this is the foundation club of the breed, since its beginning in Apolda from 1899.

So, we have 50% of the DV Landesgruppen directly under Hans and Becht. The rewards for being in this camp are obvious - winnng nice awards, titles, having judges pass your dog's ZTP, IPO with blind eye, making you feel important and giving you some scraps of the big bosses table.The consequences of not doing so? Harassment, targeted attacks both directly and indirectly, and obscurity for your breeding and neglect for any dissent. Or Wibs will bring you to court as he always did, if he cannot throw you out directly.

There are a few Landes groups and clubs which have decent leadership and intergrity. Most of them are concerned with working sports and training - not shows. So, they are outside the area of the concern of the DV gang today, which is mainly dog show titles. We always thought that Herr Louis Dobermann's main aims were of producing an excellent working dog of outstanding character.. not just a robot show dog chasing titles and ribbons. Just imagine how the native and principal breed club of the Dobermann is like today, and merely become another tool for the exercise of power and corruption of the president/Fuhrer

Whose club is this...?

So, have your Happy Birthday Hans.
No need to give you more presents, you have stolen so much already...


  1. Some comments.
    1. The fact that the officers and leaders of the local clubs also happen to own dogs that are successful is what one would expect. It's not surprising to learn that the people whom dedicate the most time and interest to the breed get to own the most competitive dogs.
    2. Germany is no longer relevant, and hasn't been since their epic failure to prevent the ban on cropping and docking. Who really cares about their national breed politics? The center of the Doberman world shifted a long time ago. The DV can keep its gay ass ZTP and inconsequential winner titles.

    1. I agree on both counts with additional comment on 1.
      Ideally is like that but the question of "which came first - chicken or egg" still remains.
      Are they on such positions because they're successful or have they (and their dogs) become successful because of their positions.
      Wibli was at least smart not to take the ownership of some successful dogs like Golda v Franckenhorst (sister to Guido) which was his dog, no matter what the formal paper said...and she was the World Winner back then.

    2. All over the world show people check the schedule to see if it is a friend judging before they send their entry!

    3. And that's OK?

    4. Successful at WHAT? What has Wilbishauser ever done except collect a lot of political bureau titles? He is a German "specialist" and can't even train his own dog and how many years has he been hanging around and he has bred WHAT? (I mean dogs he didn't judge or co-judge himself to make them win.)

  2. I think this information very good for all non German. We have saying that all things are learn and start from home first. If DV is controlled and make politics everyday like this, then how can they be leader for the breed? Hans has placed all his people and give them small taste of glory to support him. Even his birthday become event for German clubs. For sure, you get nice award for average dog when you play with the game. But breed is suffering, and leader club make only game for ribbons.

    1. Definetly this site is good for non Germans! Reading this is sickening. Nothing less. But atleast I got the answer to why middleclass dogs like Residenzschloß can win like they do..
      And now we all get to see where the "great" IDC Sieger 2011 is training, so that the German CH title is also well taken care of. (and CH in every other country ruled by Becth,as long as it is not in the way of more important breeders...)

  3. What about the representatives in the "Ehrenrat" ???

  4. Obviously it all start here at home. They first practice their monkey business here and just then when they are sure it is working they do the same thing to others outside Germany.

  5. DV became notably corrupt from the time Wiblishauser changed the title of DV 1. Vorsitzender to "Mr. President". He really likes this title but also answers to Don Wibilone. (His friends can call him "Don" in private.) He and his hand picked "mitläufer" all like to piss in each other's pockets. That is why there is always a bad smell hanging around them. The rest of the membership are kept in the dark and fed on bullshit. They are only necessary to provide the money for Don Wibilone's favorite charity (Himself.) Mr. President and the Unser Dobermann chief have a friendly gentleman's agreement regarding their over-priced production which has kept the boys in fresh underwear and clean socks (and the occasional Mercedes) for a very long time. Once upon a time members were allowed to ask awkward questions. But then there were too many questions. Soon all the people who asked questions started to disappear. Critics of Don Wibilone were ending up at the bottom of the ocean wearing concrete shoes. Then there was "Wibbygate." A break-in at the DV office! To the member's surprise, surprise the ONLY things stolen were the DV financial records.

    If anyone has a one-way-ticket to Siberia to spare, please make Don Wibilone an offer he can't refuse.

  6. Wibbs would fit into the Serbian Dobermann group and
    probably go unnoticed among the other thieves and liars.

  7. I read somewhere on this blog that you people wonder why some danish people are members in DV and not in there own club in Denmark. My guess is that it is because of great corruption there too. It is obvious to everybody that the danish President Mr. Allan Bering Christensen and his wife mrs. Merete Dalgard, who both are judges too, are the ones who desides everything in Denmark. They have their favorites, and especially ms. Pernilla Marie Nielsen has great benefit of this.

    1. Ms. Nielsen got the WW10 title and BOB because of them. She also god KBHV10,DKV10 and DKKV10 - all because friendship with Christensen & Dalgard. In skandinavia all knows this! Much, much more could be said about D & D...such a pity they sold into the powergame too...

    2. Yes a lot of people in Scandinavia knows this but nobody dares to say anything. This brown dog Arwen wins everything in Denmark but nothing in other Contrys. Why? In IDC 2010 Mr. Allan was in the ring whit the dog (somebody says politic?) but Mr. Daube didn´t like the yellow eyes, and the missing underjaw. And now Ms. Pernille has puppy from Arwen - bad results in Germany, but wait and see what happens this summer in Denmark!

    3. It is the same in skandinavia. Talk out loud,and forget to EVER show your dog again,or talk to anybody in the dobermann world. The IDC 10 was a great moment, to watch working class brown females and see one SANE decision made. In DK in 2012 the puppy from female will be winner in class and placed high in best female in ALL special shows,and her mother will go on for club CH,and theese "prestigious" titles of gold,silver and bronce dog they have. In best mafia style.

  8. This is what i said before, first Becht is stealing money from the danish member´s and after comes a declaration, that´s not true.And ofcourse it´s true. Allan and Merete , you are the same liar- and cheater-confession like the german president???? For what, for a good standing with Becht and Wibli????? I spick out in front of you!!!!!!!!!

  9. Get down from your high horses! After reading all these replies, I must say you sure sound very hypocritical and jealous. According to the law, do not hang people without having the slightest evidence. I suppose that if you have proof that the claim is true there would be no reason to remain anonymous. And yes I might as well start throwing mud, but then I'm not any better than you. I am not an expert, but neither are you. Speech is silver, silence is gold! It fits very well here - do not speak about something that you are not familiar with. I believe that here is a strong distinction between having something against the mentioned persons and dogs. Moral is good - double standard is twice as good! And by the way nothing get changed if you don't get out from the shadows, it seems to me that each one of you speak on behalf of 75 % Dobermann owner in DK.
    Oh well hope your all are proud of your doing..... Alley. J. Denmark

    1. The proof is in the ring.

    2. How cute...-so Alley J from Denmark. What kennel does your dobermann come from? Dobergaarden or Brown Chief? Do not speak about jealosy or hypocritisism. Neither evidence. With regards to Ms Nielsen and her friendship with the above mentioned judges,ask anyone at certain shows and they will tell you the same story-regardless of eachother.
      The people speaking theri minds on this blog have most of them been in the ring or on the workingfield with all mentioned people in the blog, experiencing first hand the nepotism and cheating!!
      And new dobermann owners should be well and truly warned about all this, as well as we need to get wrid of the mafia style ruining our breed!!
      This is nothing to do with jealosy - it`s concern about our breed that makes people finally speak up. We need to do something NOW, before theese people ruin the Dobermann completely!

  10. Mr. Alley J. Denmark. You write you´r not an expert! Expert in what?? You write on this blog where a lot of people can speak their minds about what happens in the doberman world. You write about being hypocritical and jealous! OMG - what are you talking about. Everybody knows that being good friends too mr. Allan and his Wife means good results in the ring. And not only in Denmark. We saw it in Hannover in oktober. Who was winner - very good friend to mrs. Merete!! This is completely the same as other judges mentioned in this blog!

  11. Wonder what happens to Killmeyer now after his judging in Dortmund. Not the best results for Von Nemesis

  12. He got a CACIB! But Kyrana V4 !

  13. But Orson was not BOB, and Ophelia and Ophira only no. 3 and 6! That is not what we are used to see!

  14. maybe because of doberman insider, they will start to think what they do and how they judge

  15. Lets see what the old corrupted man will judge this friday in Austria... Orson? Ale Alamos? Or some other friends dog...

  16. I guess you mean sunday:

    Sonntag, 20.05.2012: FCI Gruppe II, IV und VI

    But anyway...

  17. Only 28 black males at the world show and 41+41 for the other two judges, all time low for the breed at world shows in Europe!

  18. Great achievement by introducing the ban against croping and docking. 110 dobermanns ! If we are looking at FCI IV there are 130 SS dachshunds :) great no ?