Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 JUDGES  Dr Pezzano 
By Dr Peter Gino Pezzano [The DON]

I would like to express agreement with this letter of the IDC's president Hans Wiblishauser that was published in the Dobermann Verein magazine, and to announce the endorsement of the principles contained
in it and the measures called for by all the governing bodies of AIAD and the Italian Dobermann breeding.
The letter is the result of specific initiative, advocated by the Dobermann Verein and AIAD, consistent and sanctioned by deliberate actions by the Presidium IDC in his last meeting. The same will, initiatives and actions were reviewed and accepted in Italian dobermann breeding, and they have been made coherent by the National Council AIAD, who also approved a concrete implementation plan at its meeting on 26th of November 2011. This same program will be brought to the attention of club members in the upcoming days. I should note, however, that consistent with the principles of reliability and fairness of the selection of the Doberman breed, in recent months the AIAD has already requested and obtained from ENCI important measures to protect the genetic damage that the use of some studs could cause for the Italian Dobermann. I am at disposal to all members and Italian Doberman breeders to give clarification and to receive advice regarding this initiative.

Viva il Dobermann,
Pierlugi Pezzano,
Il Duce
President of AIAD

somebody kiss me.....

- Blah blah blah Dottore Peter Gino... Of course you will "express agreement", "endorse" "accept", etc.. everything and whatever your German masters say.

But perhaps you can start with giving the truth information of your own dogs and breeding? Or you will use this to justify your continuous bullying and threatening antics? Just so you also have a voice to be heard and not be over-shadowed by Redtenbacher... 

No wonder you cannot get a suntan. You stand in their shadows too much and of those true breeders who are giants compared to you.

Readers, we have also learned now of Pezzano's actions agaist a certain very famous kennel in Slovenia, whose dog has been the most influential stud of the last years, and has bred many beautoiful dogs. Pezzano is insisting he does DNA tests on ALL his dogs, conducted by Pezzano himself.. and of course, at the breeder's expenses...

There will be more kennels, breeders who will be attacked very soon by this gang of thieves and corrupt people. Just open your eyes and observe....

Viva il Dobermann


  1. The last statement is very true. Simon is now under continuous attacks by Pezzano. And the slovenian dobermann club (SDC) in under his influence. Disgusting, I say. Slovenia has few registered breeders and the top is attacking their own breeder. But they cant touch him. SDC has no jurisdiction on slovenian breeding, the slovenian kennel club took it away from them. State breeding commission is giving all the licences. And Simon has passed them with every dog. The SDC is non-sense. They have five members. The first ZTP in 2009 there was 15 dogs (most slovenian), last year only three. And in slovenia everyone knows who f**ked up the club. I will not go into details. Many spicy stories.

  2. Why do the Italians accept this dominance by the Germans? Like they are old allies again? Like in the map you show us...

  3. nice picture of Pezzano! :):):)

  4. Pezzano to want destroy all persons get under and that think different of him... this is the politic of Mr Peter Duce Pezzano.
    Dogs and people is not important... is important only the power and throw his weight around!

  5. From DR chatboard: 103 positive reactions 2 negative

    I read and I shudder to words expressed by Dr. Pezzano who is talking about "the end of tolerance" instead of being seriously occupied with the club, the club which is now in total breakdown for many reasons: there wasn't a meeting for 3 years, there were never assemblies to discussed important subject, AIAD's sections are practically invisible or they are put to use only for "elite", club members can be counted on the with one hand, new emerging issues without anyone being aware of them.
    ZTP tests are made when judge has the time, the success of test itself depends whether the dog's owner is obeyant and pleasing to the judge. There is total indifference for the health of the breed. I read about Dr.Pezzano concern about the bad influence of some studs to Italian dobermann - I wonder if Dr. Pezzano is aware that in the last 15 years a male from his kennel "del Citone" had more than 600 (six hundred) matings and thousands of children. Everything always with the approval of the President, well glued to the presedential chair for the last 30 years, surrounded by obeyant advisers that would outvoice any inappropriate requests.
    But I wonder if you know how many dogs of the same bloodline are at a very young age monitored for heart disease or even for some unknown problems? The club never took the trouble to investigate this, instead it was occupied with variety of non-existent problems and issues. Ridiculously, now the main concern is about the genetical damage that some studs have caused with couple of matings, but on the other hand there is Mr.Pezzano's stud with more than a couple of matings who was always pushed as the recommended choice for mating by the president through his monopoly on everything. There is a lot more to say but let's stop here for now and demand to know the facts. If you don't open your eyes we will continue to suffer in silence, feeding on the crumbs he leaves powered by unconsciousness and ignorance of many. I WILL NOT BE SILENT, THE TOLERANCE IS OVER.

  6. Well isn't the issue falsified pedigrees? Isn't that what the concern is? That’s what he means by “genetic damage”. Why does no one speak about this? It is my understanding that the recent actions at IDC and the letter "end of tolerance" is to address the very well known fraudulent practices of certain breeders.

    The corruption in Europe (Wibs, the DV and IDC) has been well known for years.

  7. I have the proof that Mr Dottore Pezzano has sustained the politics of DV, that is for those who are claiming that only DV and Mr Wiblishauser are the responsibles for what is happening.No, he sustained everything because he had interest. Is just a bla bla that he sustained DV because DV by his representative Mr Wiblishauser was THE MAN which fighted against changing the breed standard. At IDC Congress 2011 dottore Pezzano just translated in Italian : we have to get used to have just uncropped dobermanns in shows and used to the breed standard have to be changed. It is better to get few money than at all ? Not Dottore Pezzano ?!

  8. oh. I noticed that this blog dominate Russia-style democracy. I do not know why you mad at me because I published the names of two who insulted me. I know all those who are anonymous here (I made ​​money working on, dig) to incelegeti can learn better in five seconds what color pants wearing p ------------- Russia & U.S.. There are no secrets to my boys. I'm sorry for you and you fear your shadow. I wish you success. goodbye.

  9. Everyone knows Pezzano is desperate for a female to breed with... so he tried to get Gloria Del Nasi... but since he cannot by intimidation., he resort to usual dirty trick and make big problems now for Del Nasi and Slovenia

  10. Hell ain't we all?! lol

  11. The way Pezzano is trying to breed is disgusting. Give me the litter and the owner must f*ck with the puppies. He will award with a small-value-trophy and you must be an obedient slave. Not only Simon is the victim of this lazy fat-ass. Belko of Royal Bell told me personally that Pezzano was trying to buy Jamaha RB, but he wouldnt sell it. He had problems with him for many years. Ah, so many horror stories from this mafioso.

  12. True. Because in reality - Pezzano is not a breeder. He is merely "un grande combinatore".

  13. What you say is true I know well and BELCO and Simon is very true. but why not inceleg Petano accused, as is mafia. on man as part of this organization, has money and can pay double the price that is asked. only to show that he is a gentleman. and can have what he wants price is not important. Most importantly, respect. I see that you do not know to respect. you fear and speak its name. I wonder how to have courage to face heads IDC, in person. I tell you that you are not able to do anything. do not have balls.

  14. But how to accuse him of anything??? I cant accuse him of anything. And if any of the victims would, what would be the indicment. Extortion?? The old man would denie it. Here in Europe, you cant go to any disciplinary comission in any kennel club for these kind of charges. You can't get any satisfaction, if you blame him, that your dogs get second places even of they deserve first. Only dogs must have two balls, people sometimes none. They need brains. And for certain things its better. If you fail, you are doomed.


  16. or better kick him in the a,s because he made a disaster and he destroyed the breed by his politics, licking Germany in the a...for his own financial interest and power, not forgetting the pain made to simple owners whose Citone progenys died at early age

  17. Line of work u say? It seems that the owners of dogs from line of work are more honest than those from show line because for those owners getting matings , getting more and more buyers are not as important as to the show line owners. That is why they dare to tell from what their dogs died of. Many show line dobermanns who are dead are still "living" - no one puts up a notice when or how their dog died.

  18. -there are not honest. but dogs fall dead in front of on the field, viewers. most disastrous Dobermann are in Finland and Germany. line of work my ass.

  19. I am from Finland and I can confirm this. There isn't one breeder in this country from whom I would buy a dog. The best ones quit years ago due to the health situation of the breed. Even for a first dog buyer it's obvious that Kriegerhof doesn't give sh*t about anything else than dog show titles but she's not the only one. Since there isn't healthy dogs with good temperament and working abilities left, they breed with worse than average. Apparently they don't want to do health testing because they are afraid that there is something and/or use a stud who hasn't done any health testing despite the hips.
    My dobie has a weak temperament and not one but two inherited diseases. The breeder didn't want to believe that there's anything wrong with the temperament and understated the illness. After that she tried to buy the dog back from us. She stated that she's better with it. I was concerned that she would use it for breeding because it's a beautiful dog and no she said it would be a family dog. A month later I found out that she was going to pay for new health results for the dog and that she indeed intended to use it for breeding. The Finnish Kennel Club is very much against breeding with dogs whose health isn't in order and there will be consequences so I infomed them about this.

    I've been browsing for a _good_ breeder somewhere in Europe for 6 months and found ten so far. Two of them in Sweden. Poor dobermann. It's such a great dog. I want to make the situation better. I will keep shouting untill something happens!