Thursday, January 5, 2012

Frau Inge-nious [and other minions]


We'll begin this post with a Facebook status by one Roman Ing Rauner (we can only assume that 
Ing leads to his lady-boss)

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How they did it: After the very first voting, Frau Inge-nious asked for the assistance of an Austrian court claiming that traffic jam obstructed the voting, so the census was not reached, she said...and indeed there was a "traffic jam"...
The court has given an order for another voting which was again obstructed by a 
traffic jam, but this time induced by Frau Inge-nious and her spouse personally!!! Amazing fact - they are able to create traffic jams, such magicians. Next maybe she will perform in Las Vegas soon..and here are additional images, courtesy of someone who was there to witness this rather outrageous action...delegates carrying 230 votes from all over Austria were NOT allowed to enter the club nor to attend the Assembly!!!

 No access to the club premises   
 ...because of this ramp 
 ...and faithful minions 
 Traffic jam 
 We wonder what did the police do about it 

You see, they had a "cunning plan": to prevent attendance of people she suspected that were against her election! The traffic was miles long they say...But alas, "Super Mario" wins the election again!..and if that was not enough, she took the case back to court!..and she's been supported by the DV all along. Not only because she is full of creative ideas but because she is 100points in IPO 'B'  [obedience] !

 "Smile, you're on traffic camera!" 

Why on earth is DV supporting such a person, you might ask ?! 

Well, the answer is simple: 

Frau Inge actually PAID [that's bribe] to 'someone' for her ZTP judge license!!!...and it is well known she paid A LOT!!!

She probably wishes to follow the footsteps of your master
Herr Wiblishauser [and late Mr. Striby as well as Dottore Dobermann] and stay in power for life! That seems to be the real 'Order of Business'....

Seems that Frau Eberstaller is no silver-shy in the ring as well.
Give & take, that's the name of her favorite game. She’s known for not rejecting fixing favors, like she's just recently done on certain CACIB show in Serbia where she disgracefully placed this dog

...over this dog

That’s about it when it comes to Ingenious eye's judging ability. Bottom line: she’s either corrupted or plain incompetent

Oh, one more thing: remember the brown [Nataly von Morosso] female she disqalified and just when she was told how stupid she was with that oversized claim, she added 1cm to the judging critique [the female was 70cm] and confirmed the disqualification. How handy, huh?..and it all happened on IDC...and that female has ZTP...and is multi-champion! That's the kind of person we are writing about here! Zero responsibility!
Nataly von Morosso
Now, we want to ask you one simple question, Frau Eberstaller: does the ÖDK belong to you...or to Herr Wiblishauser???

It seems to us that none of you can hold exclusive rights on the club which had quite recently elected a new president, one Mario Mayerhofer [from Matario kennel].
Not only that, you have refused to obey the electoral will of your fellow members but you have also cried on your patron’s shoulder, so they  [DV] issued an immediate ban on the ODK-to-be-organized “European Dobermann Trophy Winner Show” blackmailing the new leadership [and members!] of the club in most obvious way: You dare to organize the show and we shall NOT allow DV judge and then the show title is worthless on Bundes-[tag?]-level, because the show would not be judged by recognized DV judge. It is as simple as that! 

Hold on, the Austrians are eligible to Bundes title?!  What’s going on? Are we talking Anschluss here?

Don't be shy, Precious - raise it some more

By the way, this is the same kind of order that's been issued to some other national clubs back in 2011., such as HDK [Hungarian Dobermann Klub] and now defunct KLDOS [Slovenian Dobermann Club] but for other reasons of course. What remains a mystery though is the fact that DKS [Dobermann Klub of Slovakia] did not suffer any repression and was not forbidden to organize and execute their club show – Golden Dobermann. Could it be because Mr. Wolfgang Freyer [another Austrian guy!] is effectively leading Slovakian club, leaving Dr. Ridarcikova per show purposes only?

...and guess who was juging on that particular show? Our old friend  Thomas Becht. He has also baptized  the almighty shoulder with his boyish tears in order to get exclusive with the Summer shows...

And as usual, gave a win to his own dog too. Shamelessly so!

  step1:  Thomas Becht walking as he has just dropped by

  step2: “Look, it’s my Stella, what a nice surprise!”

  step3: “Play stupid, they won’t notice"

And the video:

Why did we expand the topic to other shows than ÖDK’s you might ask? Well, it’s because they all have something in common - they are all being controlled from one powerpoint and that’s right there in the vicinity of Bürgerbräukeller, in “city of monks”.
Fancy a pint of
... few beers later - one thing lead to another and there you go – Mr. Mayerhofer has been put down to silence, along with Mr. Gschwindl [cashier] and Mrs. Hörzer [show manager]. That’s right Frau Eberstaller, put them all away because they have become too dangerous for the “cause”,....  because they have tried to use their heads putting your own into an imaginary hazard. Perhaps next time, Frau Inge-nious, you should organize the club show in Linz. That would make a nice homage to the origin of what you do and what you indeed are!!! Oh and by the way - would you mind telling us your rank in the organization? Could it be a... Gefreiter?


Frau Inge Eberstaller is set to judge brown Dobermanns on World Dog Show this year...Herr Wiblishauser will be judging blacks...

We can already guess the results... 


  1. The European Show Tropy, was one of the most beautiful show organized in recent years.
    Bravo Maio and Matilde!!!!!
    Only stupid and envious people like this lady, could ruin an event like this.
    Really complimented Frau Inge Eberstaller!!!!

  2. Totally incompetent judge, simply no eyes for dogs!

  3. Yesss, I agree. One of the best events has been terminated and destroyed. And it had tradition. Always more than 100 dogs. Inge sucks. Also as a agility judge. She is pathetic. Disgusting.

  4. This is clear how some people are fighting for remaining as president of a club, why ?!

  5. Idiot judge!!! dobermann as a working breed should still move in showring but for her it means nothing if the dog is in ownership of her good friend, even though this dog does not do any correct step no matter how many times you put him to run in showring, but for her a winner:))And as it was on double show speciality and cacib show then why should the same dog not be singed at speciality show? but only at cacib, because on cacib show it was a sure win.

  6. I, also agree that the European Show Trophy was one of the most beautiful show organized in recent years for our loved breed.
    It is a shame to cancel such an important show.

  7. "We can already guess the results... "

    Of course we can. Nemesis will win!

  8. A shame to cancel EDTWS just because frau INGE wants to be only uncropped and undocked dobermanns at show. How many dobermanns you have in Austria frau INGE and how much you think will go to a show just with uncropped dobies ? Instead of fighting against stupid law and Austrian kennel club order against cropped and docked dogs you are fighting for power for an empty club. Everything which was fine, Vienna Dobermann Winner and now EDTWS is destroyed. Build with a couple of dogs the shows and your dobermann club, you will have same result like in Germany, keeping the proportion of disaster what happened after banning at shows the cropped and docked dobermanns. Give also you a help to the disaster of thje breed, you are for real a dobermann lover , or just a person loving the power of presidency ? I think that also in Austria the hunters (animal killers) from Austrian parliament have right to dock the hunting dogs, but they had their problems with dobermanns giving this law against cropping and docking!
    Austria and you frau INGE have put also a shovel of earth on dobermann breed's grave which was started to be digged in Germany by this stupid law and stupid politics

  9. One of the best mirror of your politics fra INGE that you had 18 dobermanns entered in your klubsiegerschau in 2011. It was a club show or a CAC ?! This is the direct result of your thinking and your politics. How many you think you will have in 2012 ?! I think less. A dobermann club show has to have 2 or more ingredients that make people to enter their dogs : judge, president which have to be liked by dobermann owners, well organized and pleasant show, allowance of cropped dobermanns
    A friend of austrian dobermann breeders, not from Austria

  10. Anonymous said...
    "We can already guess the results... "

    Of course we can. Nemesis will win!
    January 6, 2012 2:58 PM

    Nemesis is one of the last breeders from Germany which is going to IDC SHOWS. It is a pity for Germany that they lost their own members which believes in IDC. Beeing dobermanns a german breed , they are trying to save something : the immage. It is the result of doing nothing against the ban against cropped dobermanns and after so many years the dobermann world from Germany is not finding the way to reborn. Maybe this is the reason why Nemesis is "helped"

    1. Absolutely viable, but that also makes Nemesis a puppet and that's shame because many breeders are eye-browsing him as a fair player and honest breeder and that, my friend, is much harder than Herr Wibli's acted look over the glasses. If that is less important that being a true sportsman then OK, let it be, but history of the breed won't remember him as such. Every community has its collective memory, you know.

  11. Theres also the great Klingbach.... Thanks to Becht awarding his own dogs..

  12. Didn't want to believe this until I saw the photos of the "event". This is awful!!! What kind of people are these?! Since when the Austrians had become such wussies!?