Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Thank you for the comments on him. We are now making this post to gather together information and questions asked on this fellow. His actions are making our breed an embarrassment...

"This time next year, we'll be millionaires!"

These are the words of our own readers...

we have done some small editing and our comments also...

Who are you, Thomas Becht?

Not so long time ago this guy wasn’t well known in the Doberman world. Is he a famous breeder, which you could put together with world-renowned breeders? No, he is just a breeder of ordinary "vom Klingbach" kennel. Is he a recognized world level judge for the exterior or for the working abilities? No.

He is just a head one of the land group in DV, which has the most members and collects the most money - contributions to DV.

Some personal qualities of Becht: he wants seem important and serious man, but to make a serious face – it’s not enough for it. Diffident, not smart, not able to think for 5 minutes ahead, having a lot of complexes, he reached his age, never been married and still lives with his mom. Greedy for money, but he don’t want to work and earn; from year to year he use the same old shoes. But for some reasons this country boy suddenly was made vice-president of DV. In short of time he became the most ScheiЯe figure in the Doberman world. How?

Indeed... how? We are all surpsied how fast he have moved up... Even Redtenbacher we can understand.. doing all the work for Boss Wiblihauser, and his daughter is good in paperwork.. But Becht? Anyone who has met him knows all the above is true of him....

Nothing special. You have to be the best monkey-licker, who is copying his President: to wear glasses, as President (even if you have good eyesight), to look from above glasses to everybody, as President, smoke from time to time cigarillos, as President (to smoke cigars - is the next step in career of Becht).



Why is Becht convenient for Wiblishauser? Does Wiblishauser think this stupid person will be able to save his monopolized empire named “IDC”. No, because Becht is for sure not smart enough and has no diplomatic tact etc. to restrain the IDC puzzle assembled. Will Becht save the cash of IDC, what monies due to the monopolistic scheme is going well into IDC (on account of this organization has a lot of our money, with it Wiblishauser has promised in his "end of tolerance" to fight with us)? Again no. Becht even for himself doesn’t know how to make money. Most of what he can do, - is to ask for money twice: for ZTP exams, HD results, DNA, for ticket etc; for all the things, which have been already paid.

Yes, numerous complaints have been heard of this. Becht comes up to participant and orders them to pay extra 50-55Eu.. with no receipt. If you complain or protest, you are disqualified. 
Becht was also the one who suggested disqualifying people on the spot in IDC, AFTER receiving their entry fees. 

Maybe Becht is very convenient to use as a “torpedo”? But this "Captain" must remember: there is no reusable torpedo; torpedos fired once are eliminated. Many times Becht was used by other people for their own purposes, as a one-time torpedo. But he had no mind to understand he is used....

So, we ask Mr Becht also to present his credentials and qualifications. Please, explain how you are able to be Number 2 in Germany? Are you simply the "Mini-Me" of Hans? 
We doubt that even the Germans want you as their representative to the Dobermann world..
Really, what have you ever done or accomplished to be in the position you are in?


Once Mr. Pezzano said, why he no longer goes to Russia to judge. He told, he wants to judge the way he sees himself, and not to execute someone else's wishes. This is confirmed, because the last two years he didn’t come for three big shows in Russia, where he was officially invited to judge. Guess who came to judge instead Pezzano? Yes, Becht.

At the last IDC Congress was made a statement about the upcoming change of the breed standard (ears and tails) – it’s Becht again. He is constantly jealous of the fact that Italian and Eastern European specialized shows can collect hundreds of Doberman’s, while in Germany 20-30 only. But this ignoramus doesn’t understand: just because of the ban on docking in Germany and other countries there has a strong decline of interest in the breed “Dobermann”…which “natural” - is like a pointer-hunting dog.
Where are the famous Dobermans of Holland, Belgium, Germany now? Many well-known breeders have simply stopped to work with our breed.
Where could be for "ears" dragged IDC champions, born in Germany, if the judging was adequate?
It should be clear: as soon as will be changed the breed standard -  Dobermann fans will be less. And according with it the inflow of cash to IDC and DV will be in times less. This is another stupid step of Becht, who is not a good strategist; he will not even try to think like a businessman.

This is something we will tackle soon in another post - the attempt to change the breed standard. Becht has personally announced to the world, even when he judged far away -
The Dobermann Breed Standard will be changed by 2016. All will be German style only.
And by 2016, it is said Mr Becht will take over Mr Wiblihauser..... Do you want this????

It is well known fact, Becht wants to judge shows with larger numbers than he finds in Germany. Why was the HDK Show made to be postponed?? Because the following week Mr Becht was judging in Germany and for sure, the majority of dogs will be at Hungary. So what to do? Bully the HDK to change their show dates.... And the result? Still much less people go to Becht's show.. what an idiot. Everyone knows Becht only rewards his own dogs or those he is paid for.

And we all know what happened at IDC2011 - regarding his demand for all exhibitors to bring along original pedigrees - AFTER they had all been accepted and paid for entry. IT IS AGAINST ALL FCI RULES, or Mr Becht thinks he is a God? He then demands all judges to examine the pedigrees inside the ring, and we all know what he did to the Serbians. 

But all what happens now - is the direct guilt of Wiblishauser. It’s just comfortable for Mr. President that next to him are foolish puppets. People who don’t have their own opinion, such as Becht, Redtenbaher: they are nobody outside of Dobermann world. Why has Wiblishauser pulled them out to "surface" from nowhere? To where can these people lead our breed in the future?

This is what every one of us, every judge, breeder and trainer wants to understand. Why and how such people like Becht, Redtenbacher are in the positions they are in?
Any judge that has any self-respect must feel ashamed to have such a person as his colleague. A person who has no regard for rules, national clubs, exhibitors and everyone except his masters and his little self. Indeed, he is a 'good' working judge - He is a true working dog himself. Obedient and doesnt think at all.

Becht's cube...

Mr Becht!! Your village called...they are missing their idiot!


  1. Absolut korrekt. Danke!

  2. "And by 2016, it is said Mr Becht will take over Mr Wiblihauser..... Do you want this????"

    No we don't but the technology of power teaches us that this is unlikely to take place. Some "last minute change" will occur.

    These guys obviously prefer to play with people more so than to play with dogs and that is plain wrong.

  3. But who is giving this power to those people... i really hate how the Dobe in Europe is getting Bigger and more of a Great Dane looking... thats no Dobe how the bloody hell are they soposed to be a Working breed when they get to heavy and cant move as fast anymore... sorry but i want the old small and brawny Dobe a good worker and clear in the head... i miss those Dobes here in Europe

  4. "sorry but i want the old small and brawny Dobe a good worker and clear in the head"

    Very well said!!

  5. I agree. I see so many huge dogs at IDC and other show..I am sure they cannot climb or jump 'A' frame, or do agility even.. And they keep being considered excellent and correct by such judges. These judges never look at the dogs anymore, just their friends and money. Becht is the worst of them. i am sure there are excellent dogs in Germany, beautiful, medium sized and can work very well. Where are they? We see only the dominance of Klingbach, Nemesis and now Bavaria again. I feel sorry for Germany most of all.

  6. stop talking here the line of work. the best bitch in the world in 2011, IDC work was PIPI DI CASA GIARDINO , IT , who has brothers and sisters world champions and champion of IDC. ending, with your empty words. line of work.

  7. You should all ask yourself how it is possible that people like Becht are ruling your life, your passion and your work. Are you all more stupid than him or it is just that he is advancing through power mechanism established while he was still wearing diapers and playing in the sandbox...and is still owned by his patron.

    What kind of people are them? And more importantly - what kind of people are you my friends?
    A sitting ducks, I say. You see your fellow mate's misfortune and pray inside your hideout: "it's good that it is not happening to me".

    Well, here are the news: it is happening to all of us, provided that we are all friends to one cause and that is this magnificent breed which, to be quite honest, many of us are not worthy of.
    Point 1: stop underestimating yourself
    Point 2: we should stall all united, but not under people like Thomas Becht.

  8. Becht is a mongol.