Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SLAVEnia no more?

       Introducing... KLDOS. The Slovenian Dobermann Club!      

This is a highly regarded breed club boasting among its members many top level breeders and exhibitors of the Dobermann world. Indeed, some of the more influential dogs have been from Slovenia. They are well known around the world, and Slovenia has excellent specimens of the Dobermann breed, and higher quality than even its native Germany.

 Lets sing " Just the two of us..." 

Slovenia is a country famed for its beauty, culture, skiing and... wait a minute... you mean the club is not all well?  There is some monkey [ money ] business going on there too? But are they not registered as member of the IDC, as seen on the IDC website? and so they must be a club thats recognised internationally, since they have the numbers and hosting IDC show in 2016.. But.. why then do we and everyone hear of so much going on there? Is there big troubles and interventions again from certain people for power politics? Whats going on?

 To get to the bottom of this.. let us ask together... 

- Just how many members are in KLDOS? 

- Does the president of the club even have any Dobermann in his possession?

- Why KLDOS' bank account is blocked for some time now? 

see map

- What is the relation of company named ESTIGO (Ester x Igor) and KLDOS? (both bank accounts are blocked and both are registered at the same physical address!) 
see map again. u are not mistaken...

- Just how much money did the administration of KLDOS extract from the club during the years? 

- Why is Doc Pezzano strongly supporting the now defunct club? 

- What is the exact nature of relation between one Ester Gjorek and Pezzano? 

- What is the exact role of 'Lazodobi' breeder in KLDOS? 

- Is KLDOS, as a breed specific club,  really banned by Slovenian Kennel Club?..and if yes, how come they organized breed related events, ZTP included?..while there is not even national breeding trials in Slovenia. 

- Is KLDOS now ignoring Slovenian Kennel Club and its decisions? 

- Is there any free thinking alternative to this KLDOS yet? 

Sadly.. these are real questions needed to be answered, not only for the Slovenians but all of us in the International Dobermann Community. This is an important breed club and to have such situations of corruption going on - with all the permission and encouragement of the IDC mafia.... All this gives the breed a damaged image and tarnishes all the good work done by responsible and intelligent breeders..

But wait.. All is Not lost! 
There is a rumor of new club being recognized by Slovenian KC..

 Maybe its not all downhill from here... 

 Let's hope for the best, for our Slovenian brothers and sisters.


  1. Everything is true, KLDOS is f**ked up and blocked. One thing is even more funny: if you would know the entire story, you would say, this is a porn movie. Seriously. Hopefully, if new club is born, there will be no pornstars :))).

    1. Whoa! A porn movie!? Give us some details. Don't be shy!

  2. This has been well known facts, of downfall of this club. I wonder how many other clubs are run by the servants of Wiblihauser, and not for their own national interests. Really hope for new club in Slovenia, and for top breeder to be rescued.

  3. "Top breeder" has his personal deals with Pezzano :(

    1. Of course he has personal deals with Pezzano! It's just a game. One of many.

  4. There is no reason to be worried if the slovenian club is gone. You can still have litter and get breeding licenses for you dogs because slovenian kennel club has found national breeding comission only for dobermanns. Rules for breeding are known and its just bussiness as usuall. So Simon is without any worries and any other breeder. And its better off without any club. No more arguing about nonsense.

  5. Pezzano is acusing Simon for something - nobody knows for sure for what??? And Simon threats to Pezzano that in worst case he will start to "talk"?! Sounds bad.

  6. New porn stars - Igor The Big & Esterita

  7. I want to know if is true Fedor del Nasi the best dog in the world R.I.P and my respect to him and Simon Baraja,was carrier of vwd or clear, I want to know the truth because many people have diferent opinion.

    Best Regards and Im waiting for the truth.

    1. How difficult is it to work that out, you should know the answer.

  8. The truth about Fedor.
    Don't hold your breath waiting for the truth.

  9. You are absolutely right Simon never have the courage or the dignity of telling the truth. It's a shame that there are people able to do this. Never heard of that either died Fedor. But who acts badly ends badly