Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Man Who Would Be King..


Once upon a time, in a land far away, there were Dobermanns who jumped out of the sky... They were known as the Daring Dobes. They parachuted down to Earth, and on landing, would immobilise 'criminals' and thrill the crowds. One famous Dobermann who regularly demonstrated this was called Rocco, owned and trained by Mr D.A. Kloeck. Whenever Rocco was demonstrating his para skills, large crowds were gathered, and he always loved going back up the plane!

These Daring Dobes were highly trained and intelligent, and very brave dogs. They were a true representative of our breed. In fact, they were members of one of the greatest breed clubs in our history.

The  Dobermann Club of South Africa was founded in 1927. At one time it was the largest specialist breed training club in the world! They were training up to 200 Dobermanns on a Sunday morning at the Park! They regularly had shows, and IPO trainings, and truly were progressive in their popularisation of the Dobermann breed. Their display team was one of the world's best. They organized Sulky races - a carriage pulled by Dobermanns! The club would give many demonstrations where dogs did manwork and then intermingled with a crowd of children. They did tracking and obedience regularly too.

This was a world famous club, with a large membership base, dogs and activities. The Golden Age of the Dobermann breed outside of Europe. I think most people today wont recognize this club anymore from what it was... 

Question: How did this club decline so much, to be a shadow of what it was?

Answer: Mr Helmut Redtenbacher.

Back then, Helmut was a jealous little man [ still is ] who was not happy with his lesser position in the club. He  looked for ways to discredit the club committee, so he could himself take over it for his own small amnbitions. He wanted to be like his hero, Herr Hans Wiblihauser, the man of many titles. Redtenbacher  needed a target, and found it in a certain young dog imported into South Africa from a famous breeder in Germany. 

This dog had an excellent hip score from the  Onderstepoort - South Africa University of Pretoria. But Helmut makes the claim it was another dog who was x-rayed, and then reported that this dog had failed its hips in Germany. This was false, as this dog was x-rayed again several times in at the University of Pretoria (Onderstepoort) with several neutral observers present and never ever showed a poor result for his hips.. 

The story was concocted by Helmut to destroy the chairman, main committee and the club. His motion at a Special Meeting charging the chairman with taking a different dog for x-rays failed, and he subsequently tried other tactics to take over the club. All failed! So he gathered a few supporters and he went off to form his own (present day) club. Unfortunately, he took along some important people who were in charge of the ZTP, IPO, and most of them are deceased now...

How was this all made possible? It was because of his relationship with Hans and gang. While the rest of the club was focused on training and improving the breed, Helmut was busy sucking up to Wiblihauser and being his puppy. [ not that anything has changed until now...]

And i....will always... love you....

After forming his own club - The Dobermann Club of Northern Transvaal, he decided his would be the only one recognized by Wiblihauser and the DV. Helmut used his connections with Hans and the DV to convince everyone who was important in the Dobermann world in Europe and even in South Africa that he was the way to go. All others, including the old famous Dobermann Club of South Africa, were no longer recognized or approved. Only Helmut's club can hold ZTP, and have DV or DV approved judges for his shows!

Redtenbacher has gone on to make accusations and bear false witness against innocent judges, members and anyone else Wiblihauser targets. They have make judging decisions in South Africa based on who and what they like, as the style of DV. This man single handedly brought down the other clubs and the breed in his native country [ although we are sure he fancies himself a real German ] In fact, he has also passed dubious dogs for ZTP.... 

Why? Simply that he had ambitions which were beyond his talents. This is a man who has dubious credentials in judging, and never trained and trialed a Dobermann in his life. This is a man who would do everything and anything his master wants him to. This is the man who pays and arranges for Wiblihauser's sexual fun in South Africa.Naturally, this man would be the perfect secretary for the most corrupted breed club of the last century. This is a man who would destroy anyone and any club that stands in his way of personal glory. 

German Club??

Just look at his own club today, its activities and shows and overall achievements since he took over. It is a shadow of what the breed clubs were like before in South Africa. Now, his club is a joke and the breed has declined in both quality and quantity. What has he done for the breed in his own country and club? Can you imagine how much has changed, and even more sad.. what would the South African Dobermann clubs be like today without him....

Perhaps he fancies himself a safari photographer? Certainly for him, the Dobermann is not a working breed of quality, but just a tool for his own agendas. So the lessons here are obvious - do anything and bow down to Wiblihauser, and you can have your own club and be a judge at IDC, every year. And we all have seen his shaemless behavior and arrogance and poor judging at IDC.. year after year...

Mr Redtenbacher.. What have you achieved for the breed, besides bringing down other clubs? 

Mr Redtenbacher... Do you have ambitions to be IDC Boss like your hero?

Pre-Redtenbacher days of glory...


  1. I know who the doberman insider is. You're really not an insider anymore, are you? Maybe this time you'll stir the pot with enough vigor to create your revolution. I hope you do, it is needed.

    1. One correction to the blog. DV&IDC under Hans Wiblishauser is not THE most corrupt breed club the last 100 years. This dubious honour belongs to SV {VDH} under the Martin brothers. Pretty close though, as SV was Han's role model for DV. The Martins showed him the way to creating a power monopoly although Hans didn't need any lessons in how to misuse that power to stay in power and to otherwise to enrich himself both financially and politically at the cost of the breed and the club he was supposed to be serving. Otherwise, good blog. I am sure the "Friends of Wiblishauser" Association really appreciate these sort of helpful insights too. It will enable them to improve themselves in future. FYI Hans should take note of evolution. SV has lost half it's membership the last years and are now registering dogs they previously wouldn't do as ways of making up lost income. Thanks to the crooks dominating the organization (politics and money trumps substance) the German Shepherd breed has lost its Mojo and with it a LOT of its earlier support - thank the greedy political mismanagement by the leaders.

  2. The Dobermann insider could be anyone of us who has been around
    long enough. We all have our stories of cheating and corruption.
    The Dobermann Insider is simply expressing everything we have just whispered about in small circles.

    1. Isn't internet wonderful? No wonder tyrants fear it.

  3. Ah Redtenbacher....

    The man whose own dog bit him, and subsequently bit 2 handlers (you can't really expect him to handly his own dogs). This same brown dog has only scored CC (championship certificates) at Helmut's own show. He also measured the same dog at 72cm, whereas it towers above all the other dogs, and measured his daughter's dog at 71cm, when it is the size of a bitch.

    1. Why are you complaining when Retty isn't doing this job because he is any good at it. No, no it is because it is a tough job and someone has to do it! Your story is not as good as the time that Mrs Assenmacher judged in South Africa and dismissed a dog that only had one testicle. The dog with one ball had passed its ZTP under Wiblishauser! Mrs. Assenmacher pointed this out to DV but it was quickly swept under the carpet and we were all told that Wiblishauser had promised to have his Abacus repaired as soon as possible.

  4. i know who wrote this article and i take my hat off and applaud him. The Redtenbacher's are scoundrels' and the fact that the wheel has turned on them, is well deserved and overdue

  5. the brown dog - measured at 72cm, what a joke it is the size of a pony, with the most dreadful temprament. his daughter's dog - is probably smaller than a bitch, so that was kind of the previous statement - with the movement of god knows what - it indicates left and turns right! This from two people who are slanderous, to say the least about every other dobermann in the ring.

    1. Whoa. What about the dog for ZTP that Redtenbacher and Wiblishaurser let QUALIFY ZTP and the microchip when scanned didnt match on the pedigree?

    2. Good to see such consistency in their breeding from ponies to mini poodles

  6. Both Redtenbacher dogs varying vastly in size just on the eye- were measured by the Redten-meter and they funny enough - both measured 72cm. I rest my case.

  7. All of us helped destroy the Dobermann Clubs in South Africa.

    You - me. All of us.


    1. What "everyone" did wrong was lose their way by handing Hans Wiblishauser power over them in making themselves willing slaves to the German ZTP. The German way is proven to be so corrupted now it is doing more harm than whatever good it ever did (which is arguable and not proven at all) so why do people continue to support this and so continue to let these unworthy and unloved creeps push their betters around? These Nazis haven't got over their "Deutschland, Deutschland uber Alles" mentality. Hans and his running dogs are cut from the same piece of wood as Hilter and his running dogs (Goebbels, Himmler, Goering etc). These people find each other and then conspire to control the information flow and to oppress people with real ability. They are the jackals that tear down the lion.

    2. Time to take the DOBERMANN WORLD back - not just South Africa before it is to late forever. The rot is like a funghis and has crept in worldwide.

    3. BRETT NORTJE - With due respect, please explain yourself

    4. I have known Helmut and Nikki since 1987. I cannot believe the kind of vitriol I see here directed at our own countrymen. Absolutely low class. The same ugliness happens in the clubs, and it runs off newcomers, decent people who do not associate with that class of person spewing the bile. Sure, poor corporate governance is an aggravating factor at some of the clubs especially the example above. But really... You people must wake up. South Africa has been upgraded to Stage 6 of 8 by Genocide Watch. Tomorrow we could all be fighting just to survive. Here you are, ripping people apart you have known for decades, over SFA. Where are your priorities?

      SIES, MAN!


    5. Our priorities : to say what we know, to fight for dobermanns, to fight for a right judging as original South African people fighted for their rights. We do not want to be a dependency or colony of DV or Germany or Ittaly

    6. Which rain shower did Brett just come down in? This is bigger than Ben Hur and he really should take a look out the window sometime and see what has been going on in the Dobermann world.

    7. My Rio Bianco sons are 10 and 11. They have outlived all their offspring I kept with NordenStamm in. My sister has the last bitch I bred - Heidi's daughter. I would not be surprised to get a phonecall from her any day to tell me her bitch has been bitten by a black mamba because the damn dog has learned to catch snakes.

      So, I do not expect to have another litter of Dobermanns. I am almost rid of you all, praise the Lord.

      I experienced first hand the disgusting lack of sportmanship I had been a spectator to when I imported those dogs - people I had thought were my friends whose bitches I had let them cover for free running my dogs down at shows as thanks. So, after that I only let Pam use my dog - I do not look at Dobermanns and see $$$$.

      What exactly did I miss? People behaving disgracefully? Being horrible to one another?

      Our international friends must not look at the history of the Dobermann Club above and accept that version of events at the Special AGM as unabridged truth. I was there - on the unethical side. There were other issues too, like HD scores tippexed out on pedigrees and photoshopped headplanes in adverts in the Club's magazine. Just plain dishonesty.

      The Dobermann Club lost its core that day, the workers, which started the decline of the Club and the rise of a dynasty of unethical leadership.
      Helmut, Pam, Del Amery, Irma SLiedrecht, the Bocchinis, Des, Bettina - the backbone of the shows, the catering, the training. The best of the Dobermann Club.

      Those are not the only reasons for the Club's decline. Go look at Emmarentia sailing club around the corner from the Club. A whole generation of upwardly mobile young white South Africans fled a murder rate of 72/100 000 during the 90s. The remainder moved into secure complexes where they could not keep dogs.

      Those are the puppy buyers.

      Of course, it does not help matters if people trying to decide which puppy to get go to a Club and see half the Club - with a baby puppy thrown in here and there - bitten or almost bitten by the same person's dogs, and then get told they must buy their food and training equipment from him. They probably start to wonder who is getting the $$$ from the burgers they just bought for the family. LOL! Not a sustainable business model.

      As for Nikki:
      Who organises the shows - how many specialist Dobermann Championship shows are there again?
      Gets sponsors for prizes?
      Gets sponsors for and puts together a beautiful catalogue? Organises a ZTP?
      This could be a moerofa long list so unless you put in the same hours STFU and sit your backside down.

      No-one works for the breed like Nikki.

      Lets poll the South African Dobermann breeders quickly: Name a person you think left the Dobermann breed better off than s/he found it?

      I say perhaps Pam Paget and Irma SLiedrecht.

    8. Poor Brett. Coloured glasses and when was he last seen anywhere near ANY Dobermann event, even not at Nikki's "brilliant. sponsored, lovely catalogued, events". Of course they are well attended. There is no other event in the whole continent of Africa where any Dobermann can get a ZTP in the country. This is controlled by Hans, who does not allow any ZTP judge to be used by any other club. If it were different would Helmut be supported at his show? Brett is as bad news for the breed as Hans or Helmut, but he disappeared from visibility at least 15 years ago.

    9. Note, dear international friends, that you do not see 100s of South Africans here commenting that 'Brett is talking shit, Nikki does nothing of what he says'....

      My experience with Helmut Redtenbacher is much the same as with Nikki. He has been a tireless worker for the Dobermann breed. He did not whore his stud dogs out nor farm puppies. Helmut was always there when one needed puppies tattoed and he has yet to charge me for petrol, a few bucks for the ink is all.

      It is also not my experience that Helmut turns into a big girl when one contests an issue with him. I confronted Helmut several times because of things that happened at ZTPs I did not like. As far as I'm concerned, if someone pulls out a toy or food or a clicker because the dog wants to run from the crowd they must not be allowed on the ZTP grounds again. When I moaned to Helmut that it is always the same person pulling this shit his reply was that we must try and include everyone. That is his philosophy - a bit different from the picture created above.

      One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was being part of the mob - out of misplaced loyalty - that drummed Helmut & Co out of the Dobermann Club when the facts and the truth were on their side. It was the beginning of the end of the Club.

  8. there is a point i guess which many people didnt understand... about 10 years ago noone in the eastern countries cared about ztp. every breeder could have his free decision to mate his female to whoever he or she wanted. we had free mind and spirit regarding breeding, we had diversity...
    the infiltration done by the dv came slowly. one ztp with german judge here, one there, then in regular basis. then there was the invention of this crap called starter-ztp.
    actually my friends there should not exist any starter ztp !
    we all have FCI papers for our dogs. all national breeding tests should have equal value !
    well we all put handcuffs on our hands by free will. we were all soooo stupid. nowerdays if a dog is not breeded in the lines or the way the DV wants it, the dog doesnt get the normal ztp, but just starter or the dog, if he is in possesion of unpleasent people, gets no ztp permission at all.
    thats the way how the mouth of unleasent people is stuffed.

    i repeat again... we were all so amazingly stupid. instead of fighting for the rights of our dogs - all dogs who have FCI papers are equal - we let the DV and IDC create a two class society.....

    1. I must be honest with you - too little truth in the Dobermann breed - the only East-bloc Dobe I saw I did not think was mediocre was Hazar Altobello Hillo. He was medium in everything - the rest, including my own? From mediocre but good nerves to mediocre shit. The East-block dogs were possibly the biggest reason I thought the only way to save the breed is one standardised breed suitability test. That was before I saw + added up all the corrupt practices at ZTPs with the judge and the ztp-manager gritting their teeth but shutting up to try and preserve Dobermann unity.

      But, tell me, do Malinois have a ZTP? Pitbulls? Pointers? Retrievers? Greyhounds? OK, terriers in Ireland had the Teastes Mor. Racing pigeons?

      OK, since no-one wants to answer the poll above - tell me who does not get a thrill when they saw what the SADobes did?

      Or, we could take another poll - who in the Dobermann world you think has clean hands?

    2. Anonymous Jan 28, 2012 10:48 PM

      Other than what I said above I agree with you in everything. The IDC must go, the ZTP must go, eye-tests hip-tests VWD tests cardio testing - all should be voluntery.

      Do Malinois have ZTP, eye-tests hip-tests VWD tests cardio testing? Yet, it is the greatest working breed in the world.

      Fortunately, this is no longer my problem.
      One can have just as much fun with an air-rifle, terrier and rats as trying to make a dog go around a hide.

    3. The Malinois did not suffer from having a Mr Wiblishauser.
      The Malinois does not have an event like IDC.
      The Malinois was not destoyed by its own 'leadership'.

  9. can anyone help, we have just lost our dog due to a heart attack, we are old friends with Pam Paget who we got the dog from. Unfortunately wehave lost her email address and cannot call as she has moved to the UK. If anybody has any information that could help me contact her please send an email to bandglonghurst@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance,

    Graham Longhurst

  10. Brett was a waste of space in the late 80's and obviously still is. He's still sore at not making the grade to be a trainer at The Club. He left in a huff to join the Dobermann League (Colin&Pam, Rita, Irma). His 'facts' are all wrong. To say that Helmut, Pam, Del Amery, Irma, the Bocchinis, Des, Bettina were the backbone of the shows, the catering, the training and the best of the Dobermann Club is a complete lie. The Bocchinis - yes (Rob a protection work trainer and vice chairman, Del - yes (catering and breed committee member). Irma was a member of the League! Helmut and Pam were nothing yet had one goal, once Helmut's attempts to take over the club failed, which was revenge, including slander by Pam (she never changes!). Des and Bettina had their own training club.

    Poor Brett, his memory is failing. Or, he's just a liar.

    If you want the truth re one of the largest and most successful single breed
    clubs in the world then ask one of those who were on the committee at the time. There's only a few left! Although not in SA, unfortunately.

    The reason The Club failed...... Breeders were too involved in running it. It nearly failed once before when Des Kloeck became chairman and put his own interests before the Club's - hence the expansion of the Dobermann League, where Des went.

    As John Flack, Roger Shore, Louis Coetzee and Mac Glaeser warned at the time, ' despite how good a potential chairman is at running a business, to let him run The Club, if a breeder, is asking for trouble'. 'We have experience of this'. 'Not necessarily him, but the vindictiveness of other breeders rather than the camaraderie of obedience people will severely affect The Club'. Wise words and one of the reasons a Chairman of The Club could only serve for a maximum of two years (unless unanimous agreement was granted for a third term).

    So, take Brett's comments as what they are - rubbish! He was nothing then and still is.