Monday, January 2, 2012


i see nothing.....

by Hans Wiblihauser

with our comments in .... 

It is time to shorten the reins to the breeding, or rather, to some breeders. Therefore, new measures will not cause surprise.

- Which breeders exactly, Mr Wiblishauser? And what New measures? Like what your boys did at IDC, disqualifying people on the spot after they had paid show fees and travel? Tampering with pedigrees?

The Dobermann Verein e.V, is an Association of Doberman breed widely known.
The International Dobermann Club (IDC) is an Association, composed of National Doberman Clubs, who have decided to be submitted to common Rules and controls.

- That’s right. And they are BOTH controlled by YOU!

In our ranks breeding is practiced mainly as a Hobby.

- Yes, hobby to you because you hardly have any costs about that, but a steep investment  to anyone who takes it seriously.
If that so then why do you charge for: HD reading, ZTP trials, DNA testing...
...furthermore why do you recommend 1000eur per puppy price on your DV site?

Breeding purebred dogs means, above all, taking responsibility.

- Conducting such breeding takes so much more than responsibility and it goes far beyond dogs - it regards the people too.

The Association of the Doberman race assumes the task of creating guidelines that allow us to assume the great responsibility of breeding.

- You mean like giving wins to suspicious dogs and all so many people surge to mate with such champs which furthermore leads to devastation of our beloved breed? That kind of guidelines? Who is the 'us' you write of? The selected few of you?

The basis on which rest the guidelines for breeding are the experiences made and goals to reach from members of the Association, especially from breeders, who must be willing, as it should be, to be submitted to Rules adopted by the Clubs and to take real responsibility in the choice of their breeding dogs, responsibility in the choice of the partners used for their dogs and responsibility for the education and training to which subject their dogs.

- “Rules adopted by the Clubs” you say? You mean adopted by abducted clubs. Yes, that’s right -  IDC only recognizes the clubs with the loyal servant-like leadership. Ask their members what they think of that, if any? In most cases club is just a empty shell.

Quite the opposite happens when the breeding, for some, becomes a partial or even the primary way to earn a living, breeding becomes a “business”, dogs are in danger to become a “product” and the normal pressure on the desire to have success is accompanied by economic pressure.

- Yes, that sucks really but you should know better. Having top dogs and top ambitions demands some money to be put into. Even the average show dog demands investment. Hell, a house pet costs some money too, at least $10K in its lifetime.

Not everyone gets a female for free and on allmighty basis, as well as not everyone gets to have a win per show in so little shows of course. I suggest you write another letter to: major food manufacturers to give away food for Dobermann owners and also to equipment manufacturers, trainers, veterinarians, petrol companies, even to car companies, they should all provide a free services and products to Dobermann owners in order to maintain a true level of hobbyness. Perhaps that will improve the breed and remove those “vicious breeders” that demand money for their existance.
And what of the Siegers and winners your club make into a viable business product? For the title you give, owner gets more matings done.. especially the famous dogs of your beloved comrade in Italy, who has made hundreds of thousands of euros on stud, without even giving clear information on the health of the dogs, or even their death ages and causes.

Then, it becomes necessary to “produce” more and more dogs in less time, to be able to get to earn even more and more. In order to do this, some people lose all sense of responsibility and use every means to reach its goal.

- Oh yeah! We can only assume who would be the ones reaching their goals by yearly basis and that’s is what is this blog all about!

The “creativity” of some breeders of this kind goes so far to get around of some, if not all, Rules of breeding that the DV, the various National Associations of Doberman race and the IDC established and arrive to the falsification of documents.

-  And again – a mystery accusation! Which documents exactly dear Mr President? Shall we talk than about certain veterinarian from your homeland who is heavily involved in HD manipulations and frauds? Yes that one! You most probably know the name, so why don’t you tell us so we can avoid him at any cost?..making this “hobby as usual”. Or is this a punitive target on particular breeders, countries you are not friendly with?

Damage caused by these behaviors have a negative impact on the owners of puppies and then on the serious breeders, but also on all the Associations that protects the Doberman breed in the world. Not to mention the long-term damage that this behaviors lead to the selection and breeding of the Doberman.

-  Please do name serious breeders and the ones that are not so we all know whom  to buy a puppy from. The Associations that protects the Dobermann breed in the world? Isn’t that the opposition to a more formal organisations?

I would also give here the communication about the fact that the leaders of DV and IDC will take seriously the complaints and notices that will be made about this argument, we will do researches in this direction and we will move as is right to protect the correctness, the seriousness and the sportive honor.

- What kind of researches Mr President? And if that’s so, why don’t you start from your own backyard. There are many things to be researched over there.

Of course this will take some time, since it will be needed to be checked on the basis of evidence all the complaints and notices. I assure you, however, that deception and manipulations in the breeding will lead to prohibition of breeding and showing, and to the exclusion from the IDC of those member countries, found to be complicit in illegal conduct. For confirmed cases will be very heavy penalties. In the coming weeks and months we will invest all our energies and our resources, including financial, for the solution of this problem.

- Well this is a surprise. So let us see if we got this one right: you are going to exclude the countries that host “manipulative” breeders? What about the rest of breeders within any given country to be excluded? They will suffer for that too or should they move to some other, more “correct” country? Don’t forget one thing Mr President: dogs of today know no boundaries nor countries, this thing is international now and there is a high chance that many of dogs bred even in your own country are suspects to  further investigation because they have dogs from other countries in their pedigrees too...including your own dogs and breeding Mr president!

- Since you mention financial, are there any real record of the IDC/DV finances for the public to view? Since you cliam to be the World Organisation, may we know how our membership monies, entry fees, donations are spent? In pursuing these directives of yours?

I find positive the initiative of several internet portals, which give the opportunity for dog owners to disclose details of their dogs, for example affeccted by DCM. Already after a short time, however, we observed that the majority of cases involve dogs bred outside the controlled breeding. Dogs coming from breeders recognized by the DV and by several nations members of IDC are controlled in this way, of course we can have control only about the dogs from the breeders recognized by us.
The control of DNA recently introduced is another step to reach the conclusion that:

- Thank you for your encouragement of our blog. We will publish the truths as we see it, on our initiative, on behalf of true Dobermann lovers. And why dont you start with your fellow comrades's dogs? We still dont know how the famous Sieger from Italy who stud hundreds of dogs died of and at what age... Breeders recognized by you... and yet you will denounce a whole country? How do you make your selections? With a flick of the thumb on the railway track?

- Hold on, are you talking about 55eur per DNA sampling for which your organization is NOT issuing the receipt, nor any paper of proof for that matter. What is the purpose of such obscure procedure? Is it not supposed to be transparent?

We arrived at the end of tolerance.

-  So did we ! but let me ask you something Mr Wiblishauser: does this effectively means that you’ve been tolerated many things so far, which means that you were actually aware of such things and you kept turning your head the other direction. Why sudden change of mind just recently?

To report anomalies we are asking all friends of the Doberman to have recourse not only to the internet portals were born for this, but also directly to the DV, so we can take action on the base of the problem, to prevent damage and promote in the future the selection of healthy, and controlled our beautiful Doberman, as well as support and defend the serious breeders.

-  This is the bad blood you are seeding among Dobermann lovers,  by encouraging them to snitch each other. That is not nice. That is police government and inducing a terror of fear.
-  However, by following your advice we have just established this Blog so we can freely exchange informations and PUBLICLY report what is wrong within Dobermann community of today. Hope you don’t mind...but we guess others do!

Referred to this, we continue to work hard, all together for a controlled selection of Doberman.

-  So do we! But in the end, it seems  the final solution and judgment comes from you and your crew only...

Hans Wiblishauser [ Helmut Redtenbacher ]
Dobermann Insider & your other true Dobermann friends

time to sleep old boy....


  1. Absolutely correct!!! Excellent post, those are what we are thinking about too. Thank you

  2. Bravo !!! Could not of said those answers better myself.

  3. Mr Wiblihauser is determined to destroy the Serbians, Russians and others who have more success than the Germans and Italians. This is how they will start, and I believe they wont give any true evidences or reasons. Again, they are bullies!

  4. Because this article a bit more than just a comment, we ask that Dobermann Insider to place it as separate topic.
    Who are you, Thomas Becht?
    Not so long time ago this guy wasn’t well known in the Doberman world. Is he famous breeder, which you could put together with world-renowned breeders? No, he is just a breeder of ordinary "vom Klingbach" kennel. Is he a recognized world level judge for the exterior or for the working abilities? No. He is just a head one of the land group in DV, which has the most members and collects the most money - contributions to DV. Some personal qualities of Becht: he wants seem important and serious man, but to make a serious face – it’s not enough for it. Diffident, not smart, not able to think for 5 minutes ahead, having a lot of complexes, he reached his age, never been married and still lives with his mom. Greedy for money, but he don’t want to work and earn; from year to year he use the same old shoes. But for some reasons this country boy suddenly was made vice-president of DV. In short of time he became the most ScheiЯe figure in the Doberman world. How?

  5. Nothing special. You have to be the best monkey-licker, who is copying his President: to wear glasses, as President (even if you have good eyesight), to look from above glasses to everybody, as President, smoke from time to time cigarillos, as President (to smoke cigars - is the next step in career of Becht).
    Why Becht convenient for Wiblishauser? Wiblishauser think this stupid person will be able to save monopolized empire named “IDC”. No, because Becht not smart enough and have no diplomatic tact etc. to restrain IDC puzzle assembled. Will Becht save cash of IDC, what due to the monopolistic scheme is going well into IDC (on account of this organization a lot of our money, with it Wiblishauser promised in his "end of tolerance" to fight with us)? Again no. Becht even for himself doesn’t know how to make money. Most what he can - to ask for money twice: for ZTP exams, HD results, DNA, for ticket etc; for all the things, which have been already paid. Maybe Becht very convenient to use as a “torpedo”? But "Captain" must to remember: there is no reusable torpedo; torpedo fired once is eliminated. Many times Becht was used by other people for their own purposes, as a one-time torpedo. But he had no mind to understand he is used.

  6. Many things have been said about Stella and Naemi von Klingbach – all is true. But there is another "special” Becht’s dog, who has a high result only when Becht is judge - Pride of Russia Odin. Here are some titles, donated by Becht to this not bad, but the ordinary Dobermann:
    - European Dobermann Trophy Winner, Austria winner-2010
    - Czech Dobermann club winner-2010, BOB
    - Golden Dobermann winner-2011, Slovakian club winner, BOB
    Not too bad results.
    On last IDC it was first time in last three when Pride of Russia Odin went in the final. By the way, he was transferred from the working class to the open class after the official deadline, as soon as it became known that the open class will be judged Becht. In the end - V3 in Open Class. Only the whistle of spectators prevented Becht put this dog to higher place. Becht blushed at the moment of this choice. He was cowardly and sickening in the centre of the ring, stands there under shouting and the whistle of the public.
    The owner of Pride of Russia Odin – Frau Milerman, a native of Russia, who lives now in Germany, Berlin. She found the approach to Becht through her breeder - Marina Gorbachev. And now they both hold this guy on a short leash, generously rewarding him for his all kinds of services. Also Frau Milerman found approach to Willie Cohen and she also cleverly manipulates by him.
    A few additions to the image of Becht-puppet.

  7. At the last IDC Mr. Pezzano disqualified one male, which is close to Milerman-Gorbachev, in one of the classes he judged (youth black males). A few minutes passed as in Pezzano ring went Becht, who threw judging. Looming over Pezzano he began to utter him for disqualified dog. Frau Milerman all this time was behind Becht, listening and watching, as usual. To the honor of Pezzano he left the decision unchanged, despite the pressure of Becht.
    Secretary of DV - "Frau Becht" - Sofia Meyer mentioned how she and Thomas had holiday in Moscow at the 5-stars hotel in the room 500 Eu per night. Try to guess, breeder of which Russian kennel paid for this little fun? Also Marina Gorbachev sometimes uses Becht as a courier, who drove her puppies from Moscow in Europe. This woman makes extensive use of her administrative resources and her big, but dirty money to make silence all dissenting and dissatisfied with her ​​"politics" in Russian Dobermann scene and beyond.
    For several years Becht fulfills money, invested in him Gorbachev’s family. There are examples, signed by Becht. Becht letter to Russian kennel club against Rosenberg, a breeder “iz Zoosfery" kennel, who is for many years openly, criticize of Marina Gorbachev actions. Becht letter against Bogdanova, a breeder "Modus Ost" kennel - Marina Gorbachev for long time wanted to close her mouth; shut down this breeder and her kennel. Because Bogdanova same as Rosenberg has long and actively criticizes Marina Gorbachev activity. Take a look, site does not work, kennel does not work now. Becht letter against Fokht, a breeder "Teraline" kennel. This young woman was not so controllable and obedient judge, as would like Marina Gorbachev; Fokht didn’t give "the desired result" and Marina Gorbachev wanted to punish disobedient judge.

  8. The whole Dobermann world knows of corrupt connection of Becht with breeders of “Pride of Russia” kennel. Who are these people Marina & Alexander Gorbachev? Why the only way they know to win the show - to buy a judge? And they don’t hesitate to do it. From open publications in the Internet came clear that these people already have a very special "train" behind: they already have been for long on the note FBI (in US), and the money of this family has very strong smell (follow the links, there is a lot of information to understand the situation better.)
    Marina Gorbachev well known in Russia as a judge, who refused monetary compensation from the Russian government for 200 relatives of the victims of terrorist attack in Moscow. It was one of the worst terrorist attacks in modern history. By the way, weeks ago Strasbourg Court took decision and ordered the Russian government to pay cash compensation to families of the victims, vacating the decision of former judges - Marina Gorbachev.
    Gorbachev Marina due to her proximity to the court system in Russia and her close relationship with the leadership of Russian Kennel Club was able in 2003 to take control of Doberman Union of Russia, for many years successfully headed by Anatoly Kulachenko - Russian breeder of "Irinland" kennel. He also well known in the Doberman world, as for many years he published one of the best magazine in the world about our breed - "Dobermann".
    All shows in Russia and abroad, where the winning dogs from “Pride of Russia” kennel - the judges have affected - financial or administrative. From all the judges, invited to the shows by Gorbachev’s family, they want to get only win for their kennel dogs.

  9. Once Mr. Pezzano said, why he no longer goes to Russia to judge. He told, he wants to judge the way he sees himself, and not to execute someone else's wishes. This is confirmed, because the last two years he didn’t come for three big shows in Russia, where he was officially invited to judge. Guess who came to judge instead Pezzano? Yes, Becht.
    At the last IDC Congress was made a statement about the upcoming change of the breed standard (ears and tails) – it’s Becht again. He is constantly jealous of the fact that Italian and Eastern European specialized show collect hundreds of Doberman’s, in German 20-30 only. But the stupid guy doesn’t understand: just because of the ban on docking in Germany and other countries there has a strong decline of interest in the breed “Dobermann”…which “natural” - is like a pointer-hunting dog.
    Where is the famous Dobermans Holland, Belgium, Germany now? Many well-known breeders are simply stopped to work with our breed.
    Where could be for "ears" dragged IDC champions, born in Germany, if the judging was adequate?
    It should be clear: as soon as will be changed the breed standard, Dobermann fans will be less. And according with it the inflow of cash to IDC and DV will be in times less. This is another stupid step of Becht, who is not a good strategist; he will not even try to think like a businessman.
    What made this “wise guy” with Serbian dogs on last IDC people will remember always. It was another public disgrace of Becht, he has made by himself.
    But all what happens now - is the direct guilt of Wiblishauser. It’s just comfortably for mr. President that next to him is foolish puppets. Who don’t have own opinion, such as Becht, Redtenbaher: they are nobody outside of Dobermann world. Why Wiblishauser pulled them out to "surface" from nowhere? To where can lead our breed in the future these people? Of course, such an authoritative and respected professionals as Vogel, Kollenberg, Mencke can not be manipulated. Because they are professionals, they do have their own opinion and have earned their reputation in the breed.
    Of course Wiblishauser had to remove them. Their places were taken by the monkey-lickers: they are not very smart, but very “comfortable”. Unfortunately, Wiblishauser not understand (or don’t want to understand): they would destroy his creation - IDC. And together with it - bury Doberman breed.
    P.S. Now, thanks to the sponsors, Becht has new shoes. But his tracks easy to trace for everybody.

  10. An open response to Hans Wiblishauser and Pierlugi Pezzano / the DV & IDC on your public letter titled “The end of tolerance”.
    You're asking all “friends” of the Dobermann to report suspicious breeding practices and you criticize some breeders for turning breeding of Dobermanns into their primary business, treating dogs as “products”.

    We, members of the “Save the Dobermann Breed” would like to congratulate you on a "smart" political move. And we'd like to take this opportunity to report both of you, as well as all other heads of the DV for turning the breed into a "product" for over 20 years. Those "breeders" you speak of are your own making and a result of your politics and financially driven policies for so many years now.

    Both of you, have systematically promoted genetically faulty sires for so many years now and have pushed away all good breeders that do breed for the betterment of the breed to such an extent that they are nowhere to be found these days. DCM rate went up from 20% to 60% within two decades and is expected to reach 72% in 8 years. Not only that you have been disregarding unethical breeding practices, you've consistently and actively promoted it to your own financial and political benefits.

    Such sires include Gino Gomez Del Citone, an unethical, incest brother / sister breeding product constructed by Pierlugi Pezzano himself and promoted by both of you in show rings. A basic understanding of the inheritance mode of genetic diseases, namely DCM, and a simple look at the dog's pedigree as well as its siblings will clearly show the horror created by this combination and the misery you've brought to so many families and owners. What's worse, you've created big bottlenecks it's now almost impossible to reverse the situation. You promoted this as "quality product" all over the world, breeders fell into your trap including many in the US. You've successfully spread your sick making. All for the sake of your own financial and political benefit.

    You've been warned already many years ago, and genuine individuals such as Ottmar Vogul that raised concerns about breed's health have long been banned from your organization.

    By criticizing “some breeders” you're attempting to wash your hands clean from your very own creation. You realize you're under pressure, but politics is not going to help you anymore because the Dobermann community already knows you're a fox pretending to be a sheep.

    We don't recognize your authority, and you've been practicing your modern form of animal cruelty for way too many years now. We believe you should be brought to justice under local as well as EU animal cruelty acts.

    When Mr. Palmer told you he doesn't breed “pigs” years ago, you should've listened to him. He's gone, his breeding material is gone and all that remains is the ruins of a noble breed you managed to destroy.

    On behalf of 5000 Dobermann owners worldwide.
    Uhmmm... both sides of a coin... I can understand both opinions, but I must say I am happy that Rock was bred free of all the examples in the text below...!
    Dr. Magdalena Lukasik-Braum DVM

  11. We have a bunch of egostistical freaks at the so called head of the doberman "gang". It seems none have of them found there balls or maybe they are now holding them for there lives

  12. Wibby wrote:
    "sic... to be able to get to earn even more and more. In order to do this, some people lose all sense of responsibility and use every means to reach its goal."

    Of course he is talking about himself. He has been living off the clubs he is an official in for decades. It is his primary income...he doesn't give a shit about the breed all he cares about is protecting his positions of influence because this is where he gets his money and his lifestle! Wiblishauser has been stealing off DV/IDC for decades and been caught many times - but he expels people who complain about his stealing and then he uses the club's money to pay his costs to keep going to court until they get sick of winning and then being expelled again and having to go back to court! He's done the same dirty trick to uncountable numbers of people over the years, including expelling whole Boards from clubs! It's a joke that he is moralizing about others when he is such a crook. Rules, Rules, Rules...which means HE makes the Rules and everyone else has to do what Wibby wants. THAT is the ONLY Rule that matters in DV!

  13. Speaking of Hermann Palmer - sadly, he is GONE from German breeding, thanks to Wiblishauser who was jealous of him. Because Wiblishauser hated Hermann P. personally, he drove him out of DV - a big loss to the breed. Hermann Palmer had to breed in another country if he wanted to breed at all. He was destroyed by Wiblishauser's venomous actions. It is a known fact that Wiblishauser got rid of all the knowledgeable people in DV because they had critical voices with respected opinions that he could not control - so he abused his authority to get rid of everyone in his way - the Palmers and the Schellmans and the Vogels and many, many other important German breeders. Wibby cannot use such people because they know too much. He prefers to surround himself with the mediocre, the ignorant and his gang of greedy, uncritical Wannabes. People he can control and/or buy off. Even when Leo Schellman died (Leo Schellman's wife blamed Wilishauser's persecution of her husband, that went on for years) Wiblishauser was so mean he did not even allow Unser Dobermann to print a small eulogy to honour Leo Schellman. It was really shocking and disgraceful, because Frankenland was one of Germany's oldest and best producing kennels and yet Wiblishauser was refusing to recognise his big contribution to Germany and the Dobermann breed (as a breeder) and to DV (as a judge)! But when Norbert Daube's father died (who was a total nobody that had bred nothing of any value) Wiblishauser allowed dedicating a page in Unser Dobermann to a person that no one had even heard of! Same deal with his ignorant son - the only thing Norbert Daube achieved in the breed before Wiblishauser GAVE him a judging license, was to steward at dog shows! Daube is useless to the breed as tits on a bull, as are all Wibby's hand-picked cronies - they are all total frauds. It's about time someone said, "the Emperor Has No Clothes!" The BIG holes in their educations are there for everyone to see at every show they judge if you only look.

  14. Speaking of rich Russians, funny how after Glasnost suddenly there were these very rich people in Russia. Poor Russians don't have to wonder how it happened because it was their money and their nation's assets being stolen. Public utilities were "privatized" into the hands of a few people who paid little and got very rich while the majority of the population got poorer. Many "owned" banks that put people's money into a few individual's pockets. It wasn't capitalism at work. It was opportunism. That's why Becht fits in so well.