Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh ZTP... Where art thou?

 What was the initial goal of the ZTP? 

The reason and purpose of the ZTP is to determine, in accordance with the Breed aims, the suitable Dobermann for breeding, and to exclude the unsuitable dog from breeding.

Do you remember Herr Ottmar Vogel? How much he contributed to our breed, by defining and expanding on the various means of improving the breed's character and working abilities. Even in its conformation aspects, Herr Vogel was ahead of his time and truly helped advance the progress of the breed.

We all know what has happened after the DV 'Putcsh' of Wiblihauser.. More details will come soon. But it is very easy to see now the initial ideals and purpose of the ZTP has been bastardized and changed dramatically.

Today, it is simply another tool of the German DV and IDC bosses to control and divide us all, and our own national clubs...

 Points to take note: 

 Only to be conducted by German judges 
 Only with the guidelines published and approved by the DV 
 Only with HD record from the DV 
 Only participation by member of DV or DV approved club 
 Only with payment to the DV judge [no receipts, of course] 

You can read more at their website -

Some interesting guidelines....

 I. Conduct / Event Registration / Licencing 
9) Event registration will only be granted if the application reaches the DV Head Office timeously so as to
allow for the publication thereof in the DV magazine - Unser Dobermann. ZTP events can only be held
if and when permission has been granted by the Head Office.
10) The organiser has to ensure that a least 7 dogs take part in the test; with fewer dogs the ZTP does not
take place. Maximum number of participants is 15 dogs on the day of the test. In special cases the
President will decide if fewer than 7 dogs take part.

 mmm.... how often does this happen? 

 II. Breed Judge 
1) ZTP Tests can only be judged by specially licenced ZTP judges.

'Special' Indeed - this is a CHARACTER test.. yet which judge has the true experiuence of training, trialing a dog to IPO 3 or Shutzhund 3? Which of these judges have actually the expertise of judging the character of this working dog breed?

Expert? Can you trust this fool?

'Special' indeed... how much did Frau Inge and Dottore Pezzano pay for their ZTP licences? We know it was a big sum of Euros...

And Pezzano... he has a habit of pinching, slapping and stepping on dogs' paws while judging. Some kind of new method in the ring... especially on ZTP... But wow, he is Specialized Licenced Non German... wonder whats his great expertise and experience...

 V. Participants 
1) Participation can only be granted if all requirements for the admission to the ZTP test have been met.
3) Proof of membership of the DV or an IDC Member Club must be furnished.

Yes. Herr Hans will be ultimate decision maker in all matters of YOUR dog's breeding suitabiity test..

 VI. Dogs from Foreign Countries 
Dobermanns from foreign countries can also take part in the ZTP provided the prerequisites in accordance with
the regulations of the DV have been met.
 VII. ZTP in Foreign Countries 
The German ZTP regulations are valid for all ZTP tests in foreign countries.
1) Where ZTP tests - within the IDC - are planned in foreign countries, a corresponding event registration
must be applied for at the DV Head Office.
2) The application must be approved at least 3 months before the planned test.5) The owner of the dog must either be a member of the DV or a member of an IDC Member Club. 

 IX. Breed Permission 
1) Only dogs which are bred in accordance with the Breed Regulations of the DV e.V. and which have been
assessed for HD can take part in a ZTP.
2) The assessment (German HD assessment) must be available in the original on the day of the ZTP.
3) Only dogs which have been assessed for HD 1 or HD 2 (HD A or HD B) can be entered for a ZTP.
5) The owner of the dog must be a member of the Dobermann Verein e.V.

So, you and dog need to be members of the DV/IDC and only the German HD is accepted..
And we all know how the have often manipulated those HD results..

So, really.. is this Breeding Suitabiity Test.. or DV IDC Test of Control over YOUR LIFE, YOUR DOG AND YOUR CHOICES.

Also.. why do these Specialised Judges demand for the documents of the dog parents?

 Because they dont use computers in DV office. They do not use any electronic record keeping.. because the truth and evidence there is easy to destroy in a 'fire' or be 'stolen' as has been 'reported' many times before... 

 [ More on this unusual happenings of DV Office in Munich will be coming here..]

Again we have Special mention of our good buddy, Mr Becht. Mr 'Special' has unique ability to conduct ZTP in the dark at someone's kennel before.. Award the ZTP V1A to dogs over 74cm in height [ yes, just bring a measure tool at the next big show and see yourself, and compare to their ZTP scores..] And Mr Special – we heard that you were paid for a ZTP test, which was suddenly called off.. You bought new shoes? But we hear you are also the one who demands monies for tests, but you don’t carry any receipts to give?

 In fact, consider the number of dogs entered for ZTP over the years. Where are the records of all the fees paid? What was done with them? Why no accounting by DV? Because no computer? Redtenbacher uses an abascus? 

And how come lately it is considered acceptable to almost carry a dog onto the platform, when it is scared to jump up? Breed suitable?

Many wonders go on in the ZTP. Even in USA, it is monopolised by their DV minion,who organizes, invites the judges and enters his own dogs for it. Of course, all under the 'auspices' of the DV presidium...

Think about this carefully. How many dogs have you seen with lesser characters, over or under sized, bad eyes, heads, etc and deemed as Breed Suitable? How often have you seen the same judges, the same results, the same corruptions? How qualified are these judges? Can all of them put together even compare to one Vogel or Manfred Lerner or even the great Mr Palmer?

See the fear in this dog, and how tight the chain is. Result? ZTP V1B

We must also add.. that now you also have things like 'ZTP in Preparation' and training for ZTP. What happened to the Dobermann being a natural working breed, and having its character evaluated as it is? To be able to train and prepare for a character/breed suitability test... Is that  not totally opposite to what we are selecting for????

Is the ZTP just another valuable weapon and tool of the DV and IDC? Otherwise, would anyone who is serious of the breed really care for them? The ZTP/HD makes them powerful outside Germany, and makes them 'important'. Are they more important, bigger than even your own National Club and its guidelines?

And we know how they use ZTP for their own ends and purposes.. Its not for the Dobermann future anymore.

We quote Mr Vogel:
"As our breed is frequently endowed with a high temperament,. and as many judges are incapable of distibguishing between correct temparement and nervousness, I also had to offer enlightenment in this regard. The assesment of these crucial points could be carried out succesfuly by means of an isolation test with highly skilled breed judges. Here too we had to adopt measures for the benfit of the breed. Judges, who are not free of inhibitions or lack strong nerves, cannot correctly conduct the isolation test. Therefore only certain breed judges were selected for training by me and subsequently nominated as ZTP judges."

 You be the judge... 


  1. I find this very true, on personal level. I dont like when i send my own dog to ZTP. The dog is my own love and much time spent on him.. and then such unqualified judge make all the big rules and boss us about.. and I have to be under this control.. I respect for breeding testing, but not by them or that way. So many times i see wrong dog pass, and many dog breed to create bad character and quality. What has happen to my loved breed?

  2. The fact that only DV reading is accepted makes other readers potential fixers or is it merely a matter of standardization? if that so, why then late Prof. Brass had not been reading screenings by himself for years before he passed away, but it was rather done by some of his apprentices? That's no standard in my eyes.

  3. ZTP and HD are done by DV exclusively (except for Italy) because they have monopolized their right to claim money for those. Period.

  4. In Italy is the true SHAME and Mafia connection, only one person judge the ZTP is Mr Pezzano, in the last 5 years in Italy, for who organize is not possible to call German judge for ZTP, because the president is'nt agree... for him is not possible to control the dogs (perhaps).
    For Italian dobermanns is not possible to finish title of Italian Champion or AIAD champion if this dog have superated ZTP in Germany or othe country, again private rules of Pezzano ... is the last rule for control all.
    The private council of AIAD (Association Italian Pezzano Dobermann) decide who judge ZTP test in Italy (only Pezzano) :-)
    Why in Italy don't judge other German judge?
    And why for Italian dobermanns that have superated ZTP in Germany is not possible to be AIAD champion or Italian Champion?
    ZTP is the same in every country, but not for Italy!
    Is normal for you?
    We are in deep shit!

  5. In italy there are some dogs that made the ZTP in the dark, or at the 6.00 a.m............or at the ZTP there is only 1 they made the ZTP with 1 dog, or a IDC Sieger with ZTP had a really bad character and bite, his owner, the judge on the beauty ring but.....he has the ZTP.
    66 cm for males and 72 for females in the standard??
    We had no words, and the ZTP in German made with a DV judge are not equally recognized.......because you think that the Dobermnn is German but for Dott. Pezzano is italian.....and he have his own idea of the dobermann breed.
    If you don't think so, please come at a ZTP in italy with him.....and take a camera

  6. Some time ago were accepted HD readings made by some veterinarians also from other countrys then Germany. It was a list of recognized vets (example in France were 3 vets , in Austria 1 and so on). That was changed and now only Brass can make the evaluation ?

  7. Any breed test is only as good as the person evaluating it and it amazes me how these shabby nobodies who come out of nowhere, have done nothing themselves - are unqualified and yet are totally shameless about taking on judging things they have absolutely no expert knowledge of


  9. In Italy ther's a DICTATOR called "the doctor dobermann"

  10. Brown dog - Raoul Best of Island. Passed ZTP only because of Belko's influence; as he wanted to use dog in his breeding. They want ZTP only on paper to sell pupies. No interest in character and health. Very sad.

    1. Well, not sure about Royal Bell dogs character but that F'Hiram surely introduced that horrible croup that's been going through generations of dogs seen on some "siegers"

    2. I think Mr. Belko and Dr. Pezzano are riding together (again?) now, since he had mated that "top" 5yo female to the AIAD/IDC/Everything-else winner. It is perhaps safe to say that we are looking at future long coated all-time-winners. That's the way it goes. You make 5-6 years of pause and - bingo, another "great success". I bet ZTP, IPO and HD are not going to be a problem either. Makes you wonder about other Royal Bell's "great successes". I wonder how Mr. Bedekovic will survive his new love on the horizon.

  11. Belko has stopped breeding. He was made to use those 'Seiger' dogs.. But the truth is ZTP doesnt mean much anymore but just a way to control your lives.

  12. many of you are bitten by jealousy. . do not understand why you do not have balls to enter your name. you accused people who can not defend themselves, I give you some curve which is false name.

    1. Are you THAT stupid Mr. Niculescu or you just pretend to be? I it easy to bully around, like you do when when you are not living in Europe and especially when we all know that you are just another sucker Euro-breeders are selling their not so successful dogs to.
      Tell you what, why don't you move back to Europe, start your own kennel (instead of buying adult dogs) and then when you enter the IDC ring, use your privilege to show some balls to the judges. I think I am not the only one who would like to see that here.
      You are provoking people around here as if you are some kind authority in Dobermann world and believe me, the majority of people take you as complete and ordinary fool.
      Also, try investing in your English, because hieroglyphs seems like native in comparison.
      Nobody really cares about your money nor the cars you are showing off with (provided that you did not take those pix when the real owners were at work) and I personally find such brag nothing but the case of terminal bad taste. Could they be a substitute for something? I really don't know, but if you are a real hot shot then you would be looking good even in a fucking Dacia. Cheers!

  13. "G" female, mother of latest litter had 3 ligament operations and such female was not supossed to be bred. Period. This is a small world and informations are leaking so it's better to be honest.

  14. false accused. When I speak of jealousy. we have the Gogu ROYAL BELL which runs in 100 hectares, and has no problem. DCM is negative. when you want to blame someone and thought. sign, as I do. ending with this little old women gossip at the corner of streets. be decent people

  15. Mr.Florin, sister of your dog has been operated THREE TIMES (so far) due to ruptured ligaments. This is common problem in this line. Raoul is such a poor dog; no temperament, no courage, no movement. Sorry, but such dogs are miles away from old RoyalBell dogs. About DCM? Who knows, they do not talk about that.

  16. For what is a ZTP for if a dobermann which was held back wins at Caliandro at the same DV judge which judged the ZTP of that dog ?!
    I understood till now that working abilities were not important even at IDC, but ZTP isn't important in decision taken in a club show at an important show like Caliandro ? Or even this show must go near IDC, or ZTP to garbbage if it is not important to elect the best dobermann as a whole.

  17. This is the most important question on this blog:

    "'Special' Indeed - this is a CHARACTER test.. yet which judge has the true experiuence of training, trialing a dog to IPO 3 or Shutzhund 3?"

    Yet, no one has answered it?

    Are there really ZTP judges 'licenced' who have not trialed a dog to IPO3???

    If the answer is in the affirmative are we really surprised that the best representative of our breed for the year battles to pass an IPO1 convincingly?

    Are the show people no longer breeding a Dobermann that can pass SchH3? Because they do not know any better?

    Perhaps the 'licenced' ZTP judges should be required to buy a Malinois to trial to IPO3?

  18. The first thing I learned in my study as a character testing judge is that being a judge you do NOT participate in the test.

  19. What you wanted to say with Not participating in the test ?

  20. How is it if a dog normally has a white spot on the chest, but at the ZTP there is no spot do to color? The same is on shows?

    Should such a dog be keeping its ZTP or shall it be taken from it?

  21. You haven't mentioned Killmaier. Please tell me I can trust the results from Killmaier? He's one of the good guys?

  22. Hi. good site notice the 4 people and 1 scared dog. the woman has a sharp tipped umbrella like tool to stab the dog with if he does not straighten out and fly right. I will if I ever see someone like this, poke her and c how she feels piece of trash.