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We thank our contributors here for giving us some information on this person, which we have also long suspected, and we also got inside information from various sources. Indeed we had planned a post on this for the future, but since the comments are posted here, we shall now include them into this posting for all our readers to know, and expose and shame this unworthy judge and official of our breed. 

Becht has long been seen to be in very close relations with certain breeder in Russia, and very often will place their dogs to win, if his own dogs are not shown. He also owns such a dog from them, and of course, it is judged and placed highly. What we find disturbing are his actions against some honorable Russian breeders and judges and how easily this man is bought.. 

We now present some of our reader comments / insights on Becht, and we add in our comments too...

How much is he paid?

The whole Dobermann world knows of corrupt connection of Becht with breeders of “Pride of Russia” kennel. Who are these people Marina & Alexander Gorbachev? Why is the only way they know to win the show - is to buy a judge? And they don’t hesitate to do it. From open publications in the Internet came clear that these people already have a very special "train" behind: they already have been for long on the note FBI (in US), and the money of this family has very strong smell (follow the links, there is a lot of information to understand the situation better.)


Yes, we have also known of them having big villa and Mafia connections in Thailand, Russia and USA and many places. They are on the Thai Police 'watchdog' list. You can see the huge villa they have in Bangkok northern district. As far we are concerned, this gives bad image for Russian breeders and we wonder always how come suddenly this kennel so famous and succesful?

Marina Gorbachev well known in Russia as a judge, who refused the monetary compensation from the Russian government for 200 relatives of the victims of terrorist attack in Moscow. It was one of the worst terrorist attacks in modern history. By the way, weeks ago Strasbourg Court took decision and ordered the Russian government to pay cash compensation to families of the victims, vacating the decision of former judges - Marina Gorbachev.

I believe our Russian friends will know this. Shame that famous German judge mixes with them so publicly and blatantly..

Nice presents from Herr Becht

Gorbachev Marina due to her proximity to the court system in Russia and her close relationship with the leadership of Russian Kennel Club was able in 2003 to take control of Doberman Union of Russia, for many years successfully headed by Anatoly Kulachenko - Russian breeder of "Irinland" kennel. He also well known in the Doberman world, as for many years he published one of the best magazine in the world about our breed - "Dobermann".

This explains the disappearance of Irinland and of their wonderful magazine. It is a loss to Dobermann world. We have also learned they suffered emotional trauma because of this...

All shows in Russia and abroad, where the winning dogs from “Pride of Russia” kennel - the judges have affected - financial or administrative. From all the judges, invited to the shows by Gorbachev’s family, they want to get only win for their kennel dogs.

Example - see the results of Eurasia show when Becht judged. Just one incident of many

Many things have been said about Stella and Naemi von Klingbach – all is true. But there is another "special” Becht’s dog, who has a high result only when Becht is judge - Pride of Russia Odin. Here are some titles, donated by Becht to this not bad, but the ordinary Dobermann:

- European Dobermann Trophy Winner, Austria winner-2010
- Czech Dobermann club winner-2010, BOB
- Golden Dobermann winner-2011, Slovakian club winner, BOB

Not too bad results for his own dog and his own awards..... ! Dont you also wish you were a judge?

On last IDC it was first time in last three when Pride of Russia Odin went in the final. By the way, he was transferred from the working class to the open class after the official deadline, as soon as it became known that the open class will be judged Becht. In the end - V3 in Open Class. Only the whistle of spectators prevented Becht put this dog to higher place. Becht blushed at the moment of this choice. He was cowardly and sickening in the centre of the ring, stands there under shouting and the whistle of the public.

Yes, that was all very evident and plain to see. People have eyes, Mr Becht!

The owner of Pride of Russia Odin – Frau Milerman, a native of Russia, who lives now in Germany, Berlin. She found the approach to Becht through her breeder - Marina Gorbachev. And now they both hold this guy on a short leash, generously rewarding him for his all kinds of services. Also Frau Milerman found approach to Willie Cohen and she also cleverly manipulates by him.
A few additions to the image of Becht-puppet.

this happens a lot

At the last IDC Mr. Pezzano disqualified one male, which is close to Milerman-Gorbachev, in one of the classes he judged (youth black males). A few minutes passed as in Pezzano ring went Becht, who threw judging. Looming over Pezzano he began to utter him for disqualified dog. Frau Milerman all this time was behind Becht, listening and watching, as usual. To the honor of Pezzano he left the decision unchanged, despite the pressure of Becht.

People, we all know of the growing rift and disagreements now between Pezzano/AIAD and Mr Becht, Redtenbacher. They both consider Pezzano an old fool, and a puppet to Germany. We are worried these internal political fighting spills over into the rings and now makes the whole IDC affairs even worse!

Secretary of DV - "Frau Becht" - Sofia Meyer mentioned how she and Thomas had holiday in Moscow at the 5-stars hotel in the room 500 Eu per night. Try to guess, breeder of which Russian kennel paid for this little fun? Also Marina Gorbachev sometimes uses Becht as a courier, who drove her puppies from Moscow in Europe. This woman makes extensive use of her administrative resources and her big, but dirty money to make silence all dissenting and dissatisfied with her ​​"politics" in Russian Dobermann scene and beyond.
For several years Becht fulfills money, invested in him Gorbachev’s family. There are examples, signed by Becht. Becht letter to Russian kennel club against Rosenberg, a breeder “iz Zoosfery" kennel, who is for many years openly, criticize of Marina Gorbachev actions. Becht letter against Bogdanova, a breeder "Modus Ost" kennel - Marina Gorbachev for long time wanted to close her mouth; shut down this breeder and her kennel. Because Bogdanova same as Rosenberg has long and actively criticizes Marina Gorbachev activity. Take a look, site does not work, kennel does not work now. Becht letter against Fokht, a breeder "Teraline" kennel. This young woman was not so controllable and obedient judge, as would like Marina Gorbachev; Fokht didn’t give "the desired result" and Marina Gorbachev wanted to punish disobedient judge.

This is what we find very disturbing when he now makes huge problem and troubles for other breeders and judges, for small stupid reasons. He claims that in IDC, Natalia kicked her 2nd place trophy when Teraline Midgard lost. This is one of his 'strong' reasons to ban her from IDC and DV shows forever.. 

We were there, we NEVER saw that. We have been judged and have met Natalia, and she has more honor than this. Yes, she is competitive breeder, so is everyone - we show to win. But we want to know is there any evidence to this allegation and defamation of her?

Likewise, we have respect and know Mr Rosenberg, one of the pioneers of Russian Dobermann.. also Bogdanova.. and we highly suspect the claims of Mr Becht against them. How can this DV German interfere so much in Russian Dobermann affairs?

Readers! Give us more information on his actions and his CORRUPTION. We will expose and shame him.

Long live the Dobermann. 


  1. At IDC 2009 I know that Pezzano was against the decision of making Boris iz Doma Domeni the IDC sieger. He already argued with judges at class finals. Boris was a sieger finally but died 10 later. Hm, we all suspect why. Again dirty games from PoR kennel.

  2. "He claims that in IDC, Natalia kicked her 2nd place trophy when Teraline Midgard lost. This is one of his 'strong' reasons to ban her from IDC and DV shows forever.. "

    -NOBODY but Becht have seen this. Oh, maybe Wibli with his glasses..

  3. Becht has special glasses now.. he can see things nobody else can.. I wonder how Redtenbacher feels about him.. taking his thunder away...maybe in future, Becht will also take over the photography... or he can marry Nikki and then all is one big ugly family?

  4. I like people who have the courage to tell the truth. . by that I come not to IDC. I do not want to kill one of the guys rats.

  5. This people are cancer. All together with Becht. Shameless :(

  6. Natalia, let to relax! All Russia knows about its meanness and acting. Мидгард even the second place on IDC can't take at the qualified judge.

  7. Midgard even the second place on IDC can't take at the qualified judge.

  8. From DR chatboard. This comment, by someone from Italy, says it all about Becht:
    "Consequently Becht, promised in Germany, that he will be the new Messiah, and restore Germany to be the first nation in the world of the Doberman, inventing imaginative new rules of the DV, for to decrease the power of other nations."

    1. New rules? What will THAT do? Stupid Germans and their stupid rules for everything. Becht should try breeding some good dogs (for a change) that are competitive with the rest of Europe - NOW THAT would be a good start to "restore" Germany from the decline caused by the actions of crooks like him.

  9. "that he will be the new Messiah, and restore Germany to be the first nation in the world of the Doberman"

    IT'S MAKE ME TO REMEMBER to somebody from the history of the 20th century...

    1. The new Messiah needs to remember to take his medicine.

  10. Hey Insider! Please tell us about how Fokht had stolen Midgard? what papers was falsified? was she enjoyed by Becht’s auspices before? had she used Gorbacheva’s support when they was friends?

  11. A good example is our 2009 DCE. The shit that the “Takecare Bi… did ...... Pride of Russia and Nemesis the incredible surprise winners

  12. Fokht took a dog on an exhibition and any more hasn't returned. Gorbacheva has helped it with registration in RKF. Then Foht has wanted to become something more, but Marina it hasn't admitted. Foht the old malicious prostitute. If Gorbacheva has the big money, Foht poor and hungry.

  13. You are not right! Fokht is not old, she is young and attractive worman. A lot of men would like to be with her but she is already married.
    Old and malicious - it is about Marina Gorbachev. Even her husband does not love her. SHE LIKES TO BE FIRST NUMBER AT EVERYTHING. Her previous job in court and connections with american mafia of her brother Egor Chernov, who are in prison now, assist her in her plans. Even a famous Inshakov, President RKF, is under her heel. But who is Marina Gorbachev in RKF and Russian Doberman Club? What is her oficial position in this organisations? Why she gives orders to clubs and jadgers? Is it true that she is going to be President of RKF instead of Inshakov?

  14. prison and those who say that are actually puppets are mafia, organized by the people of this honor. . I do not want to get into details of these organizations millennium. I can say only that those in prison are those who do not know how to respect .. honor ....

  15. I do like to read the comments on this site BUT is getting worse and degrading was bad enough but worth the read now getting silly. if you have something to say please say dont swear and give your point NOT the bad words

  16. It is indeed disturbing what kind of person and judge is Thomas Becht. I still cannot imagine he can be top level judge. Many times i seen him in the ring with blank face and not even able to give proper critique. All dogs he judge seem to have same good angulations, head, movement, etc. Nothing he says is unique, he just mumbles what he memorise from the standard. And somehow his dogs or those of his friends are the best in show. Either we are all idiots or maybe he is a real genius.. somehow i doubt that. I think he does not even know when he is being used.

  17. Bad english or not, that's just a matter of what we sudied or not at school. But : this is not the main question , our knowledge of english of german, italian or english language is not of main importance. I bet that you do not know a word in my language or Florin's language. And so what ? This changes something regarding democracy overclaimed by western countries which have in the dobermann world peoples like Pezzano ( the big dottore) , Wiblishauser ? Think not. If this is your democracy , things just in words and beeing almost nothing behind... Or we are stupid, the people which have written on this blog are all stupids which are claiming the bad and Mafia style politics of IDC and DV and AIAD ? I Think no, the obedients are those which had crumbs at IDC. But not IDC is the mean of this problem , but the bad things what it made to dobermann breed in the last ten years at least. I give a sh.t on the titles which were won by obedient breeders ( also Hungary has a lot, this is why they had a lot of thanks from DV). But how could the proud Hungarians accept what happened at IDC 2011 with serbians ?!!! ( I am not serbian)

  18. I`m an owner of very nice male doberman from Russia and I would like to express my opinon.
    The connection between T.Becht and Gorbachev family is obvious for everyone. Look at the Moscow CACIB shows results. Under his judgement POR dogs even of very bad quality get 1st place in class (instead of very strong and beautiful opponents) and Gorbachev`s personal dog POR Sidor usually gets all BOB, BIS etc. And it`s a ussual practice for last years to chance announced judge to T.Becht or other convinient judge in 2 weeks before the show when registration is over.
    So we have not a big choice: to stay at home or to be a backgroung for POR and sourse of income for national kennel club. But my breaaders told me that dog should be in sight even without winning and we pay money and spend our holidays just for hanging out with friends))))

    1. I think it is very fair. showing off that you gentlemen. I did it so many times in Canada. where the standard is different. competitors die of hate. are poor sportsmen.

    2. I'm lady))) but thank you anyway) however I decided not to register my dog under Becht's judgement anymore and may be we will try to participate in shows in Belorus and Latvia if POR won't go there of course)))

  19. excuse me.

  20. Becht wants to "invent imaginative new rules of the DV, to decrease the power of other nations." That is the problem, not the solution. Germany doesn't need more of this shit politics, it needs a level playing field for intelligent breeders. Becht should get out the way and try breeding BETTER dogs.